NLP Trainers in India

NLP Trainers in India

NLP Trainers in India future of NLP

With the boom of the corporate world in India, and with multinationals pouring in from last two decades the training industry in India has seen tremendous growth, more so for some of the niche training sectors like leadership development training programs in India, how to improve leadership skills, how to develop sales skills, behavior change training, and generic NLP training in India.   Many requirements are there because there is a need for general soft skills in organizations, there is a need to train call center employee for voice and accent, there is a need for training resources of a particular industry for process training, technical training in manufacturing, finance, IT, Insurance and in other sectors, leadership development training in all major companies in India, communication development skills etc.  Training requirements are growing, and so the demand for good trainers as well.

How is NLP Trainer different than other trainers?

An NLP Trainer is a trainer who is a subject matter expert and the subject here is NLP.  Somebody who aspires to become an NLP Trainer in India or anywhere else has to understand the subject and go through the classic route of becoming an NLP Trainer (NLP Diploma-> NLP Practitioner -> NLP Master Practitioner -> NLP Trainer).  The NLP Trainer can in fact be a process trainer in a call center, or a voice and accent trainer, or a technical trainer, or any other trainer with the ability and approval (under some accreditation body) to facilitate NLP training programs.

Why is there so much buzz around NLP?

NLP has been around for more than 40 years, with a history of its own.  Richard Bandler, and John Grinder the two Co-founders, and all other veteran NLP Trainers have been around for more than 40 years, and have contributed so much to the Self Help Industry.  The King of Self Help Industry Tony Robbins was once an NLP Trainer and used to work with Richard Bandler (for many years).  Over the years NLP gained momentum and has been spreading across various countries through international and local trainers.  The last two decades have been very fruitful for NLP because now it is used as a framework in Coaching, Leadership Development, Sales Training, Effective Communication development training etc.  The buzz is there because it is very effective when it comes to these training and the results that people are getting by using NLP in their Personal and Professional lives.

What are the history of NLP Trainers and the future of NLP Trainers in India?

NLP in India started around 14-15 years back.  Few international trainers came to India and trained few people here in India to start NLP Training in India. Some of these NLP Trainers disappeared from the scene in a few months/years, and some who were good both in their knowledge of NLP and Selling abilities to market themselves and adapt survived.  Few international trainers continued to come to India for their expansion plans, and got good responses from Indians, as there was a dearth of good NLP Trainers in India.  This was a blessing in disguise as Indians got good exposure to NLP.  Then there are other international trainers more or less permanently settled in India because they could not find an audience in their own country, and India was a perfect set up for them to get established.

Lately, many Indians have been traveling outside of India, and hence some of the Indians got trained by good International Trainers outside of India and managed to bring in real knowledge from the original set of trainers.  Also, the world has become more connected, and one-to-one sessions with top elite trainers and coaches have become very common now.

As the need and popularity for NLP Trainers in India are growing so does the complications of the industry as well.  Some NLP Trainers are doing substandard programs in the name of NLP and adding more confusion in the world of NLP training.  Word of mouth was always the best way to get connected with the right NLP Trainers and Coaches, and now with Social Media taking center stage the word can spread far and wide, and good trainers are easily approached through their Social pages, social channels, and their digital presence.  Most of the good NLP Trainers are very sought after in Corporate as well, so many of these trainers do not facilitate public programs too often and that makes it difficult for people to find good NLP Trainers in India, those who are looking for Public programs.

The future of NLP Trainers in India is good, as India is a big country with a lot of opportunities in the training segment.  Trainers evolve in their own way and find their niche in Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, facilitating corporate programs, etc.  Trainers in India have to be open to a variety of work that is out there.  Most of the trainers attempt to do only public programs, and that is the most difficult market to survive in, as their target segment, people attending, have to pay from their own pockets for the program.

What are the qualities that NLP Trainers in India must focus on?

Well, NLP Trainers in India must focus more on developing the core NLP skills.  They must be willing to spend time to learn, adapt, be flexible in their approach, and most importantly have the patience to continue.  NLP takes time to learn, and a trainer becomes a good trainer by doing more training.

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