Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer Bootcamp

Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer Bootcamp

If you have to make a choice for a program in Emotional Intelligence (EI) that promises you highest ROI on your Time & Money then this is the program to attend. This program is not only Unique in design with concept of EI and coaching weaved and explained for the benefit of coach practitioners, but also offers innumerable tools as ready reckoner to be used by them, and to become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer. This is an Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp, hence, the focus of this program is to learn EI for self, coach others, and to be able to teach Emotional Intelligence to others as a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer.

We at NLPCA believe in continuous evolution and same can be seen in our enriching literature gathered after research. We bring in the thoughts and perspective of thousands of participants we have trained by now. This bootcamp will enable you to build emotional literacy and utilize it in any field & phase of life you are. We all are bundle of emotions and hence it is important for us to make friends with our emotions while transacting with others. This bootcamp is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to move up the ladder of relationship management through the path of Self Awareness and Social Awareness.

This EI bootcamp is for those who want to learn how to use EI for self-growth, self-control, and utilizing the knowledge/tools/techniques for applying on self, and also learn how to use EI tools/techniques/coaching with others as a framework for behavior change (Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner). The second part of the program builds on more tools/techniques and goes more deeper into EI and how EI can be used for self, and how EI can be used in coaching/corporate programs for working with teams/groups, leading to Peak performance. The third part of the program which is the Trainer level enables a participant to learn the trainer skills to deliver EI based programs for participants, or for corporates.

19 Days Online Format 

Online (7:00 PM – 10:00 PM)

Flexible/ EMI Payment Option (Zero Percent Interest)


Guaranteed Best Program Support

Course 1

Licensed EI Coach Practitioner ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, book reading assignment)

Who is it for? – Anyone with an intention to deal with self and others with empathy and gain resilience. Individuals who determine to influence others or are in leadership position will find our program meaningful and constructive. We have found that delegates with zeal to unravel and discover about self and others; commitment to drive conversation to a win-win end always receive value from what we do. This program is designed for people from all spheres of life. As Emotions are universal in nature and learning this universal language is helpful to progress and succeed.

Learning approach – We use a blend of learning to match our delegates learning styles. These include instructor led learning, facilitated breakout groups, demonstrations, Reflection sessions and Q & A window during each session.

Business Benefits – This program will generate higher awareness for you and make your communication more productive to help you grow in your business and career. Being aware about oneself helps one align existing resources with the goal to march ahead on path of success. Also, knowledge of dealing with emotions of people helps one build successful and meaningful relations.

Personal Benefits – The same principles will significantly improve your personal lives by improving your relationships and connections, as well as helping you maintain harmony and peace in your life.

Course Syllabus:

The Course Covers the following elements:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Different ways to structure a Coaching contract/assignment with corporate clients
  • Difference between EI based Coaching and other frameworks
  • Competencies of EI
  • EI Competency Assessment (Self assessments) – Interpretation and putting a plan together
  • EI Competency Assessments (360 degree assessments) – Interpretation and putting a plan together
  • EI Derailer Detector
  • EI Coaching Framework
  • Understanding the difference between Emotions and Feelings, and how to build self-control
  • Self-Management Tools
  • EI Tools and Coaching using Neuroscience tools for self-coaching and coaching others
    • – Self Awareness
    • – Affect Labeling
    • – Shuttling exercise
    • – Reappraisal
    • – Trigger Listing
    • – Emotion vs Reason list
    • – Reframing
    • – Possibility listing
    • – Contextualization practice
    • – Building trust
    • – Journaling
    • +++ many more
  • Emotional Auditing and Neuroscience mapping for self-coaching and coaching others
  • Emotional Style Assessment and Neural Correlation
  • Tools to build Neural pathways using Neuroscience awareness to balance our emotional styles
  • Coaching using Neuroscience ~ Latest advancement in Emotional Intelligence
  • Brains braking system and how to use it for Coaching
  • Coaching case studies using Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Brain for a Coach and coaching interventions
  • Brain Coaching Fundamentals based on functionality of the brain, and brain science
  • Neurotransmitters and Hormones and coaching interventions
Course 2

Licensed EI Coach Master Practitioner ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, reading assignment + coaching practice + project work)

About the Course – This course has a special design with two-fold outcome:

To equip coaches with yet another approach in coaching- Emotional Intelligence. Objective is to help participant explore their vision and identity as a coach and guiding them to self-evaluate performance and their approach of coaching. This provides knowledge of behavioral change process that can be used with senior leaders, current clients, your family and yourself.

To equip aspiring trainers with cycle of training design so that they can develop their own program around Emotional intelligence.

