NLP Training in Sri Lanka

NLP Training in Sri Lanka

NLP Training in Sri Lanka

NLP training in Sri Lanka has been very popular with local Sri Lankans to explore the powerful technology in personal and business aspects of their life.  Equally, good news is that many International NLP Trainers are visiting the island country to facilitate an NLP Training in Sri Lanka.  Yes, most of these trainers are international, but are they good enough to facilitate an NLP program?  Most of these trainers are from countries where the winter is very harsh, and to beat the cold they step out of their countries to warmer places like: Mauritius, Maldives, Goa (India), Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Background NLP training in Sri Lanka

Many of these trainers who are there in these countries to beat winter months promote these programs as a getaway personal transformation programs (as NLP Training Sri Lanka). The good ones will usually be in Maldives, Mauritius, or Thailand in five/seven-star properties, and with their network/brand, they will be able to pull in people for these programs.  Those who are left out try to find people in countries like India, Sri Lanka, or the Philippines trying to catch on the ignorance (which has changed now, people are much more smarter and understand the underlying gimmick) of people to sell their courses to locals in Sri Lanka, and India.  Half of these so-called international trainers think just because they are from a different country their courses will sell, and locals will attend their courses,   but things have changed in due course.  With many locals having exposure to internet, blogs, and work performed by trainers, they can find out where the good trainers and companies offering good courses are.

If you are in Sri Lanka and looking for NLP Training there, you might just want to hop over to India and explore the NLP training in India.  We have had people come from Sri Lanka, and many parts of the world to explore training programs with us.  We run internationally accredited NLP and Coach Programs.  Our training is accredited by American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and our Coach programs are approved under International Coach Federation (ICF-USA), both are internal bodies and accepted anywhere in the world.  Or best you might want to join for our integrated NLP Practitioner and Certified ICF Coach program.  You will get to learn NLP, and also get certified as a Coach, as well.

Under the murky waters of NLP (the baggage that NLP carries, because of fighting among trainers/accreditation bodies/trainers providing big promises, and under delivering etc), there is positivity, technology of excellence, and if explored in a right way with a right trainer, it is a great technology of excellence, which can change the life of a person in many ways. It always has, and it will always continue to do.  All professions have good and bad people; you just have to find the right NLP Coach / Trainer who will guide you on your path towards your goals and outcomes.

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