Top NLP Training in India

Top NLP Training in India

Top NLP training in India

Some of the so-called top NLP training in India (as claimed by some Indian trainers) are run by fraudulent trainers, who basically have not even completed NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer level.  They shamelessly claim to be NLP Master Trainers.  The fraud does not end there, now these so-called NLP Master Trainers are creating further NLP Master Trainers as well, and calling it a value-add.  Shameful!  This post is not to ‘name them to shame them’, but this is a content post for awareness.  Some of these frauds will lure you in and then try to sell some great promise,  which is the latest fraud that is prevalent in the market. It is easy to fall for them as they sound very easy way out.

An NLP Master Trainer tag does not come because of a training program.  It is a commitment that an NLP Trainer demonstrates, and some of the top NLP bodies like the Society of NLP (SNLP), International Society of NeuroSemantics (ISNS), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and NLP University have basic criteria around that.  For example, to facilitate 6+ NLP Practitioner level programs and co-facilitation requirement in 2+ NLP Master Practitioner level programs, number of years as NLP Trainer, validation by Master Trainers.  This is an example of how an NLP Trainer can move into a designation of an NLP Master Trainer by a decent accreditation body, and that does not seem to be the norm these days, especially in India, where anybody and everybody claims to be a Best NLP Trainer in India, and Master Trainer in India.

Indians generally are not gullible, it is vice versa, some Indians are expert crooks who want to cheat people by portraying something which is different from reality and they shamelessly do it.  Well, it is not only Indians, but we also have many foreign trainers coming to India, portraying as brand ambassadors of International NLP associations, and they have created a business of cheating Indians based on how the information is being shown.  As usual, most Indians don’t pay attention and have a habit to fall for these things, including the skin color of the trainer.   The surge in NLP Trainers and NLP Coaches in India is the talk of the town, and with scores of people joining monthly the issue is going to become bigger in due course.

With the latest trend being the NLP conferences with top NLP Trainers from other parts of the World and some NLP Trainers (who are practically unknown), which is again used as a gimmick to promote sub-standard programs of NLP Trainers, who in many cases are not known, their legacy suspect, and their courses in their own countries of a poor review.  Again a good point to be considered if you are considering to attend an NLP program.

It hurts to see this happening in NLP because something which is created to help people is being used ruthlessly to make a business out of it, that too by fooling individuals who are looking for help. The sad part is that not everybody can be warned about these things, and some people fall prey to these vultures of NLP who are full of deceit and are only interested in fooling people.

If you are looking forward to attending a Top NLP Training in India, make sure that you do your research properly to understand what you are getting into, and who are the top NLP Trainers in India.

Make sure you read about the Lead Trainer, have an idea who they are, what they stand for, what qualifications they have in NLP, what qualifications they have other than NLP (well, at least that is something difficult to fake), what corporate experience they have, what recommendations they have, how does their LinkedIn profile look like, what is their lineage of NLP training, and from whom have they learned NLP.

If you pay attention to some of these details, you will be able to make out which NLP training is good, and which trainings are run by genuine NLP trainers who have the experience of conducting them.

So what are the criteria of top NLP training in India? 

Let’s  keep it simple, and here are a few criteria that you can consider while searching for top NLP training programs in India, especially if you are looking for NLP Practitioner training in India:

  1. Trainer delivering the program: This is the most important point, as the trainer / facilitator delivering the program matters the most in this context.  NLP programs are such that if delivered by a poor facilitator can spoil the entire program for the audience. Make sure that you do research about the NLP trainer, their credentials, their legacy, their business experience, their education background etc.
  2. Internationally accredited:  This may not be more important then the first point, but considering where we are heading in India with respect to NLP, this has become important from a participant point of view.  With many fake trainers doing 4-5 days wash down content NLP Practitioner programs, this is very important to know which is the body supporting the trainer, and the qualification of the NLP trainer.
  3. Overall business, and NLP experience of the Trainer:  As discussed in first point, make sure that you check the overall experience of the NLP trainer.
  4. Overall NLP training, and educational background of the Trainer:  This point is just to ensure that you got this right, and firmly installed for yourself.  Check the NLP training and educational background of the Trainer, so that you are aware that you are not learning NLP from a softskills trainer with low IQ, poor EQ, and with zero skills to explain what NLP is.
  5. Legacy of the Facilitator taking the training program: What is the legacy that the trainer brings into the program. Check the mentor list of the trainer, and see what is the legacy of the trainer doing the program.
  6. Review of the Trainer: Social Media (Google review, LinkedIn reviews, FB reviews, word of mouth reviews etc.).  Look at everything and speak with people, and catch the general buzz.  Some of the reviews of the trainers in some of the portals are even fabricated, so go with a holistic review of the facilitator.  Make sure that you check thoroughly, as this is the most important point, considering there will be many busy fabricating information to fool people looking for an NLP program.
  7. Education background of the Trainer, will tell you a lot about the trainer
  8. Pricing of the program:  Though may not be an important factor, but cheap may not mean bad, and expensive may not mean good.  Look through this point, and focus on the above points, as this might be just for you to see what you want to do, and how much you can afford.  It is better to invest in something meaningful than in a bad quality product.

Each point is important and it is imperative that you as a person exploring to attend an NLP training in India is aware of the general practices in the field, and how to find out which program is worth attending and based on which factors.

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