Top NLP Trainers in India

Top NLP Trainers in India

Top NLP Trainers in India

NLP is the best course people walk along to experience further improvements in personal areas of confidence, relationships, salesnegotiation, influence, persuasion, public speaking, health, wealth, sports, etc. To gain the most authentic experience, participants prefer joining the best NLP course from the Best NLP Academy and work directly with the top NLP Trainers in India. So, here’s an article for you to know more on how to identify the Best NLP Trainer of India, so that you are able to find answer to the question-

“Who is Best NLP Trainer in India?” 

There are many reasons to know who actually are top NLP Trainers in India, or who are just posing using Social Media branding / images etc. to portray a picture which might not be true.  The purpose of this article is bring out the fact why it is important to learn NLP from the Best NLP Trainer in India, and what are the ways to identify who are the top NLP Trainers in India.  

Based on the outcome people are seeking, NLP courses may range from 2 days Diploma in NLP to 7/8 days NLP Practitioner certification to 16/20 days complete end-to-end NLP Trainers Training program.  There are other variations as well, which are application based programs: NLP for Sales, NLP for Leadership Development, Hypnosis, etc.

Know your criteria – Best NLP Trainer in India

The phrase ‘Best NLP Trainer in India’ may mean different things to different people. Therefore, before you set about looking for the top NLP Trainers in India, answer the following questions first-

  • What do you intend to do with your NLP training?

  • What specific outcomes are you seeking from the NLP program? 

  • What criteria will inform you that you have achieved the outcomes you were seeking?

  • How does someone qualify to be known as the top/best NLP Trainer according to you? In what way? What does he/she do?

  • What specific expectations do you have from the NLP trainer you would like to get trained from? 

  • In what way is the Trainer’s approach to NLP inspiring you to learn from him/her?

  • How do you figure out that the NLP Trainer has been congruent?  

If you are looking for top NLP trainers India, then for most of the people, the top NLP Trainer in India is someone who has mastered the true spirit of NLP, who offers high quality, impactful and affordable NLP workshops, and who is not in it just for money.  The authenticity of NLP Trainer as well as the quality of his/her NLP training is an equally important factor to consider.

It is also crucial to ensure that your chosen NLP Trainer has credibility, strong market presence, valid NLP Trainer/ Master Trainer level qualification, as well as membership of globally renowned, reputable NLP associations in his/her bag.

Significant NLP accreditation bodies do not approve professionals who received only online trainings – after all, who would want to be treated from a doctor who received only online training, and had no practical exposure! Therefore, if you intend to join the best NLP course, select the NLP Trainer who got classroom training straight from the founder of NLP John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, Judith DeLozier etc.

Ask questions to get details in advance.

Some of the questions you can choose to ask are-

(Assess intention)

  • What drives you to conduct NLP programs?

  • What purpose are you serving?

  • How do you support participants during as well as post the program?

(Analyse expertise)

  • What NLP frameworks do you have expertise in? 

  • What are your professional qualifications as an NLP Trainer? 

  • How long have you been training people in NLP (just NLP)?

  • Which NLP co-founders/co-developers trained you?

  • How specifically do you stay updated as well as practice the latest developments in NLP?

(Ascertain credibility)

  • Which all reputed organisations are you associated with as an NLP trainer member?

  • Which recognised institutions accredit your trainings?

  • What specific results did NLP help you achieve in life?

  • What are the evidences?

A lot of people run the search for “top NLP Trainer in India”, ask them the above mentioned questions, compare who meets their needs the most, and then join the best NLP Practitioner program in India.

About free NLP Practitioner Program with NLP Coaching Academy:

If you want to knock up breakthrough in any area of your life -whether personal or professional, here is an option for you to experience NLP for free (without certificates). Click on the link if you are looking for a free Meta NLP Practitioner program in India with top NLP trainers who hold certifications from John Grinder, Richard Bandler, as well as other co-developers of NLP. The entire training fee is waived off and there is no difference in terms of training content and program coverage.

The non-certification option is offered as part of social responsibility because we believe that money should never become a wall between NLP and people’s desire to learn and apply NLP for self-development, and self-growth. 

Furthermore, to ensure that affordable NLP training programs stay in reach of people from different strata of the society planning to learn NLP with different objectives on mind, we offer different certification combos in the same program. In this way, our flagship seven days integrated Meta NLP and Coach Program is the most expensive and the cheapest program in the country at the same time.

This is Asia’s only program accredited by the most trusted international associations like International Coach Federation (ICF), International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors, and Therapists (IAPCCT).

Where to learn NLP in India: 

NLP Coaching Academy -> We are the leading provider of NLP courses not just in India, but in 10+ countries of the world through our partner collaborations. We are the best in business, and the same can be verified through the participant testimonials on Google Page, on our website, as well as other social media platforms.

We care about preserving the integrity of NLP Training and strongly support the ethical use of various NLP frameworks for transforming lives.

We believe in going the extra mile to deliver the highest quality NLP training. Our trainers and facilitators work in accordance with various International NLP associations like American Board of NLP (ABNLP)International Coach Federation (ICF), Society of NLP (SNLP), International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT), etc.

Through our programs, we bring in the latest tools and technology of Meta NLP and Coaching together. 

According to us, our founder – Vikram Dhar is India’s best

However, in the words of Vikram -someone who has leveraged NLP effectively to become the best version of self, and has unwavering commitment towards spreading the radiance of NLP to make significant and impactful contribution in the lives of as many people as possible is the best NLP Trainer in India”.

NLP is an ocean and if you want to really learn NLP and feel the real magic and power of NLP, then you have to spend time practicing it, using it on a daily basis, ensure that you coach people using NLP (as working with someone is the fastest way to imbibe NLP in your life).  Vikram will make it easy for you to crack the NLP code, as he walks the talk of NLP, is an epitome of patience, and has successfully applied NLP to his core to get the kind of results for himself.  His story is inspiring how as an Indian NLP trainer he has been able to make a mark Internationally, by mentoring 200+ coaches world wide, and also having his trainer network in 10+ countries.  He has been awarded top 100 coaches award by World Coaching Congress twice for his contribution to coaching industry, and that is something which someone considering to do an NLP program must take in serious considering. 

We hope this article helps you to make a quicker and easier decision as you go about looking for the right NLP Trainer for you.

Should you need any further assistance, write to us on we will be happy to answer your queries.

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