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Participants Beware!

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Participant’s Beware! (Fraudulent Top NLP training in India) Some of the so-called top NLP training in India (as claimed by some trainers) are run by fraudulent trainers, who basically have not even completed NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer level.  They shamelessly claim to be NLP Master Trainers.  The fraud does not end there, now these so-called NLP Master Trainers are creating further NLP Master Trainers as well, and calling it a value-add.  Shameful! An NLP Master Trainer tag does not come because of a training program.  It is a commitment that an NLP Trainer demonstrates, and some of the top NLP bodies like the Society of NLP (SNLP), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), Association of NLP, UK, and NLP University (Robert Dilts) have basic criteria around that.  For example, to facilitate 6+ NLP Practitioner level programs and co-facilitation requirement in 2+ NLP Master Practitioner level programs.  This is an example of how an NLP Trainer can move into a designation of an NLP Master Trainer by a decent accreditation body. Indians generally are not gullible, it is vice versa, some Indians are expert crooks who want to cheat people by portraying something which is different from reality and they shamelessly do it.  Well, it is not only Indians, we have many foreign trainers coming to India, portraying as brand ambassadors of International NLP associations, and they have created a business of cheating Indians based on how the information is being shown.  As usual, most Indians don’t pay attention and have a habit to fall for these things, including the skin color of the trainer.   The surge in NLP Trainers and NLP Coaches in India is the talk of the town, and with scores of people joining monthly the issue is going to become bigger in due course. It hurts to see this happening in NLP because something which is created to help people is being used ruthlessly to make a business out of it, that too by fooling individuals who are looking for help. The sad part is that not everybody can be warned about these things, and some people fall prey to these vultures of NLP who are full of deceit and are only interested in fooling people. If you are looking forward to attending a Top NLP Training in India, make sure that you do your research properly to understand what you are getting into. Make sure you read about the Lead Trainer, have an idea who they are, what they stand for, what qualifications they have in NLP, what qualifications they have other than NLP (well, at least that is something difficult to fake), what corporate experience they have, what recommendations they have, how does their LinkedIn profile look like, what is their lineage of NLP training, and from whom have they learned NLP. If you pay attention to some of these details, you will be able to make out which NLP training is good, and which trainings are run by genuine NLP trainers who have the experience of conducting them....

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Put the missing pieces together through NLP Training

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“You only get one chance in life, so do your best to make it count, in whatever way that is meaningful to you” There is not a single person in this world, who has not encountered challenging situations in life. Our lives can be aptly compared to a jigsaw puzzle. We keep putting the pieces together, manage to complete a puzzle only to encounter another and the process goes on and on. In this chaos, we strive to find some meaning in this madness, which many times lead us to disappointment and despair. Our lives are ruled by reactions, some pleasant, some unpleasant.  A pleasant reaction gives us joy whereas unpleasant reactions can leave many of us feeling stressed, angry or sad.  We have to deal with ourselves and other human beings, each day. Sparks are bound to fly. Negative feelings are bound to happen. What it would take, to deal with such situations would be, a strong sense of awareness and control of one’s mind and actions. Gaining this power and strength would allow us to lead fulfilling lives and be in control of the – who, what, when, why and how’s – in our lives. We could also call them question marks or limiting patterns. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques (NLP training in action) show the way to create something meaningful out of these limiting patterns.  NLP techniques during an NLP training are designed to support important and subtle skills which include dissociation, rapport building, content re-framing, modelling, anchoring, and belief change. These techniques which a participant can learn in an NLP Practitioner program in India are based on the concept that we already possess the abilities and capabilities needed to bring about the change in our lives and the lives of people we interact with.   What it takes is understand the ‘how’. Zeroing in on a specific area of our life that we want to improve, by detecting our current thought patterns, to uncover self-limiting beliefs and working on those areas to achieve positive results is what NLP training in action will helps us uncover through various techniques, mainly: Dissociation This NLP technique helps to diffuse or overcome negative feelings which might have aroused due to some stressful situations.  It restores objectivity and gets rid of feelings of negativity. It follows the process of dissociating – meaning taking out the personal association with that particular scenario and approaching it like you are watching a movie.  With an outside-in perspective. The negative feelings slowly disappear. It takes out the involvement angle, so you become objective and find solutions to the said problems. Rapport Building Very useful to build relationships, Rapport Building involves the use of techniques like Matching and Mirroring the Outside and the Inside; Pacing and Leading.  Watching another person/s behaving in a positive manner and mirroring one’s body language, words and actions to match that often helps in coming out of negative emotions. In the same way, connecting with people who are on the same page as we, understand us as no other, helps us move into a more positive direction in self-building. Pacing and Leading is about rapport building, with empathy. Reframing Content Which means, looking at an experience from a different perspective, enabling removing focus from the negative elements of that experience.  In other...

