What is Neuro-Semantics

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What is Neuro-Semantics

What is Neuro-Semantics

If you are wondering what is Neuro-Semantics, Why is Neuro-Semantics an important contribution to self development, where to learn Neuro-Semantics in India, then read further. 

Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl is perhaps one of the greatest books ever written. Frankl was one of the few inmates to survive the incredibly harsh reality of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. In hindsight, Frankl concluded that every single survivor had hope in their heart because they had found meaning in their existence. Their minds were powerful enough to urge their weakening bodies to continue breathing and move forward.

Meaning. It’s a loaded word. It is one of the most important factors that separate man from animal. As it turns out, it is also the most important factor that separates the driven and successful human from the idle and frustrated fellow human.

With so much importance attached to meaning, it is logical to conclude that any framework of growth and healing must necessarily focus on this concept. Surprisingly, humankind had to wait till the mid-1990s for the creation of a holistic and sound behavior modification framework that is all about meaning.

Welcome to Neuro-Semantics.

If we were to define Neuro-Semantics in a single sentence, then we would say it is a more scientific term for mind-body.

Now let’s look at more precise definitions of What is Neuro-Semantics.

The behavioral definition

Neuro-Semantics is:

  • A model – more specifically, the Meta-States Model for understanding our unique kind of consciousness called self-reflexive consciousness
    • Which helps us create and embody meaning &
    • Thereby determines:
      • Our reality – how we perceive our life and its ecosystems
      • Our skills and competencies – and the attitude we bring to them
      • The quality of our experiences

The etymological definition

Splitting the term, we have two words, semantic (relating to meaning in language or logic) and neuro (relating to neurology). Let’s look at how these terms combine to offer a new whole of what is Neuro-Semantics.

  The semantic part The neuro part
Refers to Every meaning that we create as habitual meaning-makers. Our mind-body and mental/emotional states. How we interpret, experience and perform our meanings depends on our neurology.
Links to Our inner games.

This is where we create layers upon layers of meanings that define our inner world. This is called our inner matrix of meaning frames.

Our outer games.

This is where we actualize our inner meanings. Meanings get created as we experience life. These meanings then influence our performance in the external world.

Pertinent questions ·How are your meanings?

·What meanings do you attach to yourself, your career/health/wealth, your relationships, the nature of life, the behavior of others etc?

·and What meaning are you seeking to actualize in your life?

·and What meanings have you actualized?

·Do your meanings debilitate you or serve you well? To what extent?

·How ecological/sustainable are they?

·What’s in your body?

·In what way do your emotions, states and skills get impacted by semantic reactions?

·Does your life borrow from your best ideas and meanings? Or is there incongruence between your knowledge and behavior?

Why is Neuro-Semantics important?

We understand what is Neuro-Semantics, now let’s look at why is Neuro-Semantics important.  We have already established the supreme importance of meaning in an individual’s life. Now, imagine a life where you:

  • Create meaning
  • Live (according to your) meaning
  • Perform at your highest and best meanings
  • Add richer, more robust, more ecological and more empowering meanings to your performances (e.g. behaviors, skills, activities) so as to reach the next level of expertise and mastery
  • Transform and upgrade embodied meanings that do not enhance your life or facilitate your resourcefulness
  • Wake up to your inner matrix of meaning frames (layers of meaning) and discover how to manage your mind, take charge of your life and fully self-actualize in all spheres of life (like health, relationships, career, parenting etc)
  • Leverage inspiring meanings to spur your everyday actions to close the Knowing-Doing gap

Take a moment to read the above points again. We started by saying that meaning determines quality of life and performances. We then took that idea to the next step to discover that we can determine the performance of meaning itself. Each inner meaning (which can take the form of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions, intentions etc) can be examined for its performance or lack thereof.

So there we have it. Neuro-Semantics is the performance of meaning. The beginning point could be the question, “How meaningful is your life?” but the ongoing question becomes, “How meaningful is each meaning you bring into your life?”

Of course, since our states are neuro-semantic states – states of our neurology, nervous systems, physiology and body – we acknowledge that we live meaning in our mind-body-emotion states. Therefore, the exploration offers best results by studying our inner and outer worlds.

Who created Neuro-Semantics?

