ICF PCC Certification

ICF PCC Certification


Program with an in-depth focus on behavioral coaching using frameworks like NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Meta NLP, Gestalt Coaching, Neuroscience based coaching, and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, leading to ICF PCC Certification in India.  THE ICF PCC Certification program is delivered by the Global Guru, Vikram Dhar (MCC, ICF Mentor Coach & Coach Trainer), Founder of NLP Coaching Academy.

Vikram is the only Indian trainer who is a Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnosis Trainer, Licensed Neuro-Semantics Trainer (Meta NLP), ICF MCC (Master Certified Coach), and ICF Mentor Coach and Coach Trainer.  

Program Overview (ICF PCC Certification)

The workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of Coaching in their professional careers, and for their own growth, development, and personal achievement. This is a Coaching focused program and all discussions, references, and exercises will be tailored to learn Coaching using the above frameworks.

Target Audience:  The target audience for the program is professionals (mostly HR professionals, Leadership Development Trainers, Soft-skills Trainers, and Coaches who know to coach and want to explore behavior based Coaching) who want to pursue Coaching as a full-time profession, and is interested in becoming an ICF Certified Coach. Anybody interested in coaching can attend this course.

Overall program – ICF PCC Certification

The overall program is split into three modules leading to 125 learning hours under ICF Level 2, leading to ICF PCC Certification with ICF.  Each module is scheduled as per the calendar, and a person can begin either with Module 1 (NLP and Coaching), or Module 2 (Emotional Intelligence & Coaching using Neuroscience), and then attend the Coaching Learning Lab for ICF PCC certification. 

  • Module 1 (NLP and Meta NLP Coach Practitioner | Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach | Certified Life Coach) 
  • Module 2 (Emotional Intelligence & Coaching using Neuroscience and
  • Module 3 (Coaching Learning Lab)
Connect with us at +91-7506070907 for details (Call or WhatsApp) or drop a note at info@nlpcoach.in 

A mix of Classroom and Online Sessions (As per the program schedule)

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM / Online with flexible dates and evening hours (Online: 7 pm – 10 pm)

Flexible / EMI Payment Option (Program registration payment is non-refundable)

Guaranteed Best Post Program Support

Course Format – Classroom-based + Online Sessions

The ICF PCC Certification program is offered as a classroom-based program + with online sessions, providing a seamless experience toward becoming a certified ICF PCC coach.  When it comes to selecting a program for ICF PCC Certification in India it is important to understand the program structure, coaching methodology, and how it can be useful to establish yourself as a coaching brand whether you are thinking to establish yourself in Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, etc.  Our course is a blended program that brings in the best tools, program content, and methodology, and most importantly everything is delivered by Vikram Dhar.

Program Instructor:

Vikram Dhar, MCC (ICF Mentor Coach & Coach Trainer)

Program Requirements:

Students must demonstrate Coaching ethics, standards, and competency during practice sessions.

Program Dates & format: Programs are scheduled throughout the year, please check the events page for the next schedule & format ~ Listed on the event page – nlpcoach.in/events

Program pricing:

Each program module is priced differently, so depending on whether you are looking for full ICF Level 2 125 hours learning, or you are looking for a bridge ICF ACC to ICF PCC Certification, then accordingly the program pricing will change.  Please call us to discuss further +91-7506070907

Cancellations and refunds

If a participant fails to attend the course all fees are forfeited. Once a participant registers for any program, there is no refund. The participant has the option to reschedule the program attendance. The rescheduling towards ICF PCC Certification is valid for 12 months. The participant has to provide the rescheduled information 2 days prior to the program start date. In case NLP Coaching Academy cancels any course, then the entire program amount will be refunded to the participant. The company reserves the right to change dates and venues.  The NLP Coaching Academy reserves the right to alter the course location, and dates or cancel any course at any time without liability.  There won’t be any refunds for program reschedules.


Student attendance is being monitored daily, towards this ICF PCC Certification course and a log is being maintained to capture those details, and also for individual sessions during the day as well, where Coaches/Trainers are keeping track of students and student progress.

Program Language: 


Credits from other ICF-approved institutes:  

If you are a student from another organization and want to transfer credit hours from another ICF-accredited program then please get in touch with us to discuss the same.  We do accept transfer credit from other ICF-accredited programs.

Connect with us at +91-7506070907 for details (Call or WhatsApp) or drop a note at info@nlpcoach.in 

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