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How to be an effective Public Speaker

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 If you are a leader, a manager or even someone who occasionally speaks to a gathering, I am sure you must have googled the tips for how to improve speaking skills. You may also have spent considerable time on gathering information from various sources on how to be an effective public speaker. Let me start with the bad news first. There’s a term we often use in psychology, its called expert’s guilt. The term means that when you speak to an expert, they will often talk to you at a level where they “expect” you to know the basics. A simple example can be that of a computer engineer trying to explain to you how to use a computer. If you tell them that you don’t know what a VGA cable is or where the power button is located on the keyboard, they will be quite astonished. Because for them, this little piece of information is quite basic. For a computer engineer, “everyone” knows what a power button is, I mean who doesn’t? Now that’s the problem which most of us face as well as commit in our daily lives. What we often ignore are the basic behaviors which catalyze the reactions in our actions. Anyway! To cut to the chase, my point is that if you want to be effective at any skill you want to explore, start at the very basic level of “how” something works, as against “what” works, more so when it comes to how to improve speaking skills. Coming back to public speaking, whenever you observe an effective public speaker and want to seek guidance, your questions to both yourself as well as to them if you do get a chance to seek guidance, should be “how did they do it?” rather than just “what did they do”. The mistake with most of the content that I’ve seen on the internet as well as some effective public speaking experts is either the expert’s guilt, or just simply “what you need to do is…” norm that a majority of experts follow. My experience as a behavioral coach gave me an opportunity to observe some effective public speakers and an insight into the very basic actions, catalysts, stimuli or behaviors which gave rise to their ability to be effective public speakers. I created a detailed study on the subject to arrive at some basic tips which, if used effectively, can turn anyone, and I mean anyone into an effective public speaker. I know it is a tall claim to make when I say “anyone” but so far, my experience in the tips have yielded zero failures; and I hope the trend continues. In this article, I will discuss some traits that are displayed by some of the most effective public speakers which I have observed, and then I will tell you about how it is, that you too can display those traits. I have refrained from discussing humor, body language and memory in this article because those are quite vast topics and they carry too many variables to list generic practices. In other words, they have a targeted approach to specific people. If you want to learn about them, you must first learn what it is that works for you, and then, you must apply a...

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Marketing for NLP Coaches

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Marketing for NLP Coaches Marketing forms the heart of any business, as it is through effective marketing that a service or product is positioned in the market, and in the mind of its consumer. A well-formulated marketing plan enables effective and efficient utilization of time and resources in any business.  If you are an NLP Coach and wondering about marketing for NLP coaches, then you must read this thoroughly.  Even though we are focusing on Marketing for NLP Coaches, but these marketing trends are applicable to all businesses. The fabric of a well-woven marketing plan comprises of in-depth marketing research, Market segmentation, positioning strategies, competitive analysis, budgeting and metrics that help in cost minimization and increasing the profit margins. Hence marketing strategies are crucial in determining the success of a product or service. If we talk about today’s need of the hour, we are now into a digital era with technology being ubiquitous; hence marketing blueprint needs to be in sync with technology and trends for profit maximization and gaining a competitive edge. Let’s have a look at what will be the marketing trends in 2019 for any business. Virtual World and Implications With the revolution in internet reachability to a common man, the virtual world has become one of the most effective platforms for marketing & branding and at the same time it is emerging tremendously with new technology making place every day – may it be e-commerce business, social networking sites, emails or other.  You are just a touch away on that tiny screen from your customer, but the point is the message about the product or service must be clear and convincing to the customer and it must be showcased on the right virtual platform. Given below are some of the examples that are working wonderfully in the digital landscape and will be the most favorite in the marketing fraternity.  Some of the trends in marketing for NLP Coaches: Chatbots: Also known as talk bot, interactive agent or chatterbox, they are the new buzz word in the marketing world. They are software programmes that provide textual or auditory conversational assistance to customers and resembles as if you are talking to an individual. This is a personalized approach that makes the buying decision easier for today’s more informed, selective and tech-savvy customers. They differ from conventional IVR where you can get suggestions in addition to the information you seek. Big brands like Starbucks, Wall Street Journal are using it in a captivating manner.  They come in all variations.  Some of the chat bots are powered by AI and can actually be a very powerful marketing tool.  High-end chat bots can be expensive, and depending on your marketing budget you can decide whether this is something that you may want to explore. Genuine Education:  With easy availability to a plethora of information customers make their own path to make buying decisions and hence marketers should strive to become good educators (online – leveraging the internet, as well as off-line – recorded videos etc) to provide knowledge to customers about their products and services.  Genuine education is one of the key and easy ways of marketing for NLP Coaches, as the market segmentation is already taken care.  The education is targeted for those who are interested in NLP Coaching...