Legendary thinker and trainer L. Michael Hall is the father of Neuro-Semantics. He used his vast experience and intellect to create this interdisciplinary framework. At a high level, Neuro-Semantics leverages:

  • Cognitive behavioral sciences
  • Developmental psychology
  • Neurosciences
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Cybernetics
  • System dynamics

The richness of each of the above fields contributes to Neuro-Semantics. That’s what makes it the greatest leap forward in the world of NLP since its inception.  Along with NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching with Neuroscience, Neuro-Semantics is a major force in Coaching.

Dr Hall created the first (core) model of Neuro-Semantics in 1994 by using the Meta States concept of NLP. Along with Bodenhamer, he also co-founded the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, an association of men and women who use this model to coach and train in topics related to leadership, management, business and self-actualization.

How does Neuro-Semantics deliver results?

If you are checking out this page, you have most probably heard of, or even been trained in, NLP. You already know the efficacy of that framework. Now imagine a quantum leap in the evolution of NLP and you will get an idea of what Neuro-Semantics can offer.

The science of Neuro-Semantics began with studying how our self-reflexive thinking-and-feeling system actually works, how we reflect on our first level of meaning construction and build layers of meanings (as explored in the classic Meta-States Model of NLP). During the study, the power and pervasiveness of the Meta-States model became abundantly clear. The next step was to create original structures that delivered seven keywords of the vision:

  1. Meaning
  2. Performance
  3. Collaboration (cooperative, team spirit)
  4. Relationship (respect)
  5. Congruence (integrity, walking the talk)
  6. Abundance (generosity)
  7. Professional (ethical, business acumen)

In order to take the classic NLP model to this whole new level, Neuro-Semantics had to necessarily remodel all three Meta-Models:

  1. Language: The Meta-Model
  2. Representations: The Sub-Modality Model
  3. Perception: The Meta-Programs Model

Let’s take a closer look at how the remodeling of various facets of NLP happened:

  • The Sleight of Mouth patterns of NLP were remodeled to create the seven directions of framing and the Mind-Lines model
  • The Time-Line model by Richard Bandler was remodeled so that levels of time could be introduced. 16 kinds or dimensions of time were discovered and are described in detail in the book Adventures in Time-Lines
  • The Meta-Programs model was remodeled to include levels and dimensions of our perceptual filters which led to the discovery of meta-programs as described in the book Figuring Out People
  • The sub-modalities model was remodeled as the Meta-Modalities model or Cinematic Features model. This was the result of the revealing discovery that there is no “sub” in sub-modalities. It involves stepping back from our internal movies (our representational mental stories) and editing them from a higher level using various cinematic distinctions that were mis-labeled as sub-modalities. Details are discussed in Sub-Modalities Going Meta and MovieMind

Having applied Meta-States to various facets of NLP, Neuro-Semantics took the next step of creating new domains and applications. Thus, it became a distinct, yet related, field to NLP. Meta Coaching programs are also very much in demand along with Certified ICF Coach programs.  Here are a few new forays:

  • All models of NLP and Neuro-Semantics were unified using new tools, processes, and techniques as described in NLP Going Meta and The Matrix Model
  • Neuro-Semantics also introduced the Meta-States model into NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training as described in User’s Manual of the Brain, Volumes I and II, and 
  • Neuro-Semantics also introduced nine additional Meta-Model distinctions, as described in Communication Magic, dealing with levels and dimensions of language

This is just the beginning. More models and technicalities exist, which can be learnt in depth by the student of Neuro-Semantics. But by now, it must be clear that as a practitioner of Neuro-Semantics, you will have at your disposal:

  • Models that reveal the true nature of our mind-body and emotions
  • Patterns for developing greater competence, self-confidence, resourcefulness and success in all spheres of life
  • Coaching, consulting and training for a more mindful and intentional life journey where you readily adapt to an ever-changing world
  • The pathway for self-actualization for your best visions and values as you create the richest and most robust meanings for living a meaningful life

Is it any wonder that Neuro-Semantics became the cutting-edge model for purposeful living?

Where to learn Neuro-Semantics in India?

If you are curious to know more about what is Neuro Semantics, and are looking for a Neuro Semantics training in India, NLP Coaching Academy schedules various Neuro Semantics programs during the year, as per the NLP training schedule.  Vikram Dhar is the only active Licensed Neuro Semantics trainer in India, and has been directly certified by Dr Michael Hall.  He is the only trainer in India whose programs are certified by various NLP and International Coaching bodies (American Board of NLP, International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS), International Coach Federation (ICF), International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors and Therapists (IAPCCT), and he is also a NLP Trainer member of Association of NLP, UK.

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