What is NLP

What is NLP

The question – ‘What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)’, ‘What is NLP training?’ has been doing rounds in question-answer based social platforms for a very long time now. Although details of NLP courses are already available on the web, there are still several open loops about the NLP programs in the minds of people. This is due to the reason that it is often explained either vaguely, or in very complex ways. Consequently, people do not get a clear picture of what is NLP training exactly.

Are you curious to know what is NLP all about?
If yes, then this article will introduce you to the Neuro Linguistic Programming in absolutely easy and simple ways. It will also clear some of the misconceptions you may have about it, what is Neuro Linguistic Programming, and what is NLP training.

The purpose of this article is to give you an in-depth understanding of the NLP, and highlight how the courses are useful in personal and professional lives so that you feel inspired to attend the workshops.
Understanding Neuro Linguistic Programming
To begin understanding what is NLP, it is important to be aware of it first.

The words NLP does not give a crisp and clear idea about what is Neuro Linguistic Programming. So, first let’s make sense of the term.
What is NLP?

The acronym NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a field of study created by Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, and John Grinder to comprehend the dynamics between the mind (that is the neuro) and the words you use (that is the Linguistics), and highlight how both of them affect the behaviour patterns (that is the Programming). Just like a user manual, it provides you the steps to personal excellence. Hence, what is Neuro Linguistic Programming has gained a lot of interest in recent times, and its popularity has just increased, more and more.  Especially with the internet penetration in different parts of the world.

A lot of people often call NLP as a Technology that helps people get an in-depth understanding of the way the mind works, and thus outline the correct thinking strategies.

And as the name suggests, it is all about making people expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming skills and competencies. It is the best possible way for you to use your brain more effectively and efficiently.

The co-founders and co-developers Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, John Grinder, Tad James, Leslie Cameron, David Gordon, Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Judith De-Lozier, Robert Dilts, etc had decoded various thinking and behaving patterns in successful people. They used those patterns and their observations and understandings to create several models, tools, and techniques. All those collective structures of excellence are taught in the trainings. NLP has rich history, and history of NLP provides a person what lead to the Technology of change.

What to expect in the NLP program?

Many people are curious to know what to expect in the NLP training. The trainings are designed for novices and experts alike. And frankly, the workshops are very different from the usual trainings and workshops. The reason being NLP courses are experiential in nature.

In that sense, this program does not cover a lot of theory. Instead, the program provides several methods, thinking strategies and approaches to get the desired results.

The objective of the training is to ensure that participants design their outcomes, get clarity with respect to them, and think ways of achieving them. The facilitator discusses the appropriate models and content that help the participants in making better choices in thinking, feeling, and behaving. And the participants take on the attitude of flexibility and commit to trying and experimenting. If something doesn’t work, they use the feedback, and keep working until they get the result that they want.  Many trainers spend a lot of time explaining what is Neuro Linguistic Programming during the NLP training, and that is a criminal waste of time, and they probably don’t understand their NLP well.  There is no need to explain what is Neuro Linguistic Programming it is best understood experientially (by experiencing it, by working with it, by doing activities). If you are looking for an NLP training in India, or these days, online NLP training is very popular, as that enables a person to attend from anywhere, keep it in mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming is best experienced with an expert NLP trainer experientially, and the experience can be designed as classroom and in online sessions as well.

Usually, the participants practice the exercises and techniques in pairs or in groups in order to have the experience themselves. The focus is on deciphering the tools and techniques for thinking, feeling, choosing and relating efficiently. The focus is not on the details or descriptions of the happenings.

In this way, learning by doing is exactly what happens during the training program. The participants experience the techniques and apply them onto self to truly experience the desired transformation in these trainings. They also introspect, and participate actively in discussions to share their reflections, insights and the way forward. The facilitator provides them the ways of taking a more objective view of their world, and helps them develop the ability to find solutions, adjust to changes, and use useful beliefs, motivating factors, values, etc).

Why do people attend NLP Training?
People attend NLP training programs because they are worthwhile and they provide multifarious benefits.