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ICF Coach Certification in India

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ICF Coach Certification in India The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest coach accreditation body in the world that provides coaching ethics, standards and core competencies around which coaches over the globe choose to operate if they are aligned with ICF. ICF provides approval for the coaching framework and methodologies that various vendors world over operate, and provides approval for the program if it is aligned with ICF’s principles. If you are looking to attend an ICF approved Coach Certification in India, here are some of the considerations that you should look for: 1. Coaching Methodology: Choosing the Coaching framework and Methodology that you are going to learn during the ICF accredited coach program is the key element that you must consider when you are looking for an ICF approved Coach Certification in India. There are many ICF approved courses available, but the one you should consider must be based on a strong Behaviour change background, where the coaching methodology is so well-built that it enables you to start your coaching journey on a powerful note. Some of the strong behaviour based coaching methodologies are: Results based Coaching – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching using Neuro Science, and Meta-Coaching (Neuro Semantics based). Behaviour based methodology enables you to work on deep routed changes which can be driven by sub-conscious level changes. There are question based coaching tools as well, but they don’t necessarily come with a strong methodology behind them. They are linear in nature, and do not allow the coach flexibility to be totally present with the client, and/or apply a dynamic approach ~ where the next question or pattern interrupt is based on what is happening with the client in real time. 2.Sales and Marketing Support: You have completed your course ~ what next? The most logical question will be: Where are the clients going to come from? Most coaching courses won’t teach you the intricacies of building a coaching practice or finding coaching clients, or branding and content marketing, or influencer marketing and agile marketing, or growth hack in your coaching business. Although these are concepts that every coach must know if they are looking to establish a flourishing coaching business; this is entirely a different course in itself. But if the coaching vendor is intent on sharing some tips and a road map around this, then that is what you must consider. 3.Presence and further support: Check the mentoring support that is available from senior coaches when it comes to your queries post the program. Check if you can attend the course again, and how much it will cost you? Check the locations where the vendor has a presence, and has associations with. Should you need further support in any other city or country, this is the means to easily get that. 4.Price of the program: An expensive program does not translate to the best program. Generally, the pricing of a program is based on the value of the organization offering the program. Some organizations may price the program competitively even though the program quality would be considered the best in terms of methodology. You may have noticed already, competitive in terms of ICF approved programs is definitely going to be more expensive than a random sub-standard Life Coach Certifications, which are many these...

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NLP Identity Coaching

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NLP Identity Coaching The Way Forward Business owners, leaders, and managers will know how important it is to create a community of employees who feel inspired and motivated by the environment they work in. It is not always easy to create such a work culture and for those who feel that the employees are unable to deliver promising results, NLP identity coaching can be of great value. There are certain aspects of NLP identity coaching that aim at bringing transformations in the perception and meaning of a person and improving their confidence so that they can inspire others.  It is a great way of preparing executives who are ready for a shift from their current level to the next one. Since NLP Identity Coaching is based on the movement from your current state of identity to a desired identity state, it is one of the best means of gaining success in the desired environment. Why Do You Need Identity Coaching? People must be able to identify their inner being and understand what they really are. They should be able to lead their lives in harmony with themselves. With NLP identity coaching we aim at continually answering the question “Who am I?” Your identity is reflected every day in the actions you perform, in the words you say and in the moods you display. Each of these have an impact on the people around you, and your own future. NLP helps you answer the question with deeper meaning. When you are connected to yourself and to the world around you, you will be able to find the true meaning of what you really are, and this will help you further question what you really want to be. It aims at using tools that are easy to grasp and learn so that you can bring impactful changes in yourself. Our aspirations and busyness often disconnect us from what we really are when we block our true selves to don the garb of what we feel we must be. This is usually unintentional and we hardly realize that we have disconnected ourselves from our inner being which in turn brings to question our actual identity. NLP identity coaching helps in removing the barriers that we have created for ourselves and using NLP tools to once again find our true selves and become aware of the behaviours that we must continue and those that we must leave. Why Should a Person Go For NLP Identity Coaching? NLP Identity coaching is for people from all walks of life. It helps you be more aware of what you are. Whether you are a business owner, a leader, a trainee in a company or you stay at home, NLP Identity Coaching helps you enter a state of resourcefulness where you can approach challenges in a precocious way. Identity coaching helps you find the super star in you. It makes you stronger and more confident so that you can handle difficult situations with a stronger sense of decision-making. As a leader or a business owner you will find this to be extremely helpful when your business is in the early stages of success or when your company is going through a particularly bad phase. Very often, our fears hinder our growth in life. Whether it is a...

