Best NLP training in India

Best NLP Training in India

NLP, short for Neuro Linguistic Programming is becoming one of the most sought after training programs in India. People from all walks of life have begun realizing the importance of an NLP training (Personal and Business) and how effective it can be when applied to their lives as a Personal Transformation methodology, for Leadership development in Business, Sales Mastery, Coaching, Therapy etc. People from different walks of life are looking for Best NLP Training in India.

With great popularity of the program, there is a rise in training institutions and trainers, offering NLP programs. While this is good news, it also makes it difficult for a person looking forward to attend an NLP Program to make the right choice given the number of people willing to certify you, and offer NLP Programs. Let us find out the ways in which you can identify the best NLP training in India.

Here are some questions that can get you started in this space of how to identify Best NLP training in India?

  • What is your goal?
  • What do you want to improve?
  • Do I want to be certified or just want to attend the program?
  • What results are you looking forward by attending an NLP Program? 
  • What area(s) of your life you want to improve?

Ask yourself the reason why you would like to do an NLP program. This is the best way to begin with your search for the best NLP training in India.  When your goals are clear, you can then begin targeting the training organizations which excel in that niche. There are NLP programs that help you in personal development and then there are those that help you achieve business goals. You will also find NLP programs that are coach (self-coaching and becoming a coach) focused. Depending on the kind of program that you want to do, you can search an organization that has proven its mettle when it comes to that particular program.

NLP programs can help in Personal Transformation, in getting better at Sales, Leadership Development, becoming an NLP Coach, learn behaviour Change techniques, getting better as a Behaviour Change Trainer etc.  So make sure that you are aware what you want from the program, and ensure that the program will cater to one or more of these during the program.  Any random program may or may not be the Best NLP program in India, just by claiming that it is one, do a deeper research, understand what you want to achieve out of the program, and then decide to attend, after considering what is important to you in your life, and how the program is going to help you to become better.

Organization Check 

How often do we like a product by the look of it and end up realizing that it does not work the way we expected? You may end up treading the same road when it comes to training programs, if you do not do some homework regarding the training you want to do. Once you have identified the training program that you would like to attend, it is important that you find out how the training has impacted people who have been trained. Checking testimonials and looking for results in the form of online reviews regarding the organization and the program can be helpful to find out who is offering Best NLP course in India with respect to your own agenda, and criteria. In doing so, you will be assured that the program you are signing up for meets your expectations.

Some easy way to get answer to How to find our Best NLP Training in India:
  • Look for reviews on Google Page of the organization (CAUTION: There are organizations putting fake reviews, so check who is commenting, and what is their Google profile, check all the details) 
  • Look for linkedin recommendations of the Trainers/Coaches (This one is a straight and simple check). Great trainers will have great recommendations on Linkedin, they will have shared great content, they would have left a trail for you to see – programs conducted in different parts of the world.   
  • Read the story of the facilitator ~ what has inspired the facilitator to be in this field. What are their values, easy to find out from their blogs, from their content that they put out on their social pages. 
  • Read the testimonials of people on testimonial section (This goes hand in hand with their Google reviews) 
  • See any video testimonial(s) that are available (Go validate what is there, and for what) 

Look into details like the time for which the training organization has been successfully training people. Check the period of time since which the training program that you want to do has been running in the organization. These details can give you an insight into the efficacy of the program and the certification that you will receive.

Find out the trainer(s) and coaches who will be taking your sessions. Check for feedback regarding the trainer(s) and coaches. If the trainer has had an impact on people’s lives then people will be talking about the person. Check for reviews or testimonials that help you find out if the trainer who will be conducting the session is insightful regarding the program or not.  Answer to Best NLP Training in India is to go deeper in the details of all the factors that you can find out, depending on your need.

When you decide to get certified on a program, you would undoubtedly want to get certified by someone who has immense knowledge regarding the program and can train you effectively and not just run you through a course which you could have read at home.  Are the trainers only trainers or do they have relevant background in Coaching as well?  Are they certified NLP Coaches, and from other well-known accreditation bodies like SNLP (Directly Certified by Richard Bandler, certified by John Grinder) ABNLP, USA or International Coach Federation (ICF), USA or IAC etc.

Location of NLP course

Like it or not, the location can play an important role in looking for Best NLP course in India. After all you may find out that the best nlp training in India as per few considerations is in Bangalore, while all you want is an introduction to NLP in Delhi area.  This is why you can consider to keep the location in mind when looking for the best nlp training in India too, unless you want to go deeper into NLP and are looking for an end to end course or a training organization with whom you can do the advance level courses as well, and can plan your travel well in advance.  For some location is not a concern considering that they will not be attending NLP programs on a monthly basis.  Planning well in advance, can help to plan travel, and with other details.

Pricing of the NLP course in India

The search for best nlp training in India for you may also depend on the sum of money that you would like to spend on your training.  With NLP training becoming popular by the day, many trainers and organizations may want to charge huge sums of money for the training.  A good NLP training will be one that meets your goals without burning a hole in your pocket. Affordability of the training is an important aspect to consider before you choose the program you wish to do. Finding a well-priced program can be helpful when it comes to choosing the best NLP course in India.   Look for organizations which are ready to accommodate your request for split payment (Zero% Interest) across few months, so that you can easily attend the quality program, and also manage your expenses.

What motivates the organization to conduct NLP training in India?

The training organization which conducts the training program should find motivation among the people who succeed through its training programs. Find out if the organization you are going to go for the NLP program is one which finds motivation solely in the enrollments and the money that it gets or does it find true motivation among the people who are succeeding through the program.  The market buzz about the organization, and the facilitator facilitating the program is easy to figure out.

It is not very difficult to figure this one out. You may notice how the organization adds feeds of successful people to the website or it may have photos of the people who find success through the training on the website or in the physical organization. This identifies the organization as one that is people-oriented. This will ensure that your requirements from the training will be understood more clearly in such a place than one where the organization may give more importance to the number of enrollments or the amount of money that pours in through the training programs.

What motivates the facilitator claiming to conduct the best NLP course in India?

This one is not so difficult to find out.

  • Check for references (Word of mouth works best for this, followed by social pages etc.)
  • Check the blog posts of the trainer
  • Read their story
  • Check their journey
  • Check their list of mentors/trainers/coaches
  • Look up their associate list
  • Check their accreditation bodies associations
  • Find out how they have created space for others to grow along with them

Best NLP training in India is the perfect blend of a reputed training organization, the best NLP trainer(s) or coach(s) and an accessible location.  All of these are of course second to the fact that you find the training program which meets your needs. With these in mind, you will be able to identify the training program that will be best for you. We think that India has a decent options now in NLP programs, what makes a training ‘the best’ is whether it offers all of what we talked above or not. While one person may find a specific training to be the best, someone else may find a completely different NLP training to be more suitable for them.

If you are considering to learn NLP + Meta NLP (Latest NLP), and Self Coaching / Coaching others, then go through our most popular NLP Practitioner training in India. This course has been attended by participants from 40+ countries, and delivered by the Best NLP Trainer in India (Vikram Dhar NLP Master Trainer)

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