NLP Trainer Certification Bootcamp

How relevant is NLP Trainer Certification in India

Invest your time in a program which focuses on building your NLP Content Knowledge (NLP Practitioner | NLP Master Practitioner), Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coaching and Training Skills, NeuroScience Coaching skills, and Behavioural Training delivery skills.  If you are looking for certified nlp trainer certification in india, then read further.  There is merit in understanding the overall landscape of NLP Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer certification in India, and its relevance in current times, and how to get NLP certification.

(This Integrated bootcamp includes: Diploma + Practitioner + Master Practitioner + Hypnosis + Coaching + NeuroScience + ICF ACSTH (75 hours towards Certified ICF Coach – ACC Level)

In this NLP bootcamp you will learn Business Skills along with NLP, EI,  NeuroScience and Coaching concepts, and where you will receive mentoring towards how to set up your website, Digital Branding, Social Media Marketing,Search engine optimization of website, and Business Growth Hacking.  Participants searching for nlp trianer certification in India in the past have asked, “How relevant is NLP in today’s time, and how we can build a career out it now?”  Go through the full nlp certification in India program details to understand how this program can help you in starting a corporate career in coaching, as behavioural trainer, as accelerated learning coach etc.

Get The Business Results You Always Wanted

Program Overview

20 Days Classroom Sessions

20 Days Classroom Sessions

20 Days Classroom Sessions

Upto 10+ Certification Options

20 Days Classroom Sessions

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

20 Days Classroom Sessions


20 Days Classroom Sessions


20 Days Classroom Sessions

Flexible/ EMI Payment Option(Zero Percent Interest)

20 Days Classroom Sessions

Guaranteed Best Program Support

Few words from Past Participants

Learn to use your ‘Sub-conscious Mind’ to achieve your Goals, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Improve relationships and Self-confidence.

Here’s what you will get:
– Upto 10+ Certification Options
– Comprehensive course content, modular so that you learn various classic and
applied NLP topics
– Franchise : School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL)
– Membership : SOAL

Program Structure & Certificate Options

As part of this Boot camp the program is split into different modules (Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Coaching, Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning and Business Skills), providing flexibility in choosing what program a participant wants. Many people looking for nlp trainer certification in India find this aspect interesting, as it allows flexibility.

The certificates are optional for each program, providing more flexibility in choosing the right certificate as per the outcome.

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Associate Licensed Behavioural Trainer

This is five certification program (7 days)
1. Diploma in NLP (ABNLP, IAPCCT, NLPCA)
2. NLP Practitioner certification in India (ABNLP, IAPCCT, NLPCA)
3. Certified Life Coach (ICF-CCE, IAPCCT, NLPCA)
4. Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach ( ICF-CCE, IAPCCT, NLPCA)
5. Certified Organizational Development Coach (ICF-CCE, IAPCCT, NLPCA)

NLP Master Practitioner (9 days)
1. Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP, IAPCCT, NLPCA)
2. Certified Group Peak Performance Coach ( IAPCCT, NLPCA)
3. Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (IAPCCT, NLPCA)    4. Licensed Behavioural Coach (LBC) (IBBT, NLPCA)
5. Certified Wellness Coach (IAPCCT, NLPCA)

(P) Certificates
1. For Licensed Behavioural Trainer (IBBT; NLPCA) –  4 days Presentation skills training program has to be attended for this

After completion of your Master Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner & NeuroScience Coaching (2 days),  project work, 4 additional training days you can become Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT). Behavioural trainers are in demand in corporate these days, and people with NLP, EI, and NeuroScience skills are preferred as Behavioural Trainers. 

What you will learn

Integrated NLP Practitioner + Master Practitioner + Hypnosis + Coaching Program

Master Practitioner is where you get to the core of NLP. NLP is about modelling excellence. In Master Practitioner you will learn how to consistently produce results you desire for yourself, and how to facilitate those results for your Coaching clients. You will learn about the attitudes, behaviors, states, beliefs, values,purpose that drive you to get results and learn from others in terms of how to get the results you seek. People searching for How to become an NLP trainer in India, or where to get NLP trainer certification in India, have at times asked, how NLP can be learned as an applied skill, and not as theory.

Beyond NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer skills ~ The program will enable you to Master the skills learnt during your Practitioner Program, and new skills to deepen your NLP and Coaching knowledge. The focus is on building NLP skills, learn application of NLP in coaching, sales, delivering presentations, leadership etc. Hence, providing not just knowledge, but providing a future way forward as well.

  • NLP and Leadership Development,
  • Use of NLP in Sales as Sales Coaching,
  • Conversational Change work to induce change at Unconscious Level (Milton Model),
  • How to use NLP effectively to improve Presentation Skills.
  • How to use NLP effectively to improve Learning (Accelerated learning techniques)
  • Group Coaching

As part of this program you will do a NLP Modelling Project (with three people that you want to model) on a topic of your choice – result that you are seeking for yourself.  Master Practitioner certification is issued once the modelling project is complete.

