NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques

NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques

These days many people are curious about Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques.  NLP, Conversational Hypnotherapy, application of NLP in Sales and Marketing reached a new high in the 1990s, and 2000 when the two ‘NLP and Conversational Hypnosis’ blended more fluidly into each other, along with its applications in Sales and Marketing to create one of the most scientifically discredited theories of ‘hypnosis for marketing influence’ and yet a technique which is highly acknowledged by marketing analysts, sales professionals and entrepreneurial community, as the best application of NLP techniques.

NLP is the brainchild of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California. The NLP approach is meant to address a link between neurological responses, language and behavioural patterns which are acquired by the brain as a result of our experiences.  NLP is the study of subjective experience, and is also defined as ‘NLP is about modelling excellence’.

Today, the most prevalent form of application of NLP is ‘Internet marketing’, where a form of hypnotic writing (using NLP Milton Model language patterns) is noticed in the many get-rich schemes and adverts, certain scams, and even used by some big brands to advertise their products and services. NLP is a technique, a methodology, a framework which empowers people in the exploration of the manner in which a human mind works. It is the ‘difference’ that makes the ‘difference.’ The ways in which we think and develop our desires and goals. It utilizes the language of the mind to help in achieving desired outcomes.

NLP is used by people to develop confidence in themselves, to manage their personal and professional relationships effectively (most of the time), to negotiate a situation where they can always be in a win-win situation.  It is also helpful in meeting sales targets where sales professional use NLP to persuade buyers. It also helps leaders persuade the audience regarding their viewpoint and influence them sway on their side by making the audience feel that his/her viewpoint is right. It also helps in establishing a deeper connection with the audience.

From lawyers and negotiators to therapists and life coaches, business leaders, motivational speakers, sales professionals everyone finds NLP to be useful when they try to apply the techniques and framework of NLP in their lives. In the world of internet marketing, NLP is used in various forms and through methods which sweetly coerce the readers into believing whatever is being sold. Marketing analysts research the target markets and then they communicate their goals in a way that appeals to the target audience.

Public speakers find NLP to be a helpful technique which ensures that their targeted audience does not lose focus of what they are saying. While science strongly rejects the effects NLP can have on a person. Marketers are anchored on to the fact that it does do wonders if used effectively to market just about anything. It could be a product, a service, a thought or a social change. All of this can be done with the help of NLP techniques and currently people are already making lots of profit doing this.  This buzz has made many people curious about NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques.

Their idea is to activate at least one of the human senses (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Smell, and Taste) which we as humans use so that the people can be more engaged towards whatever is being said.  Words like ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘grasp’ are very common for people using NLP techniques. Synonyms of these words are often used to help a person get the attention of others. Presently, a lot of advertisements and marketers use videos which are seamlessly tied with the NLP techniques.

In the present times, NLP has already reached a lot of popularity in the marketing and sales world, and just as much as it may be shunned by science,  the works of NLP and the results are somewhat seen by marketers which is what makes the technique followed largely by many brands. While sales was earlier more of a face to face thing, online marketing has now turned the tables and most of the brands depend on online marketing. This is why NLP has been able to stretch its arms into the World Wide Web and enjoy a greater presence as a framework to create more influence.

NLP can help a lot in boosting content clicks and getting the right amount of user engagement for a brand. It exists on all places from social media to websites and blogs. It helps in getting users interested about a subject. With the limited real estate that we have if we would like to connect with our buyers, we have to make sure that we garner all the attention we need. While we cannot completely rely on NLP for conversions, it is a good idea to use NLP to at least get people interested.

NLP was so far being considered more of a sales technique where a person connected with a buyer on a one on one interaction and closed the same as a one-time deal. On the other hand, the future prospects of NLP is not just in sales but on a wider scale it intends to swirl markets. This means that not only will NLP help in singular interactions but it can be used to help invoke multitudes of people at the same time. Marketers have to use different ways in which they can target audiences with different sensory choices making it easier for the brand to get attention on a larger scale.  Different PR and Branding agencies are using NLP techniques to create influence across different geographies because of the reach that Social media can generate.  Business branding utilizes lot of covert NLP techniques to attract people towards a specific brand, and increase conversions of products, services etc.

Even industry leaders of many organizations have started using NLP to try and sway their audiences into making choices which supports the cause of the leaders. This needs a strong NLP base because you cannot simply turn an audience to believe in you without the right amount of persuasion.

The audience has continuously evolved into understanding things keenly and they have grown smarter by the years. This means people do not easily lean towards your cause unless they believe in it. For this, you have to make sure that you use strong NLP techniques, the right verbiages and confidence needed to ensure that they choose your cause.  NLP also enables the people who are using NLP to connect with others at a deeper level: Beliefs, Values, and Identity.  NLP is used to Influence people to take decision(s)get motivated to change their Behaviours, and to set on a transformation journey with respect to their goals and outcomes.

The future of NLP gets stronger by the day as people try to reach out to large audiences and target them to sell their products and services.  The desire to explore more and excel more has increased the curiosity towards NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques in personal and business space.  While there was a time when things were done on a national level or a smaller scale, brands today are ready to hit the international markets right from the beginning. With NLP, they will be able to acquire the attention they require from audience which may not be well known to them but they would know how to appease their audience into believing that their products and services are just right for them.  NLP is a framework, and a methodology which is a valuable asset for Leadership development, Sales, Marketing, Life and Business Coaching, Sales Psychology, Team Building, Enhancing Communication framework, Accelerated Learning, Persuasion etc. These applications of NLP is going to make sure that NLP (NLP and Future of NLP and NLP techniques) is going to stay.  As more and more people will embrace NLP as way of life, and will use it to achieve the outcome(s) that they are looking for themselves, it is going to become more popular as an industry standard in Corporates, and at an individual level as well.

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