accelerated learning techniques

accelerated learning techniques

I successfully completed a 30-Day Challenge! 30 days, 5 articles, 2 very specific metrics to measure success.

Is there anything that compares with the satisfaction and pride of achieving one’s treasured goal, improving one’s competency and leaping to the next level of performance?

Accelerated learning coaches utilizing   accelerated learning techniques to raise the learning speed of children/adults to a different level are in great demand these days, why? Read below.

The Dream

I read a thought-provoking article recently that challenged me to define what I really wanted my dream life to be, and then to immediately start taking steps to make it a reality now. I immediately took out a sheet of paper and drew and wrote all the wonderful things I want for my life.

Out of the amazing dreams I have for my relationships, profession, and personal growth, I decided to focus on one skill that I wanted to develop in the short-term. Developing my writing skills almost popped out of the page.

A Quick, Easy and Fun Journey

But, the enthusiasm and excitement I felt at the time of drawing my visions for my life, turned a little into fear. I had made resolutions like this before, but I always got lazy. Just the thought of how much effort I assumed it would take made me tired. I needed a smarter way of achieving my goal.

Just the other day I read an article wherein a woman trained for a 26.2 mile-long marathon using the power of mysteries. A confirmed bookworm, she would listen to audiobooks of spicy whodunits when running.

Every time she couldn’t stand not knowing what happened next in the story, she would put on her sneakers and chase the story across the streets. She had so much fun training for the marathon, she actually crushed her expected time by half an hour, racing to glory and victory.

I knew there has to be a better, faster, easier (and more fun) way of reaching my goal. That’s when I turned to Accelerated Learning techniques using NLP.  Accelerated Learning techniques are firmly rooted in the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. After all, NLP is defined as the ‘study of excellence’.

Start with the End

Start with the final goal in mind. Put it in context of where it fits in your vision of your dream life. Define every aspect of your goal – what specifically do you want to achieve, how will you know you have achieved it?

Set a deadline that is reasonable and yet challenging enough. Write down 1-2 specific metrics that will help you measure progress and/or final victory.

Employ multiple Learning Styles

There are 3 popular learning styles: visual learning, auditory learning, kinaesthetic learning. One of these styles tends to dominate in one’s learning approach. For example, at a party do you remember faces, names or handshakes better?

Utilise your strength to your best advantage. Make the most of your natural learning style. But, here’s the trick to accelerating your learning process – employ all the learning styles together.

Visual Learning

When I was developing my writing skills during the 30-Day Challenge, I analyzed the best articles that met my success measurements. I drew flowcharts, models and maps of the flow of the articles. I read up on how the best writers work, and converted it into mind maps, images, and funny videos in my head.

When I sat down to outline my articles, I wrote each idea down on flash cards. It was then easier for me to re-arrange the cards and create a story that would form the crux of my article.

I also created a rolodex of word and phrase bubbles that serve as a quick reference to identify the best words to immediately elicit emotional responses.

Auditory Learning

In school, whenever I had to study for a maths test, I just had to switch the radio on. It was as if I could not find ‘x’ or calculate the speed of the train without a background score. These days there are a lot of audios available with binaural beats, isochronic tones and inspirational or classical music that stimulate the right amount of relaxed focus to accelerate learning.

But, don’t just restrict yourself to background music, make your own music. I created a snappy little limerick with a fun melody and bouncing rhythm to help me better remember some of the crucial concepts to a well-written article. It’s like one of those ad jingles that stay with you all the livelong day.

Even speaking your material out loud or listening to someone else read it to you are excellent ways to stimulate the brain and retain the information for longer periods of time. Feel free to play around with mnemonics and abbreviations as well.

Kinaesthetic Learning

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie – take notes in longhand, just like back in school. I have a friend who got a job as a copywriter, fresh out of college. Every day, he set aside an hour to copy in longhand entire advertising copies that had performed extremely well in the market. It was amazing how much his unconscious mind quickly picked up from this exercise.

Use your space and body as creatively as you want. Walk the material – take a step forward for every new point presented. Spatially anchor tricky concepts by learning about them in a designated spot in your room. Use different gestures and movements to retain those really sticky concepts.

Make it Fun!

Above all, remember to have fun when learning. Play games – pretend you’re on a talk show and you’re the expert on the subject matter. Identify a role model in the field and behave as if you are him or her.

An excellent way to accelerate learning is to teach. Commit to teaching a friend of family member what you have learned. Or pretend you are both expert and student, and teach it to yourself.

Make your Dream a Reality Now!

What’s your dream? What’s that one important skill you want to build now that will make that dream a reality? Now, go ahead and do it with these accelerated learning strategies, and remember to always have fun.

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