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How to build rapport with clients

By on Apr 20, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

Building Great Business through Rapport Building The digital wave has taken the world by a storm. Our days start with technology, run with it and essentially end with it too. Thanks to it, newer innovations come up in the market each day enabling the daily consumer, and hence the need to focus more on how to build rapport with clients. It’s a never-ending recursive loop to be true. There’s new demand that comes with the shift in market conditions and environment, and newer products and businesses are created to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. All in all, it’s a good functional world we are mutual partners of, isn’t it? Ever wondered how did businesses come into being in the first place, and how did they learn how to build rapport with clients? What stepping stones did your hairy forefathers laid down hundreds of decades ago to build foundations of the business world? How did the marketplace evolve? The answer is- through barter systems- the basis of which was the exchange of goods and the starting point was inter-personal rapports. Typically the nature of business has not changed much over the years. Businesses still strive to provide for their customer’s needs and demands. However, what has changed in essence over all these years is the fact that businesses now constantly make efforts to increase their consumers, and be better than the competitors. A vast number of businesses are now catering to the same customer group, forging a breeding ground for ever-increasing competition. What do you think makes one business better than the others? What will give your business an edge to stand out in the crowd of competitors offering equally good innovative products, and satisfactory customer service? What helps you mark your territory and erect fences to secure your customer base? Speaking frankly, it’s the rapport you create with your customers. How rapport building will give your business the edge it is lacking? Today’s customers are highly demanding and informed individuals. They do not fall into advertising gimmicks that worked a couple of years ago. They are more invested in knowing about you as a business person and not just in your products. Consumers judge the product, the company,...

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How to become a successful Life Coach

By on Apr 13, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

Want to be a Coach? Let me rephrase that. Do you want to be a coach in demand, and learn how to become a successful Life Coach? Or if you are intrigued by some of the below questions: How to develop a marketing strategy as a coach? How to find more coaching clients? How to do branding as a coach? How to become a successful coach? How to become a personal development coach, and be in demand? How to grow as a Life Coach? If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding YES – congratulations my friend. You are halfway there because you have the vision to power you and this article will give you practical know-how’s that you can implement. Let’s kick start without any further ado. Every successful company has 3 elements that they excel at: A viable product/service, a successful Sales & Marketing strategy A failproof plan for Operations The rest of the article will take about the basic steps (How to become a successful Life Coach) you may implement to cover the points given above. 1.      Choose your message – You as a Product Know your stuff Are you a certified coach? Have you learned models that you apply or can apply in your sessions? If not, please consider certification in any of the coaching frameworks. For example, NLP is a great coaching framework – intuitive, practical and you can be certified relatively quickly. The NLP way of coaching is designed in such a manner that a person practicing NLP experiences change as a person first, and can extend the benefits to others, as an NLP Coach.  Stick to one Coaching framework, and take time to Master it. Being a jack of all coaching frameworks, and master of none, won’t help in the long run.  Stick to one, and become an expert in that one.  NLP is followed by many successful coaches, in some form or the other.  Tony Robbins uses NLP framework in his coaching, and in the seminars that he conducts.  He has learned from Richard Bandler and John Grinder and many other top NLP Trainers have played a big role in his success in the self-help industry.  Here...

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How NLP helps (Coaches) in enhancing listening skills

