NLP training in Amman

NLP training in Amman

Amman, the capital of Jordan is a fascinating blend of the old and new and the residents of the city are well educated, multi cultural, and hospitable. They take great pride in their history and over the years Amman has developed and expanded to become a modern metropolis. With a growing population and flourishing companies, NLP has made its impact among the people from all strata of society in the city and the personal breakthrough of the participants who have attended the program is obvious and significant.  Hence, NLP training in Amman is growing, and people are looking for the best NLP courses in Amman.

As we all know, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), widely referred to as NLP training is a program that offers tools and techniques to develop and improvise communication and personal development. The different workshops conducted during the program cater to different needs depending on what the participant is looking for. Hence it is important to know about all the programs and what they offer before enrolling for one. These interactive programs are powerful and effective and can be incorporated into daily routines at home and workplace.

We offer different NLP Programs and the Course Outlines are listed here (link to be added). In addition to classroom training, our dedicated staff also works hard to provide in-house training to clients for their companies and organizations. The programs can be personalized to match the needs required for their businesses so that the training program is effective. We are also flexible in terms of the location where the program can be conducted.

The program (NLP training in Amman) includes various topics, and much more:

  1. Introduction to NLP
  2. Core Skill of NLP
  3. How to Become a Powerful Speaker
  4. Changing Limiting Beliefs and Creating New Ones
  5. The Meta Model
  6. The Milton Model
  7. Keys to Emotional Freedom
  8. Introduction to Hypnosis
  9. Logical Reasoning
  10. Swish Pattern
  11. Coaching with Values
  12. Core Coaching Tools

Plus, more application based business and personal scenarios.

NLP Programs with international standards are always hard to find and our programs bring all the new elements of NLP and is approved by ABNLP (American Board of NLP) and International Coach Federation (ICF-USA). Our programs are run by trained and experienced coaches who can guide you and give you a good learning experience and help you how to convert your training experience into your day to day living.

Try to choose a good program because the one day/two day programs that are usually offered at many places will be introductory and will not offer much in terms of learning NLP. If you tell us about your requirements and what you are looking for to gain from the program, our experts will provide with the course details and the costs.

We have an innovative and experienced team that is always working towards improving the training content so that participants have an enriching experience.  We hold workshops and participants will also get post program support for a certain period of time.

Please contact us to know more about NLP Training in Amman.

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