Future of NLP training in India

Future of NLP training in India

Over the last 5-6 years, NLP Training Programs have gained significant popularity in India. Increasing awareness of the benefits received from being trained in NLP has led to a spike in demand for programs and workshops. India is a fast-growing market for NLP workshops and home-grown trainers are riding the wave. This brings up an important point to consider, ‘what is the future of NLP training in India?’

Trainers, who have produced excellent results for themselves and their clients, are now expanding their services. Classic NLP Training Programs such as NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach are only the basic foundation. The future of NLP training in India lies in its application to various business and personal growth areas including sales, leadership development, change management, stress management, accelerated learning, and coaching, creating a new dimension for future of NLP training in India.

The NLP trainers in India are growing exponentially with new trainers getting added to the pool every day, and some being just paper Trainers, who would have received their NLP trainer level certificate without attending a program. With a high influx of new trainers, their focus to a large extent remains on traditional NLP programs. The customers they target have to pay for the trainings out of their own pocket. With this get-rich-quick mentality and high price competition, some of the good trainers of classic NLP programs are finding it difficult to sustain their business, as they have not explored the applications of NLP.

For those who are passionate about NLP training, traditional NLP is no longer a sustainable business. Every day, there is a new website and another trainer claiming to be the best. You are required now more than ever to focus on your target customer. It is imperative that the trainer be willing to go the extra mile to create a great learning experience for the participants.

To be successful in the marketplace, more than getting certified, you need to use NLP itself. Great trainers with profitable businesses are those who spend time learning, practising, exploring and adapting with NLP. The future of NLP training in India lies not in teaching it, but in producing transformation consistently and rapidly. The evolution of an NLP Trainer lies in his/her ability to integrate NLP with other frameworks, opening up new markets and creating more learning experiences.

In recent news, several fraudulent and unethical practices of ineffective trainers has come to light. Customers are now wary of trainers as they read of copyright violations, issuance of fraudulent certificates using the trademarks of American and European NLP brands, unethically shortened program duration etc. This has resulted in bad press for NLP trainings, at home as well as internationally. Top NLP trainers/accreditation bodies (outside of India) are avoiding conducting workshops in India due to skepticism of Indian operations, governing laws and business style. This is the new ecosystem that NLP trainers in India must manage and overcome.

NLP in India is at a very crucial stage, and next few years will determine what will be the future of NLP training in India. A successful trainer must be skilled in several areas. One must be first and foremost ethical and honest. Integrity is a key trait to sustain and grow in any business.  As with any industry, the fortitude and skill to manage and evolve with the inevitable ups and downs in the market is also essential. The importance of consistently growing and evolving to provide more value to customers cannot be overemphasized. At the core of it all, the trainer must believe in him/herself.

As a largely unregulated market, NLP trainers who provide little or no value to customers are a reality. It is therefore essential for both trainers and prospective trainees to secure the essential credentials. In this age of soft skills and dynamic growth, an NLP-trained professional has the required edge to succeed and out-create the market. To this end, of course, doing your research is essential, and important for future of NLP training in India.

As a prospective trainee, find out all you can about the NLP training provider, their course content, their approvals, peer network of Trainers/Coaches they work with, and the results that previous participants have got. As a trainer, be at the forefront of all changes and evolutions in NLP tools and experiences. Unlearning and learning is a constant endeavor. And when you do come across trainers and resources that are of value, spread the word so that others may benefit as well.

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