Leadership Development Skills Training

Leadership Development Skills Training

Here are examples of in-house programs that we can run for you

Our corporate in-house leadership development skills training courses are designed specifically as per your business need.  The below mentioned courses will give you an idea about the kind of courses that we can facilitate.

Our leadership development skills training programs are customized after proper understanding of your requirement.  All our programs are aligned and fine tuned to make sure that they are in sync with management direction, and also are useful for the participants.  There is an element of flexibility that we retain in our programs to incorporate feedback from the participants at the beginning of the program, so that the programs are useful to them, and we have their buy-in as well.  Participation from the participants is the key to any successful leadership development skills training program, and we ensure that is the driving value of the program structure and outcome.

If you are looking for a longer duration leadership development skills training program (6 months+) please click here.

Sales Mastery
Presentation Skills
Leadership Development
Enhancing Communication
Organizational Change
Group Coaching for teams
Conflict Management
Anything else?
Coaching Skills for Managers/Team Leaders
Stress Management
Change Management
Train the Trainer
Strategic Decision making
Leadership and Influence
Personal productivity

Every program participant will get post program support from us for a period of three months (phone and email support) in terms of the implementation of the learning from the program.  This way we ensure that we work with you as a Partner to help you achieve your training goals.

As part of Leadership Development many organizations send their leaders to attend our online ICF Certification Program. 

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