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Partnerships and Collaboration

There are two ways to get into a partnership with us:


We are inviting like minded people to work with us as partners.  You can work with us as an independent affiliate/partner.  You will get into a partnership with us by referring somebody to our program.  You will get 20% for your second referral, and third referral onward you will get 50% profit for each referral.  This way we are providing you an opportunity to become our profit sharing partner.  Investment from your side ‘Zero’, and referral profit will be paid immediately once the program is over.

Every 5th referral you get 100% of the ticket registration cost of a participant as a referral bonus.

Referral bonus (partnerships and collaboration) is not applicable to Social Responsibility Program (Basic cost) registration.

Organization partnership:

If you want us to deliver a program on your behalf we will work with you as a 50-50% profit sharing partner, and will deliver program in any part of India or abroad.

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