How to select the best ICF Coach certification program

How to select the best ICF Coach certification program

How to select the best ICF coach certification program

ICF coach certification program

If you are someone who is searching for coach certification programs, you would have probably had your head spinning from the range of available choices. You may also be curious to know about how to select the best ICF coach certification program. Therefore, this article has been written to guide your understanding of how to select the best ICF coach certification program.

It does not matter whether you want to become a Life Coach, Business Coach, Sales Coach, or Leadership Coach. This article will help you identify your preferences and expectations from the coach training programs. That’s because the focus of this article is to take you one step closer to finding your answer to the question ‘how to select the best ICF coach certification program’.

How to select the best ICF coach certification program

Once you are clear about your preferences and expectations, you can easily identify which coaching training program stands out for you. After all, the best coach certification program has to be the one that meets your needs and preferences absolutely. So, don’t waste any time and get started!

  1. Ascertain your preferences-

Answering the following questions to identify your preferences

  • What specifically do you want from the ICF coach certification program?

Identify the outcome you are seeking from the training program. When you know your desired outcomes specifically, it often becomes easy to identify how to select the best ICF coach certification program that will fit your needs and aspirations.

Each person’s reason and agenda for attending a coach training program is different. Become clear about your reasons for attending the program. Some people attend the program to learn how to coach themselves better. Some managers attend the coach training program to hone their leadership skills and people management skills. A lot of individuals attend coaching programs to learn life coaching skills. Aspiring and experienced coaches attend the coach training program to enhance their coaching skills and network with others-So on and so forth.

Whatever is your reason, be crystal clear about it because it is an important decisive criteria while selecting a program.

According to trends, individuals who want to establish themselves as professional coaches often look for ICF approved coaching programs. Moreover, they look for relevant certifications like certified Life Coach, certified Leadership and Executive Coach, certified Organisational Development Coach, etc to shortlist the program on the basis of the coaching niche they want to specialise in.

  • What will be your preferred mode of learning?

Identify whether you want to study totally face to face, or online. As such, your personal choice will depend on a range of factors like your schedule, geographic location, etc However you shouldn’t be surprised to know that intensive coach training programs are often designed in such a way that working professionals and other individuals need not stay away from important routine work for a long time.

That is to say, you can attend a 7-day extensive classroom training program at NLP Coaching Academy to learn the coaching tools and techniques, and start your coaching career. The classes start at 8:30 in the morning and go on until 6:30 in the evening. The sessions are rigorous and highly impactful. That is because it is important for newly trained coaches to coach while learning and learn while coaching. Apropos these 7 days classroom sessions, you can continue to practice coaching in your peer group personally as well as professionally. Once you get an experience of at least 100 practice hours under the guidance of our experienced mentor coach, you can go on to apply for ICF Coaching credentials.

We also have an online coach training option that works for working professionals who do not want to take days off from work.  The program is for 3 hours daily for 15 days.  Please visit our events page to see the online program option.

At this point, it is crucial to highlight a popular myth people usually have. A lot of people think that the longer the course, the broader and deeper it goes. They also think that a longer duration program gives more time to assimilate the material and integrate coaching principles in life. In all honesty, all this is not true at all. There is no correlation between the length of the program and the depth of the content. Even a week-long program conducted extensively can thoroughly cover the coaching tools and techniques required to coach clients efficiently. If you want to check the depth of the program content, you must skim through the online brochure of the program, and compare the topics to be covered in the program. If required, go through the testimonials to critically examine the scope of the program.

Rest assured, any coaching program which is a classroom-based one is better than similar online courses. This is because classroom-based courses allow you to spend more time with Mentor Coaches and directly learn from their experience.  You can ask questions, and get individual attention with respect to your queries during the course. You also get benefitted from group learning. You can always catch up with your mentor coach during coffee or lunch break for quick conversation on topics like – How do I build my coaching brand? What must I do to get more coaching clients? What useful tips will you give me to build my coaching business from the ground up? etc

  • What size study group would you prefer?

Some coaching courses have a handful of delegates, whereas others can have up to 500. Identify the ideal group size you would prefer. Both come with their own pros and cons. Very small group sizes usually lack energy and quality discussions. You may or may not get benefitted much.

At NLP Coaching Academy, we restrict our class size to 35-40 participants. Accordingly, there is more energy as well as a wider range of people interaction. Also, it is easy for participants to interact directly with the Trainer and have their questions answered.

  • Would you be interested in enrolling in a course that is globally recognized?

To tell you the truth, accreditation of the program is a very important factor that you must definitely consider while shortlisting the best coach certification course. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, accreditation must be the most important determining factor of your choice. That’s because accredited programs are usually structured, and they bring uniformity to the process.

Simply put, global accreditations of any coaching program speak for its authenticity and relevance. Whether you are pursuing a coaching program for self-development, or you are considering coaching as a career choice, it is always advisable to choose a program that is accredited by reputed global organizations.

Our flagship coaching training program at NLP Coaching Academy is recognized by most trusted accreditation bodies like International Coach Federation (ICF), International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT)

  • Would you be interested in learning from a trainer who trains and mentors participants from around the globe?

Check the credentials of the ICF mentor coach and ICF Coach trainer who will facilitate the course for you. Also, see to it that your trainer is a top facilitator and the best coach. Don’t settle for anything less.

It is important for you to consider how much you are willing to spend on the coach training program. However, if you are someone who thinks that top facilitators and best coaches offer only expensive programs that often end up burning a hole in the pocket, then now is the best time to look around and compare the price charged by the most sought-after coach trainers and ICF mentors. You would be surprised to notice that the passionate, humble, and authentic ICF coach trainers and coaches do not cost a bomb. They offer affordable public programs which are in reach of a majority of the people.

To give you details, all the coach certification programs at NLP Coaching Academy are facilitated by our founder – Vikram Dhar who is the best NLP Trainer in India. He is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Mentor Coach, who is personally trained, mentored, and certified as Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach by John Mattone (the former coach of late Steve Jobs). Not just this, Vikram has also attended courses with Marshall Goldsmith (World’s top Leadership and Executive Coach).

  1. Make a choice based on your preferences

As you fairly answer the above-mentioned questions, you would know your preferences in terms of mode of learning, batch strength, program approvals, trainer qualifications, etc. And when you have your preferences figured out, you must contact either the program coordinator or the program facilitator as applicable. Ensure that there is a good match between what specifically you want and the elements of the training delivered.

After all, coaching is a dynamic process. And, to be able to serve the different demands and challenges of people, you must definitely enroll in the best ICF coach program. The best coach certification program will give you easy access to impactful tools and techniques, and authentic resources in the training format and ways you prefer.

At NLP Coaching Academy, it has always been our priority to ensure that the course is suitable for you and your outcomes from the program are achieved to your best satisfaction. We ensure that you expand your horizon as a successful coach either within an organization or on your own.

So feel free to connect with us on +91 9841619669 or a WhatsApp message on +91 7506070907 mentioning your query. Our 7 days integrated NLP Practitioner and ICF coach training program is the best coach certification program. The classes are regularly held in Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, and Bangalore in India.  If you are interested in our online ICF program, then we have that option as well.

Click on the link to check the upcoming program schedule and feel free to write to us at if you need any further assistance.

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