NLP Total Immersion

NLP Total Immersion

NLP Total Immersion is the most comprehensive NLP Training Program in the World with course content designed by International Trainers certified and trained by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Marshall Goldsmith, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, John Mattone, etc. ~ Top NLP Trainers and Coaches in the World.

Program Overview (NLP Total Immersion):

Workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity Blueprint, NeuroScience, Accelerated Learning, Group/Team Coaching in their professional careers, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.

The program is structured in a way so that you can absorb the course content in small chunks, and the practice sessions are built into the course, to give you hands-on experience to absorb the skills. A lot of attention is paid to revise the course content during the course so that you have knowledge and skills to operate after the course.

We have a lifetime course repeat policy. In case you want to revisit the course, or specific topics, you can repeat anytime.

Certificate Options

1. Diploma in NLP (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)
2. NLP Practitioner (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)
3. Certified Life Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)
4. Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)
5. Certified Wellness Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)
6. Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)
7. Certified Organizational Development Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)
8. Certified Group Peak Performance Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

9. Certified Accelerated Learning Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)
10. Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (NLPCA and IAPCCT)
11. Diploma in Getting organized the Agile Way (Executive Coaching Global, UK)
12. Certified NLP Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT)
13. Licensed Behavioural Trainer (IAPCCT & NLPCA)
14. Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (NLPCA and IAPCCT)
15. Certified Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Business NLP, UK)

If you want to fully immerse yourself in these (NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity Blueprint,NeuroScience, Accelerated Learning, Group/Team Coaching) topics, and are looking forward to creating a future in this space, then this NLP Total Immersion course is for you.

If you are looking to get full time into one of these topics, then this course is definitely for you.

What you will learn

This is the most comprehensive Training Program in the World (NLP Total Immersion – 27 days)

The course is modular in nature and is structured based on our experience of doing this for a number of years, and what works best for the participants. Different certificates are approved by different accreditation bodies, depending on the trainer facilitating the programs: American Board of NLP (ABNLP), International Coach Federation (ICF), and International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors,and Therapists (IAPCCT), Business NLP, UK, International Board of Behavioural Coaches and Trainers, and Executive Coaching Global (ECG), UK which is mentioned with the certificate detail (under the table below for each module & corresponding certificates), depending on the approving body.

  • NLP Practitioner (7 days)
  • NLP Master Practitioner  (9 days)
  • Advanced Hypnosis (5 days)
  • Train the Trainer (4 days)
  • Productivity Blueprint Bootcamp (1 day)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (2 days)
  • Coaching Conference (2 days)
  • NLP Practitioner (7 days)
  • NLP Master Practitioner + Trainer (9 days)
  • Advanced Hypnosis (5 days)
  • Productivity Blueprint Bootcamp (1 day)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (2 days)

Individual program link:

Here’s a list of topics that will get covered-

• Circle of Excellence
• Changing Limiting Beliefs
• Rapport building
• Walt Disney Strategy
• Persuasive Language to get what you want from other
• Metaphors (Structure & Creation of powerful metaphors)
• Aligning with your purpose
• Perceptual Positions: How to understand others better, and avoid conflicts
• Coaching with Values
• NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
• The Communication model (Deletion, Distortion, and Generalization)
• Sensory Acuity and Calibration
• Milton Model (Conversational Hypnotic Patterns)
• Application of Milton Patterns to increase your Business Sales
• Parts Integration (Resolving conflict)
• How to become a Powerful speaker
• Representational Systems
• How to get rid of bad memories
• Meta-Programs (Toward-Away, Big-Small Chunk, Match-Mismatch, Associated-Dissociated)
• Sub-Modalities and applications
• New Behavior Generator
• Anchoring (Access resourceful states, whenever required)
• Collapsing Anchors
• Creating New Powerful Beliefs
• Swish Pattern
• Fast Phobic Technique
• New Code NLP State technique
• Reframing
• Time Line Basics
• Coaching using Timeline
• Logical Levels
• Six Step Reframing
• Godiva Chocolate Pattern
• Introduction to coaching models
• Meta Model (How challenge influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
• Core Coaching Tool
• Wellness Coaching Models

