Licensed Behavioural Trainer train the trainer

Licensed Behavioural Trainer

Train the Trainer (TTT) | Licensed Behavioural Trainer program (LBT) is one of our most sought after programs. This takes your trainer skills to next level. This program is based on the skills of Charismatic speakers from last 5 decades. The program was conceptualized by modelling great speaker, and what enables a person to become a great speaker, and a great trainer. This program is open for any trainer to attend.

Become the best facilitator you can be, and train people effectively

Program Overview ~ Licensed Behavioural Trainer program:

This 3 days train the trainer program is for leadership development trainers, or those who are in sales, or are team facilitators, or in soft-skills training, behavioural skills training, or any other professional who trains.


 3 Days Classroom Sessions
6 Sessions online

NlP Coach

2, 3, 4 Oct 2023 9 AM – 5 PM
26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 July 2024 7 PM – 10 PM


Flexible/EMI Payment Option


Guaranteed Best Post Program Support

Our goal is to give you enough so that you have a lasting career
as a successful much-in-demand trainer.

What you will learn ~ Licensed Behavioural Trainer:

Structure of Presentation

The why of the topic: How to develop motivators of the topic for the audience (Benefits, Values, Results etc.)

What: How to state the content, and make it compelling.

How: Strategy behind, sequence, clear process narrative, clear demonstrations of topic

What if: Consequences, risks, options, future pacing etc.

Presentation Frames:

Types of Frames: Pre-frames, definition, time, preventive, overview, interpretation, what if  etc.

How to create frames, and how to enhance frames to manage your Presentation.

11 key distinctions for framing your presentation.


Understand different levels of rapport, and how to create, manage and enhance group rapport.

Learn 12 key distinctions to group rapport.

Audience Engagement:

Learn the ways to engage with audience, and increase engagement. Dos and don’ts of engagement.

Learn 20+ Tools to boost audience engagement.

Presentation State:

Learn to use the powerful ways to induce audience into states.

Learn 9 key distinctions for inducing states

How to develop impactful Voice:

Learn how to manage your voice as a presenter. Learn the powerful tools to use voice to increase overall
engagement, group rapport, and induce states.

Learn 9 key distinctions for voice effectiveness

Semantic Space:

Learn how to use space and your gestures to create unconscious deeper level engagement, learning and
deeper connection.

Learn 5 key distinctions for semantic choreography

Handling Questions:

Learn how to handle questions during your presentations. Learn the powerful tools to create enriching experience for your audience.

Learn 9 distinctions about handling questions

Learn 75+ key distinctions / tools for Effective Presentation and training skills in this Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT) program.

NeuroNexus tools

Learn  NeuroNexus tools for preparing yourself to be a highly confident, and congruent presenter:

  • Presence of Mind under pressure
  • Advanced State Management
  • Centering and presenter mind set
  • Trainer purpose
Other supplementary skills:

Learn how to set up rituals and routines

Learn how to Manage yourself

Learn how to manage your schedule

Learn how to Manage group problems

Certificate Options:


This training leads to certified professional trainer (CPT) certification under International Association of Professional Coaches, Conselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT).

Those who have an {Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (EICP) or NLP Practitioner} & NLP Master Practitioner Certification can become a Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT), after attending this program.

Those who have an EICP or NLP Practitioner can become Licensed Associate Behavioural Trainer (LABT)

Trademarked Logo Usage: 

LBT is a trademarked term, and as part of becoming a LBT, you will get the rights to use them on your social media pages, websites, and corporate resumes.

Program Facilitator

India’s most qualified Behavioural Facilitator and Coach 

Vikram Dhar

Program Price:

Rs. 41,300/- 
For special discounts on NLP Practitioner + Train The Trainer Program, reach out to us on

Vikram Dhar

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