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Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis

Basic and Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Basic and Advanced)

Hypnotic Influence

Our Hypnotic Influence NLP Course is designed to fine tune your communication and persuasion skills, as well as developing your hypnotic influence.  It will teach you how to gain greater influence in your work and personal life, which in turn will lead to greater success and fulfilment.

This Course will show you how to achieve greater effectiveness at work and in your personal life. It will show you how to access different states or moods, overcome barriers and problems and unlock your resources. It is part of our suite of company-based courses and is designed for business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, lawyers, accountants, and anyone who wants to improve their communications and influence with others.

Hypnotic Influence | Business Benefits

This course will show you how to understand, motivate and influence others. Learning hypnosis techniques makes it easier to see others’ points of view.  This can help you further your own goals at work.  You will be able to work with others more effectively and enjoy successful negotiations for resources and outcomes.  As a result, your job satisfaction will increase as you achieve more success, and this will reduce the levels of stress you may feel at work.  Some participants find that this course opens significant new career opportunities.

Hypnotic Influence | Personal Benefits

This course will enable you to unlock new avenues of personal development and self-discovery.  Many participants choose to explore personal issues during the course and emerge with a new level of inner contentment. Everyone benefits from learning hypnotic techniques to improve communication and interpersonal relationships.  The course teaches you how to feel relaxed in stressful situations, and to cope with the stresses of on-going change and the barrage of everyday stimuli. An added benefit of being able to command a relaxed state of mind is that your creativity increases. The course will also provide you with an introduction to the fascinating realm of mind-body healing.

NLP Course syllabus

The course covers the following elements:

    • How learning hypnosis dramatically tunes your influence and persuasion skills
    • Understand NLP presuppositions regarding hypnosis.
    • Discover how hypnotic techniques can be used in your business and personal life.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in applying hypnotic techniques.
    • Identify known personal barriers and uncover hidden obstacles.
    • Explore strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles.
    • Develop and practice new influencing skills.
    • Demonstrate the hypnotic process from the set up to the conclusion of the hypnotic state.
    • Learn and demonstrate many styles of hypnotic induction (Arm Drop Method, Arm Levitation Method, Bionic Arm Method, Confusion Method, Dave Elman Method, Direct Gaze Method, Eye Fixation Method, Hand Shake Method, Hands Closing Method, Rapid Method).
    • Hypnosis Deepening (Relaxation Method, Staircase Method, Stiff Arm Method)
    • Hypnotic Testing Methods (Eye Catalepsy, Spinning Hands etc)
    • Trance: Creating mental amnesia, reinduction, signs of trance, termination

After completing the Course you’ll be able to:

    • Use hypnotic techniques to improve communications with individuals, groups and managers.
    • Gain greater influence in your work and personal life.
    • Sharpen your negotiation skills.
    • Employ positive suggestions to yourself and others to drive behavior.
    • Use different language patterns to increase the effectiveness of your communication.
    • Use stories and metaphors for greater impact.
    • Control each phase of the hypnotic process.
    • Apply different methods of hypnotic induction.
    • Induce a hypnotic state in yourself and in others.
    • Bring subjects out of the hypnotic state safely.
    • Make powerful post-hypnotic suggestions.
    • Understand how “stage hypnosis” works.


Certified Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis from Business NLP, UK & British Board of Applied Hypnosis (BBAH) will be provided at the end of the program.

Dates:  May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11  (Five Days Advanced Hypnosis Master Class) 

Venue: Halcyon Residences, Koramangala 4th block

Register: Phone: +91-9841619669,  (Vikram @ +91-9945012196, (Whatsapp only)  or send an email

Certificates and Features Early Bird
March 30
Price after March 30
May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Hypnosis  – Part I and Part II
Certificate: Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Issued under Business NLP, UK)
Course + Business NLP, UK Certification

Rs 45000

Course + Business NLP, UK Certification

Rs 55000

 Extra Certification These five days could be a step towards Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis signed by Richard Bandler. Online skype module with Michael Beale post these five days leading to that  Certification: Rs 18000/-

Training Facilitator

Michael Beale – International Licensed NLP Trainer and Coach (Richard Bandler Certified Trainer)

Michael Beale Michael Beale is one of the UK’s foremost NLP practitioners and trainers. He has over 20 years’ business experience, working with companies such as BT, 3M, and B&Q. For the past 10 years, he has specialized in helping individuals, businesses and organizations to grow and develop through the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Michael is a ‘First Institute’ SNLP-licensed NLP expert, receiving his training directly from Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Michael is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. Michael does not see himself as a trainer as such, but rather a facilitator and coach, assisting others to get results for themselves, proving the value of their training by the success they achieve.

He is the founder of Business NLP, UK a company dedicated to unlocking people’s potential and the Executive Coaching Network (EBCN). The goal of Business NLP, UK is to serve as a pragmatic NLP resource for achieving business excellence. For Michael, NLP has two core applications: as a personal development tool and as a modeling tool, helping businesses to replicate excellence.

His philosophy is simple: if we can develop an empowering view of where we want to go and if we can fully understand and appreciate where we are now, the steps from one to the other are likely to be successful and highly enjoyable. An honest appraisal of our current situation allows us to generate a powerful point of departure and propel us towards our goals.

He has worked with many high-profile clients including: Abbey, ACCA, Accenture, Argos, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BAe, British Sugar, BP, BT, Burlington, Centrica, HBOS, Oracle, Zurich Insurance, the PM’s Strategy Unit, the management of local government, Central Government, Health, Police and The Ambulance Service as well as leading consultancy and training companies across the UK and Europe.

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