Individual program link:
• Symbolic Modelling using David Grove’s Clean Language
• NLP Behavioral Modelling using Logical Levels (inspired by Gregory Bateson)
• David Gordon’s Modelling Method (Experiential Array, and Elicitation, Stepping in Array and Belief elicitation)
• Modelling using NLP Strategies
• Sub-modality Distinctions
• Mapping Across using Sub-modalities
• General Patterns, Tests
• Sub-modality Interventions
• Swish Pattern Variations
• Timelines and applications
• Shifting the Importance of Criteria
• Sub-Modalities Patterns
• T.O.T.E Model
• Strategy Elicitation
• Strategy Utilization
• Strategy Design
• Strategy Installation
• Advanced Meta-Programs
• Decision Strategy
• Motivation Strategy
• Convincer Strategy
• Belief Change using Sub-Modalities
• Walking Belief change process
• Conversational Belief change process
• Re-Imprinting
• Advanced Language Patterns
• Negative Commands
• Metaphors and Stories
• Ambiguities
• Causal Linkages
• Conversational postulates
• Embedded Commands
• Negative Commands
• Restriction violation
• Milton Model Tag questions
• The Double Bind
• Coaching using Metaphors
• New Code NLP Coaching
• States,
• Advanced Timelines,
• Advanced Anchoring,
• Visual Squash, Parts Integration,
• Working with Values

Individual program link:
• How learning hypnosis dramatically tunes your influence and persuasion skills
• Understand NLP presuppositions regarding hypnosis.
• Discover how hypnotic techniques can be used in your business and personal life.
• Demonstrate proficiency in applying hypnotic techniques.
• Identify known personal barriers and uncover hidden obstacles.
• Explore strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles.
• Develop and practice new influencing skills.
• Demonstrate the hypnotic process from the set up to the conclusion of the hypnotic state.
• Learn and demonstrate many styles of hypnotic induction (Arm Drop Method, Arm Levitation Method, Bionic Arm
Method, Confusion Method, Dave Elman Method, Direct Gaze Method, Eye Fixation Method, Hand Shake Method,
Hands Closing Method, Rapid Method).
• Hypnosis Deepening (Relaxation Method, Staircase Method, Stiff Arm Method)
• Hypnotic Testing Methods (Eye Catalepsy, Spinning Hands etc)
• Trance: Creating mental amnesia, reinduction, signs of trance, termination

Individual program link:
• The importance of purpose/direction
• Improving our energy and resilience
• Focus skills/capabilities
• The Power of 3. Daily/Weekly/Period Outcomes
• The power of Future Pacing
• Daily/Period/other Questions
• Start each day new
• Starting with what we don’t want to do
• The Surprising Power Of Daily Affirmations
• Routines and checklists
• Triage
• Calendar, Hotspots, Timeboxing
• Practical Implementation

Individual program link:

What is EI
Competencies of EI
EI Competency Assessment
EI Derailer Detector
EI Coaching Framework
Understanding difference between Emotions and Feelings, and how to build self control
EI Tools for self coaching and coaching others
– Self Awareness
– Affect Labeling
– Shuttling exercise
– Reappraisal
– Trigger Listing
– Emotion vs Reason list
– Reframing
– Possibility listing
– Contextualization practice
– Building trust
+++ many more
Emotional Auditing and NeuroScience mapping for self coaching and coaching others
Emotional Style Assessment and Neural Correlation
Tools to build Neural pathways using NeuroScience awareness to increase our emotional styles
Tools to enhance Coaching using NeuroScience
Brains braking system and how to use it for Coaching

Coaching Summit (2 days)
A special program for Personal Mastery and Business Success

Program Price (NLP Total Immersion)

NLP Practitioner :

After Early Bird: Rs. 65,000 + GST
Early Bird Price: Rs. 46,500 + GST

NLP Master Practitioner :
Inclusive of membership and franchise to School of Accelerated Learning (

After Early Bird: Rs. 90,000 + GST
Early Bird Price: Rs. 78,000 + GST

Licensed Behavioural Trainer:
Inclusive of membership of IAPCCT

After Early Bird: Rs. 55,000/-
Early Bird Price: 34,000/-

Advanced Hypnosis :

After Early Bird: Rs. 55,000 + GST
Early Bird Price: Rs. 45,000 + GST

Productivity Blueprint :

After Early Bird: Rs. 14,000 + GST
Early Bird Price: Rs. 12,000 + GST

Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner :

After Early Bird: Rs. 35,000 + GST
Early Bird Price: Rs. 24,000 + GST

Total investment of entire 16 days of NLP Total Immersion:
After Early Bird: Rs. 2,77,500/-
Early Bird Price: Rs. 2,20,000/- (Entire Bootcamp + Gold Seating for Coaching Conference)
Rs 2,80,000/- (with ICF ACSTH 75 hours + 10 hours of Mentoring)

NLP Total Immersion Venue: Halcyon Residences, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore, India
Trainers: Michael Beale, Vikram, Meenakshi, Dr Anju

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