About Us

We believe everybody deserves to have total control over every aspect of their life. Here are few things about us ~ mission, profile, and our commitment.

About Us ~ NLP Coaching Academy

We believe everybody deserves to have total control over every aspect of their life. Here are few things about us ~ mission, profile, and our commitment.

Our Mission

We at NLP Coaching Academy believe we can make a small contribution to address social challenges by helping people reach their full potential quicker and faster, through our robust values and belief systems, and our thought provoking experiential NLP trainings and one-on-one coaching.

Company Profile

We are a group of internationally certified coaches and NLP Trainers.  We believe that we can make a difference by providing you the learning experience, knowledge, and set of tools to allow you to have total control over your life, and guide you towards 'Designing the Life' you have always wanted.  We have Trainers and Coaches in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India. More about us and our global offices can be checked with us.

We at NLP Coaching Academy are passionate about helping people just like you. We facilitate you to achieve your own excellence through accelerated learning by delivering a variety of personal and corporate programsNLP Coaching Academy provides a complete spectrum of services in NLP based trainings and coaching.

We know from experience that getting better results is probably what really matters to someone like you, since we believe, 'You have all the resources within you'. Therefore, we focus on guiding you to achieve those desired results.

Join our trainings programs now, so that you can become an outstanding speaker, deliver world class presentations, develop behavioral flexibility, learn how to increase sales, create instant rapport with others, and have great fun creating your own amazing & compelling vision for your future. By working with NLP Coaching Academy team you will stop settling for less and will start creating a vision for yourself, and move towards 'Designing the Life' you have always wanted, faster and quicker.

When you get clear of your own barriers to success, (like letting go of limiting beliefs,  negative self talk, relationship issues, identity and value conflicts, negative behaviors) you will start making a bigger difference in your life, and people around you.

More about us: As members of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP, USA) our training are run as per the Code of ethics laid ABNLP, USA, and leads to NLP certification from ABNLP, USA.

Our founder Vikram Dhar is a Licensed Meta NLP Trainer, ABNLP Certified Trainer, Licensed Behavioural Master Trainer, Licensed Behavioural Coach, and ICF Coach trainer and ICF mentor coach.

Course Content of our coach certifications is approved by International Coach Federation, ICF under ACSTH, ACTP, and CCE hours.

Expect to see your performance reach new heights, and your business results move up!

That is our commitment to you.

Cheers, NLP Coaching Academy team

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