What do NLP trainers do?

What do NLP trainers do?

What do NLP trainers do?

If you are reading this post, you probably would have searched online using the keyword, ‘What do NLP trainers do after attending NLP training’. It is imperative that a person searching for NLP Programs first decides what the ‘outcome’ is that they would like to achieve, by attending an NLP program.  Whether the outcome from the program is NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner,  NLP Trainer program, or blended NLP programs, where along with classic NLP, coaching elements are also covered.

What do NLP trainers do: 
  • Train
  • Coach
  • Create content
  • Create digital products

What do NLP trainers do, well they also facilitate NLP-based application sessions.  Some pursue NLP as a hobby, and continue to do their full-time job in a different domain, and just use NLP for their self-development.  As an NLP Trainer, you must educate your clients/trainees about what they would like to experience.  If a person is looking to do an NLP Program for Personal Development (Staying Calm during stressful situations, Enhancing Interpersonal Communication – Business and as well as Personal, Getting into good states, Removing Phobias, Achieving Business and Personal Goals etc.), then a program which is focused on Self-development is the right program for them. If a person is looking for a Program that is Coach Focused (Person is looking to become a Life Coach, CEO Coach, Leadership Coach, Wellness Coach, Career Coach, Organizational Development Coach, Happiness Coach, Business Coach etc.), then it is important to attend a program which focuses on application (concepts and application) of NLP for Life Coaching, Executive Coaching etc.

If you yourself are looking for an NLP training organization, then read further.  Having set the outcome clearly for programs, then look for Training Organizations that provide training specifically for that. Check the Trainer’s credentials, Trainer Testimonials, Coaching Credentials, Coaching effectiveness, post-training support, mentoring options that are being provided, etc. Some say that, “the Corporate background of a Trainer or Coach matters,” which is true to a certain extent, not necessarily from the Training or Coaching effectiveness of the Trainer, but more in terms of relating the NLP learning to a Corporate environment, and customizing the learning further for the participants based on the Trainer’s corporate experience, making it more effective for the participants, more so if it is a Certified NLP Business Practitioner or a Certified NLP Business Master Practitioner. Some NLP Trainers have put a facade around them using the Social Media campaigns, Galleries of non NLP programs, etc.

Trainers who have trained directly under Co-founders of NLP, may or may not be the only good options available.  Yes, it is definitely a big bonus.  There are several NLP Trainers across the globe who have not trained with Co-founders but are very good and effective in their own unique way and achieve desired results during the training, and help facilitate the learning process effectively for the participants. Ultimately it depends on the Trainer to deliver effective training. NLP is a framework and methodology, which is the study of excellence. The right Trainer/Coach plays a big part in having the right first experience of NLP, as there are some Trainers/Coaches, who have learned NLP from sub-standard Training Organizations and in turn, provide the same sub-standard experience in their training, sometimes unknowingly as well, because for them that is NLP, because that is what they experienced, and learned during their own NLP experience.

NLP is a very Free world in terms of providing training, it can become confusing to select the right training organization because there are some who feel that this is an easy way to make money from people who want to get a Certificate. Yes, Certificates might be the program outcome, but which organization/Trainer(s)/Coach(s), are facilitating the program plays a very important part in helping achieve that outcome, considering the person is spending time and money to get one.

It may be useful to check the legacy (who trained the Trainer(s)/Coach(s)) of the Training and Coaching Organization, and Trainers associated with that. Sometimes you will come across training companies providing NLP programs when the Trainer(s) themselves are not certified, and that is a very valid question to be asked when you are validating the Trainer(s) experience.

Today’s world is moving more towards Digital space, and the search options to find good programs can be manipulative, based on what you see on websites. If you buy a faulty product on the website, based on how it looks, it can be thrown away, but if you are sitting in a workshop which is being delivered by sub-standard Trainer(s), which a person decided based on how good the website looked, then that is the last thing that a person is looking for from an NLP Program.  If you are searching for what do NLP trainers do, then as part of that search you can also find out how do NLP trainers do, what they do, and you can decide whether you want to do that or not.  If you are able to resonate with what NLP trainers do, then find an NLP program that you want to attend, and attend that.  The below section will help you with that.

What are some of the considerations while selecting an NLP program?  
  • Check the trainer’s educational background, it will tell a lot about the Trainer’s IQ.
  • Check the business/corporate experience of the trainer, it will tell you about the legacy of work that the trainer can talk about, and provide relevant examples during the NLP and Coaching program.
  • Check the Linkedin profile, and check the recommendations, as they are not easy to fudge.
  • Stay away from people who have transformed people in lacs, as that is not possible in an NLP workshop. Yeah, possible in a lecture style, which is not NLP.
  • Check the NLP and Coaching experience of the Trainer.
  • Check who trained the trainer, what are the credentials (NLP and Coaching), and whether they are internationally useful.
  • Last and most importantly, do a word of mouth check, and you will come to know who is the Best NLP Trainer to go with.

We may not have answered the question directly, ‘Who is the Best NLP Trainer in India?’, that is for you to figure out, based on your Goals/Outcomes, and word of mouth check.

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