Which NLP program to attend in India

Which NLP program to attend in India

Which NLP program to attend in India

As a newcomer to the world of NLP, your first challenge will be to face a barrage of technical questions attached to NLP training programs. Which NLP program to attend in India? Which one should you join? What do the terms Classic NLP, Pure NLP, Authentic NLP, Better Code NLP, NeuroSemantics, Meta NLP, and latest developments of NLP mean? What is NeuroSemantics? Who does NeuroSemantics training in India? And will the program qualitatively differ based on these terms? How will the program coverage, content, experience of the trainer differ based on these terms?

Well, it’s time for a quick history lesson, before we move into the noteworthy points with respect to which NLP program to attend in India.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid-70s. But one could also see the beginning of NLP as the culmination of work that was happening in the area of Human Potential Movement since the 1940s. NLP quickly became popular because it was results-based and not the typical cause-based approach to situations. People preferred solutions to causes and therefore, NLP gained momentum in the late 70s.

By the early 80s, the first set of co-founders and co-developers had parted ways and created sects in NLP. In the process of creating distinct identities, many top NLP trainers of that era created half-baked theories out of the original classic code. For instance, John Grinder created the New Code, as a better alternative to classic code, but he was lambasted by other co-developers for many parts of New Code which they considered lame. For the next decade or so, nothing noteworthy emerged in NLP barring a couple of good ideas like Timeline. People continued to use bits and pieces of classic NLP, mixing and matching classic ideas with other methodologies.

In the mid-90s, Michael Hall infused freshness into NLP with the introduction of Meta NLP (NeuroSemantics). Hall is one of the original pioneers of NLP. He had worked tirelessly in the shadows of other NLP co-founders and co-developers. Even as bad PR bogged down NLP in the 80s and late 90s, Hall was silently contributing to NLP. To the insiders, he was already a Colossus, albeit undiscovered.

NeuroSemantics, Hall’s brainchild, is popularly referred to as Meta NLP because it is based on NLP and extends the insights given by the original developers. He created the meaning making process, Meta States Model, Matrix Model, Meta States Model and many other models in 90s, and till date he has ensured that Meta NLP is the greatest thing that happened to NLP in the 90s. NeuroSemantics continues to evolve. It also led to Meta Coaching which is one of the premier coaching bodies and adheres to the toughest benchmarking process for becoming a coach. Those certified through this process definitely have incredible skills and competencies to coach.

Now, let’s return to the original question. Which NLP program to attend in India? What should you ascertain before you enrol in an NLP course in India? Now that you know the history, you can also ask whether you get to learn the best of all the frameworks.

It is advisable not to learn from a trainer who favors only one framework and is biased about all other frameworks. Each framework:

  • Has something or the other to contribute to the learning of a participant
  • Offers insights into the development of the field
  • Offers clues about the latest advancements and applications of concepts

Therefore, a trainer who adheres only to one framework robs you of the opportunity to experience holistic learning. You are better off getting trained by a professional who has been active for a long time and has taken time to understand and master different frameworks.

The situation in India is slightly unique because NLP arrived late in India, and by the time it did, the world had taken large strides in technology. Digital marketing had also arrived in a big way. Deception also moved online. So, you have to be careful about trainers who aren’t really NLP trainers; they just pretend to have been doing NLP for the last 20 to 25 years. Some claim to have trained lakhs of participants and created so many NLP Practitioners. Common sense should tell you that training lakhs of practitioners is next to impossible. Surprisingly, many people continue to fall prey to such marketing campaigns.

Again, do look into the profile of the trainer. You deserve one who has undergone the entire journey of training – from being a rookie to a seasoned veteran of the field. Somebody who has learnt the frameworks, applies them on a daily basis and is adept at making an impact in the classroom and outside it.

One such seasoned veteran – and quite a young veteran at that – is Vikram Dhar. He uses a classroom-based format and is known as one of the best NLP trainers in India, extending into other Asian countries as well. He covers concepts grounded in Classic NLP all the way upto the latest Meta NLP (NeuroSemantics) etc. He links NLP learnings with Emotional Intelligence concepts and Neuroscience. Vikram is also certified and mentored by John Mattone, who was the coach of Steve Jobs and is an ICF Mentor Coach. Vikram is associated with 4 different international NLP and Meta NLP Society/AssociationsBoards (International Society of NeuroSemantics, the American Board of NLP, the International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists (IAPCCT), and the Association of NLP, UK). The program he conducts has the highest level of validation considering it is Meta NLP and NLP together, and aligns with the professional coaching standards deemed necessary by the Meta Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

What do you get when you attend an NLP program with Vikram Dhar:
  • Authentic and content rich program
  • Great experience during the program with enough practice from top nlp trainer in India
  • Value for money
  • NLP, Meta NLP integrated approach extending into self-coaching and coaching others
  • Application of NLP into Personal and Professional Life
  • How to use NLP in a way which is meaningful and impactful
  • Guidance around NLP as a career option
  • How to develop a Coaching Business
  • How to use NLP on a daily basis, and keep the momentum going
  • Interesting stories about NLP and NLP World

If you are looking for authentic NLP program for yourself, then you must consider to train with Vikram Dhar.  His NLP training schedule can be found here nlpcoach.in/events

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