Most of the participants in these trainings seek to become a coach. At the same time, most of the coaches also seek to pursue NLP trainings. That’s because the impactful framework of Neuro Linguistic Programming complements the coaching process effortlessly. Accordingly, if you are an aspiring or experienced life coach, business coach, transformational coach, organisational development coach, or a wellness coach, the training will be another feather on your hat. It will help you enhance your skill sets and expertise, and it will add to your credibility and acceptance in the eyes of your potential clients.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has offered several tools, concepts, techniques and strategies to help people transform their life, and transcend all the limitations. When people learn and practice NLP, they are empowered to deal with challenging situations and unresourceful states of mind much more effectively. Also, they figure out how they can bring about major transformations in themselves and others more easily and effortlessly than they ever thought possible.

The NLP trainings teach you the results-based approaches of how to get results. They prepare you to apply these frameworks in your day to day life.

Listed below are the key differentiators that highlight the benefits of attending NLP training-

• Training is the gateway to personal success and excellence in life.

NLP training supports people in changing and improving different areas of their lives.

• Training provides effective ways of communicating with self as well as others.

The communication model, Meta model, and Milton model covered in this training helps in enhancing communication and achieving excellence in all areas of life. When you learn it, you benefit immensely from the effective strategies for communication and self development.

• The training helps in improving relationships and handling situations.

NLP presuppositions, perceptual position, association-dissociation, and other concepts and techniques covered in these programs help people in gaining perspectives on situation, and understanding people better. As a result, those who have attended these trainings know how to handle situations with clear and calm head.

• NLP training helps you in building confidence for important events.

The circle of excellence and several anchoring techniques give a know-how of the effective ways of getting into great resourceful states of mind, and developing peak performance states for important events in personal and professional life.

• Training brings about easy and quick personal transformation and change in people.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a methodology and a system for personal transformation and change. It helps in bringing the desired positive changes in the life of those who want it.

• NLP training helps in creating strong belief systems.

NLP training is extremely useful for knocking limiting beliefs, and creating new empowering beliefs,

• This training enables you to stay more happy.

Neuro Linguistic Programming training helps people in understanding how they create their reality, and how the neurology and the words they use affect their overall experience. And it enables and empowers people to help themselves by eliminating painful memories of unpleasant events and past happenings.

• Increases the level of self awareness.

As a result of attending the Neuro Linguistic Programming training, the participants walk out with an increased awareness of themselves. During the program, they become aware of their decisions, actions, values, and driving factors. And consequently, they learn the effective ways of taking ownership of their actions and reactions in life. They become more attuned to the mind-and-body and nervous system.

• NLP training helps you in finding out the strategies that work for you.

When you learn the fundamentals and concepts, you get enlightened on the effective ways of achieving the desired results in a consistent manner, irrespective of the goal you set for yourself.

• Training helps in getting a clear vision of what exactly do you want to achieve in life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming training provides the new possibilities and available choices for getting the desired results easily and quickly. The unique framework of is used by many people to find their purpose, create a vision, and set compelling outcomes.

• Training makes it easy to achieve personal and business goals

This training provides detailed description about how thinking directs your behaviour to give the desired results. Learning it thus prepares people to overcome challenges and get greater results in personal as well as professional life.

To summarise, the training in NLP skills and competencies helps in removing the hindrances and barriers to growth, and achieving personal and business transformation.

This training is often referred as a very powerful training program. It enables and empowers you to bring your dreams alive! It makes you capable of unleashing the power of your mind, and experiencing your internal resources to achieve all that you want to achieve in your life.

Is NLP training worth it?
Often people ask whether NLP training is worthwhile or not. Well, the answer is yes, definitely it is. Though it is a niche skill, it facilitates results in all fields of expertise. It works marvelously with and for a lot of vocations.

Consider the below mentioned points that give a testimony of the usefulness and effectiveness of these trainings. They will clear the doubts and misconceptions that you may be having.
• There is a huge demand for NLP all across the globe.

The demand for this training is growing increasingly. That’s because Neuro Linguistic Programming finds immense application and usefulness in the fields of learning, self-development, business, relationships, as well as therapy.  Some places where we do NLP training globally and in India are in – NLP DelhiNLP MumbaiNLP BangaloreNLP DubaiNLP KolkataNLP Amman , NLP AustraliaNLP CoimbatoreNLP ColomboNLP DhakaNLP FaridabadNLP GurgaonNLP JaipurNLP GuwahatiNLP HyderadabadNLP IndoreNLP JordanNLP Sri Lanka

• NLP has survived since the 70’s and is still thriving.