Who is it for? – Anyone with an intention to widen his horizon of coaching & Training tools with more than enough amount of literature and tools, techniques around EI. Individuals who are interested in helping both themselves and their colleagues succeed. We have found that delegates with these characteristics always receive value from what we do. The program works well both for new and established coaches.

Learning approach – We use a blend of learning to match our delegates learning styles. These include instructor led learning, facilitated breakout groups, demonstrations, Reflection sessions and Q & A window during each session. We will explore a number of different concepts and tools which generate personal insights in others and enable personal changes.

Business Benefits – This program will significantly improve your coaching capabilities, for coaching yourself, your organisation and your clients. Also, coaching your client for productivity, performance and personality improvement will become channelized. Besides, one can develop programs on Leadership with Emotional Intelligence as the methodology for their talent pool. This will build participant’s credibility as a solution provider in the organization.

Personal Benefits – EI matters and if cultivated offers one the opportunity to realize a more fulfilled and happy life leading to emotional well-being. Human is a mind and body duo, and the duo remains at harmony and peace with practice of EI. This course helps an individual strike behaviorally intelligent interaction. Also, allows to build a resilient mindset by managing change & complexity in a person’s ecosystem.

Course Syllabus:

The Course Covers the following elements:

  • Anatomy of emotions
  • What impacts your emotions
  • How to manage your emotions (Tools and strategies)
  • How to use emotions to Grow (Tools and strategies)
  • Self-confidence (Tools and strategies)
  • Enhancing communication and Empathy (Tools and strategies)
  • Team-work and collaboration (Tools and strategies)
  • Developing others (Tools and strategies)
  • Happiness and Peak Performance at work place (Tools and strategies)

Take away after the course – You will leave with a powerful, proven coaching process and framework that will help you, your clients and those that are important to you. In addition, you will have tuned up your coaching skills and capability. Emotional intelligence forms the juncture at which cognition and emotion meet, it facilitates our capacity for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and our ability to read and navigate a plethora of social situations and conflicts. Utilizing and developing emotional intelligence in the workplace can greatly improve both job performance and the social capabilities of individuals within that workplace.

Course 3

Licensed EI Trainer ™ 

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led, training to be conducted and participant feedback submitted)

Course Overview

This online, instructor led training program is designed to enable the participants to develop extraordinary training and facilitation skills. The course also provides practical strategies and hands-on experience for effective online & classroom training management. Participants would learn and develop tools and techniques to inspire learning and use new learning channels. They would acquire the skills to effectively frame and engage participants by creating a group rapport and identify and overcome learning gaps. Participants would also learn to speak to the modality of their audience and train more effectively by using effective learning principles, voice and charisma for enhanced results.

Who will benefit ?

This session is for leadership development trainers, sales trainers, team facilitators, soft skills trainer, aspiring trainers who are looking to deliver Emotional Intelligence trainings, along with other behavioral training programs.

Certifications – all certificates will be from NLP Coaching Academy and approved by IAPCCT

1. Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) – No eligibility criteria
2. Licensed Associate Behavioral Trainer (LABT)

  • Pre-requisite – Completed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner Certification or NLP Practitioner

3. Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer ™ (LEIT)

  • Pre-requisite – Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner ™ and Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach Practitioner ™
Program Content and Benefits

1. Structure & Content

  • Structuring Content based on the competencies and the elicited learning outcomes/objectives of the session
  • Planning the training process and cycle based on the ‘what’, ‘How’ and “what if’

2. Framing your Presentation

  • Discovering your trainee’s learning style and strategy based on the principles of adult learning
  • Setting expectations to facilitate better understanding on content and context.
  • Choosing training methodology and learning sequence

3. Group Behaviour Management

  • Creating, Managing and Enhancing Group Rapport and learn the rules of engagement
  • Learn how to Manage your schedule, group problems and group dynamics

4. Presentation skills and Communication Enhancement

  • State usage: Getting participants into resourceful states by using powerful state management techniques and developing skills to manage difficult trainees
  • Voice Usage: Learn the powerful tools to use voice to increase overall engagement, group rapport, and induce states.
  • Spatial Choreography: Learn how to use space and your gestures to create unconscious deeper level engagement, learning and deeper connection.
  • Handling Questions effectively using powerful tools to create enriching experience for your audience.
  • Patterns for preparing yourself to becoming a confident and congruent presenter

Learn 75+ key distinctions / tools for effective training and presenting skills.

Course 1
Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach PractitionerTM

July 13th – 18th , 2024

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST

Fees 48000/-

Course 2
Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach PractitionerTM

July 19th – 25th , 2024

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST

Fees 54000/-

Course 3
Licensed Emotional Intelligence TrainerTM

July 26th – 31st , 2024

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST

Fees 36000/-

Total Price : 1,38,000/-
Early Bird Combo Price : 95000/- INR

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