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NLP Training in India

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Fraudulent NLP Training in India and other practices There are many incompetent NLP Trainers in India. Trainers who may have received their NLP Trainer certificate via an incompetent NLP certification body, or “trainers” who may even have never attended an NLP Trainers training! These “trainers” can be referred as fraudulent NLP Trainers in India. Whatever the might case be, both are dangerous, especially if you are considering attending an NLP training in India. From a buyer’s perspective, those who are looking forward to an NLP program, either want to experience personal transformation, as they may be undergoing personal issues in their life; or they may be looking to attend an NLP course to learn NLP from a professional career advancement perspective in order to leverage NLP skills to either increase their marketability for a new job or learn new skills to add to their portfolio of services that they offer. These NLP skills could include: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching etc. When said buyer finds different flavours of NLP available in the market, and depending on the mode of research based on digital (website) or social media platforms (facebook, google pages, Instagram etc.), it is very easy to get influenced by what is projected online. You might think that the structure of those who are authentic can be easily figured out – well in most cases ‘No’, as it would be camouflaged in such a manner, and presented in such a manner that the reader will not have no reason to doubt. An example: Indian Board of NLP (If that is how anybody sounds like) or International Board of Indian NLP Trainers Associations – which focuses on one person – is clearly a give-away that the association is a mom & pop business enterprise. The owner may not have even attended an NLP program! Then there are those projecting 15-20+ years of experience, who look like 30 years olds – again a clear give away; and then there are many more. Any Indian trainer (there are very few exceptions) who claims to have 15-20 years of NLP experience is a clear indication of some form of deceit. They may be trainers and would have probably added NLP Training as a skill a few years back, but for the purpose of marketing, will just say whatever they feel like. Most of the NLP Trainers in India, the good ones, will have 6-8-10 years of experience, as the concept of NLP training in India is relatively new. If an NLP Trainer would have attended NLP training from authentic sources, they would have no qualms in showing off their trainers/mentors on their social media channels, or in their photo galleries. As that adds to the authenticity part. About their delivery skills; well the good ones would be known in circuits where NLP is popular, and being a very niche market the word goes around quickly, both for quality and both for fraudulent practices. Considering how NLP is shaping up in India, it is a matter of great concern, as most of the people feel this is some quick get-rich scheme, and they join the bandwagon only to realize after some months that it is not what they thought, as they may not have the skills to...

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How to Improve Sales Using NLP

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How to Improve Sales Using NLP? Use of specific NLP language patterns has been used by many who have been looking for an answer to the question, how to improve sales using NLP.  It is widely used in sales and marketing to influence people by using Persuasive language.  Needless to say, it may sound manipulative to a number of people, but this is where NLP may have been misunderstood. Many sales agencies and marketers, swear by NLP techniques, which they learn during an Certified NLP Practitioner Program. This is because sales can have a substantial impact with the use of the right techniques and strategies. Not only does NLP help you understand such techniques, it also gives you the chance to figure how to improve your communication skills to market or sell a product.  Here are some ways to improve Sales, if you want to know how to improve sales using NLP:   Creating Value Through Scarcity The reason why we love diamonds is because they are scarce and it is difficult to procure them. That and the fact that they are beautiful and flashy, makes diamonds one of the most valuable things on Earth. When people sense scarcity, the chances of buying that product increases than when it is available in abundance.   This is an easy way of influencing customers to buying a product. The urgency created in their mind because of the fact that a product or service is limited, can coerce them into making the purchase.  Nobody wants to be left out or miss on a great deal or a price.   I have just three of these left today, and you may not get it at the same price tomorrow. Imagine how you may feel about buying it at a higher price another day?   By telling the customer what they may be missing out on, you are making them lean towards making that purchase now instead of waiting for later. This creates value for the product and increase the chances of the customer purchasing the product.  The language will be crafted in such a manner to elicit a response so that the customer will make the purchase.     Talk About The Value Rather Than The Price The price is an important factor during sales. But it is not as important as the value of the product for your customer. If you are selling a house, then sell its beauty, the comfort and the best features, instead of the price; if you are selling a car then sell its safety features, the power of the engine, the design and the mileage instead of telling your customers how they may end up paying lesser for a particular car.   If you talk (with your clients) about the value a certain product or service provides, it will make a huge difference when it comes to making a decision by your client.  You may in fact have customers who end up choosing pricier products solely for their value.  Listen to your clients, understand their need, and show the product that best matches their need (in this case their criteria), and you will have a client who got what they wanted, and you were able to make a sale based on showcasing value. If sales is being...

