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Getting Organised the Agile way – The Productivity Blueprint

Getting Organised The Agile Way -The Productivity Blueprint

Our Getting Organised The Agile Way will let you transform your effectiveness and efficiency in your work and personal life. It is based on proven approaches to lead large projects in a changing world. We’ve developed them to apply both to work projects, and possibly our largest project – our own lives. It is part of our suite of company-based courses and is designed for business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, lawyers, accountants, and anyone who wants to improve their  effectiveness and efficiency.

Getting Organised | Business Benefits

When we’ve agreed what we want to achieve and the direction we want to go, one of most powerful levers we have to achieve them is how we use our time, energy and focus on a  daily basis. This approach lets us significantly improve how we use these resources. This leads to more and better results.

A side benefit of this approach is that it makes significantly easier for us to develop effective routines and habits. Essential ingredient of both short term and long term success. In simple terms we can achieve a lot more with less.

Getting Organised | Personal  Benefits

The business benefits also apply to our personal lives. Again in simple terms we can achieve more with less.

Getting Organised Course Syllabus

  • The course covers the following elements
    • The importance of purpose/direction
    • Improving our energy and resilience
    • Focus skills/capabilities
    • The Power of 3. Daily/Weekly/Period Outcomes
    • The power of Future Pacing
    • Daily/Period/other Questions
    • Start each day new
    • Starting with what we don’t want to do
    • The Surprising Power Of Daily Affirmations
    • Routines and checklists
    • Triage
    • Calendar, Hotspots, Timeboxing
    •  Practical Implementation

After Completing The Getting Organised Course you will be able to:

  • Free up your time and energy
  • Achieve better results
  • Manage each day/week/month/period more effectively and efficiently
  • Implement as much or as little of the system as benefits you


Diploma in Getting Organised The Agile Way by Executive Coaching Global, UK will be provided at the end of the program.

Dates: May 12, 2019

Venue: Halcyon Residences, Koramangala 

Register: To register call +91-9841619669 or send an email

Certificates and Features Early Bird
(March 30)
Price after March 30
May 12
Diploma in Getting Organised The Agile Way Course + Executive Coaching Global, UK Certification


Course + Executive Coaching Global, UK Certification


Training Facilitator

Michael Beale – International Licensed NLP Trainer and Coach (Richard Bandler Certified Trainer)

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