NLP Certification Program in Bangalore

NLP Certification Program in Bangalore

NLP Certification Program in Bangalore

In Bangalore, most training organizations that provide the NLP Certification program primarily offer the NLP Classic Courses, rather than the Applied NLP Courses that focus on the practical applications of NLP. Before choosing a program to enroll in, it is advisable to read the following sections, particularly if you are looking for the best NLP training in Bangalore. Below is a list of NLP Classic Courses, along with an approximate number of days required to complete the NLP Practitioner training in Bangalore.

NLP Certification Program in Bangalore – Classic

  1. Diploma in NLP and Foundation in NLP (2-3 days)
  2. Certified NLP Practitioner in NLP (7-8 days and can run into more days)
  3. Certified NLP Master Practitioner Course in NLP (9-11 or more)
  4. Certified NLP Trainer in NLP (4-6 days)
Types of Applied NLP Courses:
  1. Accelerated Learning Coach (2-3 days module)
  2. Leadership Coaching (2-3 days)
  3. Business Mastery (2-3 days)
  4. NLP and Sales (2-3 days)
  5. Group Coaching and Team Coaching (2-3 days)
  6. Ericksonian Hypnosis (Single module, 2-3 days), extended 7-8 days or more
  7. Certified NLP Coach (3-4 days)

In Bangalore, we offer a range of NLP Certification programs, including specialized modules such as Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Group Coach, and Ericksonian Hypnosis. These modules are provided in a modular or combined format during courses like the Master Practitioner Course, which has a longer duration.

It is essential to select the right course that is aligned with your specific outcome rather than attending a generic NLP training program in Bangalore. If you are searching for the best NLP training in Bangalore, it is crucial to know the factors that are essential in selecting the right course. Our Integrated NLP Certification program serves a dual purpose, making it an ideal course to get started if you are looking to incorporate NLP models, tools, and techniques into your coaching.

Our NLP Certification program in Bangalore is designed for individuals who want to apply NLP to self-coaching and become an NLP Coach. It is a comprehensive program that covers both NLP Practitioner training and applied knowledge. This approach gives participants an edge to apply NLP methodology for self-growth and personal transformation, along with using NLP for Coaching, Sales, becoming a better speaker, and in various other areas where communication, managing state of mind, beliefs, and behaviors are required.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best NLP training in Bangalore, it is crucial to be aware of the outcome that you are looking for and have a conversation with our team to ensure that you understand what you will experience during the program. Our courses are designed to help you achieve your desired outcome and equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to apply NLP effectively.

NLP training in Bangalore – Basic + Intermediate

Our Five Certification Internationally valid NLP Practitioner and Coach Program is one of the few NLP Courses in Asia that combines the NLP Classic Course (NLP Practitioner) with NLP Coach in our basic + intermediate course. This program is an excellent investment in both time and money for those seeking an NLP-based Coach Certification and aspiring to become an ICF Certified Coach.

For more information about our NLP Practitioner Program, please visit the program page where you can find further details about the course and its benefits.

The course is approved by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and approved under International Coach Federation (ICF-USA), and the most important factor is that all the public courses are facilitated by the Founder of NLP Coaching Academy and the award-winning NLP Trainer and ICF Mentor Coach (Vikram Dhar). Vikram Dhar is the only NLP trainer in India who is accredited by various boards (ABNLP, ABH, IAPCCT, Neuro-Semantics).  He is the only Certified NLP trainer in India who is a Licensed Meta NLP Trainer (Neuro-Semantics Trainer) as well.  Meta NLP is the latest code of NLP which takes NLP to next level in terms of its effectiveness.


Accreditation is a crucial aspect that people consider when looking for the best NLP Certification program in Bangalore. Unfortunately, many fake international bodies exist in the market, created by some NLP Trainers (who are not even NLP trained), which has led to confusion and concerns for those seeking a credible NLP certification. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious in selecting an NLP Trainer to ensure that you receive a quality education.

One such example of misleading accreditation is the usage of term ABNLP by some NLP providers in the market, while the actual body is American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Some individuals misrepresent the term and call is as the American Body of NLP, which creates confusion in the market. Additionally, some trainers have marketed their programs using the American Board of Hypnosis and NLP under different domain names, which is fraudulent.

It is essential to note that the American Board of NLP and the American Board of Hypnosis are now under one organization and have a single website. If you find anything other than this, it is likely fake trainers creating confusion in the market.

At our NLP Certification program in Bangalore, we take accreditation seriously and ensure that our program meets international standards. We are affiliated with American Board of NLP, International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS – Meta NLP), and IAPCCT which are independent organizations that ensures high standards of training and ethical practice for NLP practitioners. Additionally, our courses meet the requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and provide a clear path for individuals to become ICF certified coaches.

We believe that accreditation provides credibility and assurance to our students that they are receiving a quality education. Therefore, we encourage individuals to be diligent in researching and selecting an accredited NLP Trainer to ensure that they receive the best NLP Certification program in Bangalore.

That is why we get to see so many comments and discussions on social media by some trainer or trainers and their groups who are not properly trained themselves yet certify others, on the importance of accreditation and whether accreditation of the program matters or not. Unless you do a program with proper Trainers who are trained by International Trainers and have a valid accreditation affiliation with genuine International groups, your certificate will be of no value when it comes to the global standards of NLP.

Best NLP training in Bangalore – Integrated Courses accreditation:

If you are looking to attend an NLP certification program in Bangalore, then we recommend going for a Behavior-based coaching fundamental program which is based on NLP, Meta NLP, and NeuroScience with us. All our NLP certifications are backed by the ICF for Coach certificates and we provide excellent tools and techniques which will give you maximum value for the money you have invested when it comes to becoming an NLP Practitioner or a Coach. ICF (International Coach Federation) has a good structure when it comes to certifying people, and that is what makes them credible and genuine.  Our NLP Practitioner training in Bangalore is delivered by NLP Global Guru, Vikram Dhar (Founder of NLP Coaching Academy).  His NLP training programs in Bangalore have been rated as the best NLP Practitioner programs in India and in Asia.  He brings his vast experience in delivering NLP programs and blended NLP and Coach programs so that participants get maximum value out of the programs.

NLP Certification Program in Bangalore with Vikram DharPlease visit NLP events to know  about our schedule and to register for the course.

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