By on Mar 15, 2019 in Blog |

How NLP helps in enhancing listening skills This is the age of pocket computers and smartphones. You rarely have the luxury of time. You try to get maximum work done with and through people, and manage relationships within a small span of time on hand. And listening skills definitely have a gigantic role to play, isn’t it? Not sure? Consider this- What allows you to get a grip on the meaning behind people’s words and body language? What allows you to make sense of and understand what people are saying? What allows you to pop the relevant questions? What allows you to voice the right thing at the right time? What allows you to keep the conversation rolling, without beating around the bush? Bang on, the listening skills! Listening skills are the stone pillars which people seldom leverage because these skills come bundled with the weight of patience, focus, and concentration. However, when positioned correctly, these same stone pillars of listening skills pave pathway of strong relationships, better understandings, error-free tasks, improved results, and success. Imagine a world where people understand exactly what is expected of them; a world of less mistakes, less follow-ups, less problems, less stress, and more productive hours! Though it may feel smooth, it’s not as easy as a five-finger exercise. When practiced properly, it’s not an impossible task either. For years, the guidebook of NLP has been offering awareness on internal workings of the human brain and associated possible lapses to help people become better in different life skills, including enhancing listening skills. You might be wondering how NLP helps in enhancing listening skills? So, here are some of the practical tips for your ready reference to develop and improve the much-required listening skills- To start with, don’t just maintain eye contact, rather keep eyes wide open. Detect traces of emotions like enthusiasm, boredom, irritation etc in facial expressions and body gestures of people, and sense the overall state of their being and doing. Speed up or slow down your mental pace to catch hold of their train of thoughts. Match your physiology, expressions, and gestures with those of theirs. Board onto their train of thoughts to understand what makes them tick. Experience how...

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ICF accredited coach training in India

By on Feb 26, 2019 in Blog |

ICF accredited coach training in India What ICF approved vendors won’t tell you about ICF Accredited coach training in India. When it comes to being a provider for ICF accredited coach training in India, there are many vendors who will focus on what they provide, which is understandable. They will also keep the program prices high, which is evident because ICF has become the defacto credibility provider when it comes to being the provider of Corporate Coach training, or training to become a Leadership Coach, Life Coach, or Executive Coach. ICF approved coaching courses play a vital part in improving the credibility of Coach training available, as ICF ensures that the standard of coach training is up to some standard. Here are some of the things that some of the ICF approved vendors won’t tell you: 1) The truth and guidance about the courses which are available, and which course will suit you as a candidate, as there are entry-level courses, and intermediate level courses as well. You can attend an ICF approved course and start with the ICF ACC level. ICF ACC level is sufficient for you to receive ICF credibility, however, many ICF approved vendors will force you to attend ACTP directly because they want to make sure that they can have you locked for a higher level course, and ensure that they make 2-3 times more money to get you certified. Considering ACTP takes a longer time to complete, and has many requirements – a person attending ACTP is stuck with the ICF approved vendor for a long time. You require a minimum of 120 student contact hours, mentor coaching followed by a performance evaluation process to get the ACTP approval. ACTP programs are also expected to provide 10 hours of mentor coaching. It is good to become a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) at some point in life, but it is not advisable as a starting point. If a person is looking to get ICF credibility as a Coach, it is better to complete ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach) quickly, practice as an ACC for a while and get your credibility going in the market, with your clients, and then pursue higher levels of coaching in...

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Are you letting your dream drive you?

By on Feb 10, 2019 in Blog |

Are you letting your dream drive you? Have you been wanting to do something different ~ like becoming a Singer, Movie Star, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, or a Wellness Coach, and don’t know where to start? If you really want to do something different like to become a professional traveler, a singer, or to become a professional coach (Certified ICF Coach) ~ then read further? Is there anyone who does not want to succeed? As a child there must have been something that you loved doing; you would have dreamt of doing this differently, something which you felt would give you recognition in society and bring you happiness, something that would bring satisfaction to you etc. You might have been clear on ‘what’ that was, or you might not have had a clear picture ~ but that child was never worried. That child never worried about ‘how’ big his/her dream was or how possible the dream was. The child just dreamed ~ of vacations, of playing with friends, becoming a Life Coach, growing up to be an astronaut… At what point did these dreams become adulterated with the reality of adulthood? Pause, and notice how you are feeling now with respect to some of those dreams? Reflect, when you gave up on them? Did you ever want to start working towards them? What is your dream now? What is it that you want? How big is your dream? Is your dream giving you sleepless nights? Do you even have a dream? At this point, your internal dialogue might tell you – “I have many commitments. I cannot waste time in wishful thinking. Of course, I can’t become an astronaut now (or a doctor or an entrepreneur or a singer!) I have responsibilities!” The question here is – did you ever try?  If the desire would have been so strong you would have been on a path to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. Nobody was born to spend their entire life in a cabin; sitting and typing on laptops, preparing presentations, and wondering when a good vacation would come by. While some are waiting for vacations… some create vacations, and for some – their life itself is a vacation. Which one are...

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