These trainings have left an indelible mark on the lives of people. A lot of people have applied it for psychological well-being, health and medicine, etc. It’s as much  in  practice today as it was in the era it started back in 1970s. Had these training not been worth it, it would have not survived for so long.

• These trainings are respected and recognised at global level.

There are various NLP institutes worldwide. Even the International Coach Federation (ICF- USA) which is the number one coaching body in the world has accepted NLP Coaching  as a valid knowledge framework. And, all over the world, NLP is applied in facilitating Organisational Development Coaching, Leadership Development Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Sales Coaching, Sports Coaching, Wellness Coaching, etc.

• The patterns are supported by psychological description.

The various techniques and models presented by Neuro Linguistic Programming have roots in several disciplines like cybernetics, cognitive psychology, neurology, philosophy, etc. The Neuroscience has validated a lot of NLP principles. It is believed that the Neuroscience is reverse engineering what NLP has already achieved 40 years back.

The above mentioned four points thus conclude that these trainings are real, and they are not a scam. A lot of people have used these skills to accelerate the achievement of personal and professional goals.

On a side note, it is not an elixir to all the life problems for any individual. NLP cannot promise any rosy picture when dealing with any situation or event is beyond a person’s control.

After all, it works only when you are ready to take charge of the situation, and you commit to finding ways of handling the situation. If you have learnt principles and fundamentals in an NLP workshop but you do not want to move forward in life, then you will not make much progress in the situation.

Some useful advice about these training

NLP has literally and figuratively changed lives of many people across the globe. Even so, there have been a lot of misconceptions around NLP trainings.

Different people have different opinions about these trainings. If you compare different trainings and programs, you will find that different Neuro Linguistic Programming trainers carry out the trainings differently, based on their personal experiences and learnings.

In such scenarios, it is extremely difficult to identify what approach is correct, and what is not.

Therefore, listed below are a few some important declarations about NLP training in India.

• No amount of video training can substitute the in-person classroom or live online NLP Training instructor led program experience with respect to the training.

 It’s an open secret that the internet is full of books on Neuro Linguistic Programming knowledge and concepts to  help you improve the quality of life, work and relationships. The truth however is that it can never be mastered through video courses online. And believe it or not, the video based learning modules add up to confusion and gaps in understanding NLP. They therefore are not worth your money at all.

• Choose the best NLP Trainer and training institute if you want to get excellent results from applying NLP in life.

 If you really want to become a champion in this, then find and enrol in the Best NLP Practitioner program workshop.

This training is an excellent career choice in itself. When you take this Training, different career options open up for you. You can become a relationship counsellor, a motivational speaker, a coach, etc and also serve the society hand in hand. So, ensure that you enrol  in a recognised program with a trainer who abides by the agreed International Standards of conducting and facilitating NLP trainings.

Check testimonials, and examine the learnings, insights, skill sets, etc the participants got to build upon in the training.

Moreover, be cautious in terms of what you see, and what you read. Be absolutely sure about the trainer’s credentials and memberships. These days, some trainers fake their history and legacy on the web and social platforms. And so you cannot believe whatever you read on the internet.

There is one more reason to double-check the background and experience of the NLP trainer. It’s that a lot of people are offering these trainings even without any relevant experience or training in Neuro Linguistic Programming. They leverage the fact that not many people know what happens during these training programs. So, beware and ensure that you thoroughly research before enrolling anywhere.

Program with NLP Coaching Academy

If you want to explore your own thoughts about yourself and understand, and experience the magic it can do, then join NLP workshops with us.  If you are curious about what is Neuro Linguistic Programming, then attending an NLP program is the best way to understand the answer.  Our Certified ICF Coach programs in India are based on behavioural coaching incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meta NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and Coaching using Neuroscience.

All the NLP trainings at our academy are run as per the code of ethics and guidelines laid down by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS), Coach programs under International Coach Federation (ICF), International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors, and Therapists (IAPCCT).  Programs are delivered by Vikram Dhar rated as the Best NLP Trainer in India / Asia.

There are several compelling reasons for you to notice these trainings. Should you need any further clarification about what is NLP training, please feel free to send your query on info@nlpcoach.in.

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