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Presentation Skills Trainer | Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT)

In Certified NLP Practitioner Workshop (Seven days NLP Practitioner + CoachProgram)

  • NLP and Meta NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
  • The Communication model
  • Sensory Acuity and Calibration
  • Rapport building
  • Milton Model (Conversational Hypnotic Patterns)
  • Application of Milton Patterns to increase your Business Sales
  • Persuasive Language to get what you want from other
  • Parts Integration (Resolving conflict)
  • How to become a Powerful speaker
  • Representational Systems
  • How to get rid of bad memories
  • Meta-Programs (Perceptual Filters)
  • Perceptual Positions: How to understand others better, and avoid conflicts
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Sub-Modalities
  • New Behavior Generator
  • States
  • Meta States
  • Anchoring (Access resourceful states, whenever required)
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Reframing
  • Time Line Basics
  • Coaching using Timeline
  • Aligning with your purpose
  • Logical Levels
  • Walt Disney Strategy
  • Six Step Reframing
  • Introduction to coaching models
  • Metaphors (Structure & Creation of powerful metaphors)
  • Meta Model (How challenge influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
  • Coaching with Values
  • Group Coaching Tools

We will go through various modelling methods in details:
• Symbolic Modelling using David Grove’s Clean Language
• NLP Behavioral Modelling using Logical Levels (inspired by Gregory Bateson)
• David Gordon’s Modelling Method (Experiential Array, and Elicitation, Stepping in
Array and Belief elicitation)
• Modelling using NLP Strategies

Advanced Sub-modalities:
• Sub-modality Distinctions
• Mapping Across using Sub-modalities

A strategy is any series of internal and external experiences which consistently produces a specific outcome. Advanced Strategies will be explored during the program, which is again very important for Modelling excellence.

Advanced Strategies
• T.O.T.E Model
• Strategy Elicitation
• Utilization of strategy
• Strategy Design
• Strategy Installation

Advanced Meta-Programs
Meta-programs helps you understand how people sort and make sense of the world. They also help you understand your own values, beliefs and behaviors. Change your own limiting meta-programs: If you have a way of processing the world that’s limiting your success, find a way to consciously adapt. You will explore identifying your own meta-programs during the program, and changing them in ways that will benefit you.

Identifying of Meta-Programs &amp , Strategies
• Decision Strategy
• Motivation Strategy
• Convincer Strategy
Perceptual Positions and their Meta-Programs
Changing Meta-Programs

Advanced Beliefs
During the program we will explore how Beliefs are formed and how they impact you. How to change limiting Beliefs and how to set powerful Beliefs.
• Belief Change using Sub-Modalities
• Walking Belief change process
• Conversational Belief change process
• Re-Imprinting

Advanced Language Patterns
During the program we will explore how Milton Model language patterns that are also part of the Meta Model (reversed) be used to create powerful hypnotic sub- conscious level messages to induce change conversationally. This is such an important part of Coaching, and can be used for Sales, with Kids etc.
Along with reversed Meta-Model additional Milton Model language will be practiced.

Additional Milton Model language patterns
• Negative Commands
• Metaphors and Stories
• Ambiguities
• Causal Linkages
• Conversational postulates
• Embedded Commands
• Negative Commands
• Restriction violation
• Milton Model Tag questions
• The Double Bind
Coaching using Metaphors
During the program we will explore how Metaphors can be used for Coaching.

Coaching Framework

During the program we will explore States, Advanced Timelines, Advanced Anchoring, Visual Squash, Parts Integration, Working with Values, etc. Modelling project will be required to complete the Master Practitioner.


A. Duration of Training: Minimum of 180 hours of advanced training of Emotional Intelligence, NLP, NeuroScience, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
B. Completion of 4 days of advanced presentation skills training program
C. An assessment of training skills during the training program.

After completion of your Licensed Behavioural Trainer level, you can conduct Emotional Intelligence programs, soft-skills programs, behavioural training programs.

Trademarked Logo Usage: 

Licensed Behavioural Coach (LBC), and Licensed Behavioural Trainers (LBT) are trademarked terms, and as part of (16 + 4 ) 20 days of Bootcamp you will get the rights to use them on your social media pages, websites, and corporate resumes.

LBT -Licensed behavioural trainer

Licensed Behavioural coach

Nlp coaching
Continuing Coach Education
lbt - nlp coach

Program Price

NLP Practitioner: 

Early Bird Price: Rs. 54,000                                               After Early Bird: Rs. 58,000

NLP Master Practitioner :

Inclusive of membership and franchise to School of Accelerated Learning (

After Early Bird: Rs. 90,000
Early Bird Price: Rs. 78,000

Presentation Skills | Charisma Training | Train the Trainer (Licensed Behavioural Trainer) –
Membership of International Board of Behavioural Trainers (IBBT) (conditions apply) and mentoring sessions with Senior Behavioural Trainers, Emotional Intelligence Trainers, and NeuroScience Coaches

After Early Bird: Rs. 55,000/- + GST
Early Bird Price: 35,000/- + GST

Total investment of entire 20 days of NLP Bootcamp:

After Early Bird: Rs. 1, 95,000/-
Early Bird Price: Rs. 1, 75,000/-
Rs 2,20,000/- (with ICF ACSTH 75 hours + 10 hours of Mentoring)

Nobody in India offers this scheme. Use this opportunity to start a new career in Coaching, and Behavioural Training.
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