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NLP Training in Chennai

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NLP Training in Chennai If you are looking for an NLP training in Chennai, you will find few decent options, and to extend your options, you can consider joining for an NLP training program in Bangalore, which is close to Chennai, but better in quality.  Since you will be investing a substantial amount of time and money in the program, it is natural for you to find out whether the program is worthy of the investment or not.  You may or may not be aware that most of the options for NLP training in Chennai are not of great standard.  Some of the programs are run by trainers who are not even properly qualified.  It is imperative that you identify a good program that meets your needs, and is run by a Master NLP Trainer and Coach with valid credentials, knowledge, and experience. You must also pay attention to the training organization and find out more about their recommendations, testimonials etc.  SO with the obvious out of the way, let us find out the things which you should not base your course on. Dates of the course If you went through a number of training programs online and then simply chose the one that matched your schedule, then there is a chance that the program may not fit your requirements perfectly. Basing any course solely on the dates of the course can be a mistake. You must find out more about the program and the reputation of the organization before choosing a program.  Keep your dates flexible, so that you can attend the right course. Cost of the course Sometimes, you may find attractively low prices to be a great reason for choosing a particular course over the other. But remember that sometimes, you may just get what you paid for. New organizations or those organizations that do not have a good footfall may choose to reduce the cost of the program to increase the number of enrolments. You may happen to come across a good trainer who delivers a great session even when the course fee is low, but basing the choice of the program only on the cost of the course can be a mistake that you may later regret. Make informed decisions by choosing a program that is afforable but has a better success rate, and market standing. Location of the course If you are truly serious about the NLP program then there is a chance that the program that you are interested in may be located further away from where you live. The fact is that there are many people who travel across cities for the right program.  Restricting NLP program search based on NLP training in Chennai may limit your options to attend a good course.  Make sure you look for a program that fits your requirements perfectly and don’t always base your choice of program on the location of the course.  Be flexible, and be ready to travel to attend the right course. Tacky Marketing Strategies While every training organization out there may be using a number of marketing methods to promote their programs, you must watch out for flashy marketing without solid training material in it. Look for the factors that really matter, like the training content, the trainer and the training...

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NLP Practitioner Training Online

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NLP Practitioner Training Online Digitization never had a smooth entry into the world. There was a time when people found it difficult to rely on an online store to send clothes of the right measurement. Even difficult was the fact that payments had to be made online and if the product didn’t come as expected then the whole process of returns was another hassle. Eventually, things smoothed out and now businesses are thriving online. For many who think that this is as good as digitization gets, more so if you are considering to do an NLP Practitioner Training Online, it is time for you to know that this is just the beginning of an easier and smoother way of conducting many businesses online. This has been the case in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Training Programs as well.  There are many NLP organizations which are offering Certified NLP Practitioner Training Online, along with other variations of NLP programs (Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer – though we have reservations about the concept of higher level programs being delivered online and more so if in an off-line format) as well. There are many benefits of an online NLP practitioner training program which makes it more preferable than the traditional classroom trainings in some cases.  There are always Pros and Cons, and we will discuss those as well, while you may be considering to do an online NLP Program. Advantages of NLP Practitioner Training Online: Traveling Constraint: When you are trained online, you have the comfort of being at your home or office and completing the training instead of having to travel to a training class.  If you want to do a specific course, and the in class program option does not work for you due to location constraints, then online NLP Training program option is an easier option to get started in NLP and Coaching.  Though it may be slightly expensive if it a Trainer lead one to one course.  Off line courses are way cheaper, but then the quality, depth of the program, program being non interactive makes a program questionable.   Personal Attention: Having a one to one conversation with the trainer makes a big difference when compared to sitting in a training room with at least 30-40 other learners.  In some cases where co-founders of NLP are training there can be 140-150 people in one training program.  Personal One to one NLP Program provides learner an opportunity to see the real time flavor of NLP Techniques, as the participant gets to be the demo person experiencing the techniques with the trainer all the time.  Plus, trainer has the time to adapt and explain different versions of the same techniques which can be used in different scenarios by an NLP Practitioner when practicing with their clients.  If you are looking for personal attention to understand the concepts better, then one to one NLP Practitioner Training online is an option to consider.   Flexible Timings You can also choose flexible timings which allow you to schedule your trainings according to your ease. It helps you to complete your training without your training interfering with your everyday schedule.  You can discuss with Trainer and reschedule any one to one session easily if there is something that needs immediate attention. ...

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