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leadership development program

Leadership Development Program last from 3 to 12 months

If you are looking for a Leadership Development Program, with an objective to groom future leaders, then we can design a module based program which spans over 3 – 12 months.  Leadership development program ensures that the future leaders are equipped with necessary tools,  skills, and behaviours to lead and build high performing teams, which will make a significant difference to company culture, and propel organizational growth.

The duration of an Leadership development program various from organization to organization, as it is driven by the management objective, and is designed to fit into organizational culture, values, mission and vision.  Leadership Development program can last from 3 to 12 months.

Module based learning:

The module based Leadership Development Program courses are designed and delivered during the span of the program.  Various topics like, ‘Coaching for leaders’, ‘Giving and receiving feedback’, ‘Group Coaching’, ‘Building high performing teams’, ‘Change Management’ etc. are delivered.

One on one Leadership Coaching:

Each participant is being coached one on one for the entire duration on the outcome (Leadership Development Areas) that they have set for themselves.  We utilize Powerful NLP based leadership coaching framework development by Dr Richard Bandler, John Lavelle, Robert Dilts etc. and Marshall Goldsmith Team Coaching Framework, to bring out the best in your future leaders.

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