NLP Training in Colombo

NLP Training in Colombo


If you are based in Sri Lanka and are looking to make changes in your life, it is time you consider to attend one of the NLP Training Program in Colombo or a place which provides you a better option.  You may not find many options for NLP Training in Colombo, and it might be useful to plan a trip to one of the large Indian cities nearby (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune as they are multicultural), and attend one of the top NLP training programs, which has International Accreditation and also provides you an option to become an ICF Coach.

NLP {Neuro-Linguistic Programming} is a powerful program that encapsulates excellent techniques for personal change and business benefits: a will to excel in many situations, have a better rapport with people, persuasive language patterns, ability to remain calm during adversities, and the ability to lead from the front whenever required. NLP has become the prime reason behind the success stories of many entrepreneurs, models, top corporate people, politicians, leaders, and superstars, and the common thread of handling life with a positive outlook is visibly noticeable if you look at their reasons of being and remaining successful.

Let’s understand why there is so much buzz about NLP training in Colombo, Sri Lanka or globally.  What are the benefits of this program that is all about self and business transformation? NLP Programs help to:

  • Help to have better personal relationships at home and at the workplace
  • Deal in a better way with life and career
  • Make better decisions in life
  • Create a good rapport with others
  • Use language in a better way
  • Improve Public Speaking Skills
  • Change negative behavior
  • Becoming more confident
  • Overcoming barriers at the workplace and at home
  • Setting powerful beliefs by eliminating self-limiting beliefs
  • Increase earnings

The benefits are many and most of the participants who have attended NLP Practitioner program in India from reputable organizations also speak of its effects in their personal problems in their lives: such as dealing with anger, weight, fear of failure, smoking, drinking etc. You come out completing the program as a whole and a complete individual ready to face the challenges of life in a positive way.

Once you have decided on doing an NLP program the next step would be to find a program that suits your need. There are a lot of organizations conducting NLP Training Programs in Colombo or a few other cities in Sri Lanka, but what you need to make sure is to attend a program of a longer duration because NLP Training Programs especially the one/two day variations offered by the organizations might not go beyond the introductory part of NLP, and may not be helpful in any which way.  Look for Certified NLP Practitioner programs to attend, and start on your NLP journey with a strong foundation.

The trainer/mentor/coach is as important as the organization because they need to be experts to guide you to make you achieve your goals. NLP Training Programs are outcome-based and it is imperative that you know what you are expecting to gain from the program on completion. Be attentive and actively involved with your trainer/mentor/coach during the program so that you are sure of achieving the results you want. Many a time participants who attend NLP course anywhere in the world have ended up being disappointed on completion because they have not got what they expected from the NLP training program, as they were not sure what they wanted from the course, and secondly many participants are used to traditional style of learning which is more of spoon-feeding learning approach Best NLP trainers worldwide engage with their audience in an experiential format, and hence it is imperative that as a prospective NLP participant you are aware of what to expect in an NLP training program.

You might be wondering where to attend your NLP program, after reading the content above?  You also might be wondering what is in it for you to attend an NLP Program with NLP Coaching Academy (, in any one of the Indian cities (close to Sri Lanka) where we run regular programs.  Our NLP Programs are simple to understand, facilitated by award-winning Coach and International NLP Trainer (Vikram Dhar), who is one of the leading NLP Trainers in Asia.

His programs are accredited and recognized by various international bodies like International Society of Neuro-Semantics, ABNLP {American Board of NLP}, Meta Coaching, and ICF-USA {International Coach Federation USA}. Our programs have the right mix of information and practice (experiential in nature) and provide the right mix of Classic NLP, New Code NLP, and self-coaching based on ethics and standards provided by the ICF-USA.  He has been certified by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and has trained with global co-developers of NLP Robert Dilts, Ian McDermott, Shelle Rose, Michael Hall, to name a few giants from NLP world, and also, he has been trained by Marshall Goldsmith (Number 1 Executive coach in the world) and John Mattone (Number 2 Executive coach in the world).  Attending a course with him provides you with NLP training which is of global standard, and recognized anywhere in the world.

Our list of programs available can be found here (  You can also write to us at or fill the contact form on the contact page, and we will be glad to help you with your queries, and registration.

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