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Example of NLP Coaching Session

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Example of NLP Coaching session demonstrating how to elicit present state and desired state NLP Process for change was developed keeping in mind, that if the outcome / goal that a person wants to work towards is developed in such a manner, where the person is in total congruence with the outcome, then the chances of achieving that goal / outcome is more. During the start of an NLP Coaching session as an NLP Coach you can elicit the desired state (where the person wants to reach) and the present state (where the person is currently).  NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970s, and NLP due to its powerful language patterns and interrupts found its way into Leadership Development, NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Sports Peak Performance Coaching etc. Questions to Elicit Desired States: 1.Stated in Positive (Linguistically language towards the Outcome): –  What do you want, specifically? –  When, where, with whom do you want the outcome? 2. Initiated and maintained by the Person who desires the goal (Actions are in control of the doer): –  What are the steps that are in your control that you can take towards this goal? –  What resources do you have to accomplish this, and are they within your control? 3. Sensory based evidence (Evidence frame) – Evidence referenced in Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic language: –  How will you know when you will have (the outcome / goal) it? –  What will you see, hear, and feel when you will get it? 4. Ecology check (Impact of the outcome / process of working towards it, on person’s environment) –  How will this affect your life? Family? Business? Job? Anything else? –  What will be different as a result of having this? – Are you willing to pay the price – effort that is required to achieve the goal? 5. Cartesian questions (Optional questions – Bringing clarity with respect to the outcome) –   What will happen if you get it? –    What will happen if you won’t get it? –     What won’t happen if you get it? –    What won’t happen if you won’t get it? 6. Fit together –   Is the outcome / goal in sync with who you are as a person?   Questions to Elicit Present State (Problem / Outcome) 1.What is the problem, specifically? 2. How do you know that it is a problem? 3. How do you know how to have it? 4. How do you know when to have it? 5. How do you know with whom to have it? 6. How do you know where to have it? 7. What stops you from changing the problem? 8.  Where are you currently with respect to this outcome / goal?   Example of NLP Coaching Session demonstrating how to elicit present state and desired state: Coach:  Good morning, so what are we going to work on today?  What is the goal or issue that you want to work on? Client:  I am unable to get a break through in my business, the sales are not happening the way I want them, I am not confident during sales meetings? Coach:  Can you be more precise? Client:  I want to be confident during the sales meetings, and also want to ensure that my sales revenue increases...

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Law of Attraction the NLP way

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Law of Attraction the NLP way Successful men and women have a common trait, ‘Clarity’. They have absolute clarity about what they want, why they want that, and how they want to go about it. They are clear about their own Success Mastery using  power of clarity, and they seem to have mastered the Law of Attraction the NLP way.  They are 200% sure about what they want and they will find ways to move towards that destiny. This focused approach towards any goal leads to reduction in attainment of any goal. People create goals towards what they want.  The challenge most people face is that they have some idea about what they want and they take some actions towards it, but without utmost focus.  They move towards what they want, but since they are not 100% sure about what they want, and whether they will be able to get it, which results in results which are not as per their expectation.  Having this element of doubt about goals is like having a virus in a computer, it slows the progress down, and results take more time than expected; in turn makes people frustrated, disinterested towards their goals, and eventually people may give up on their goals, which can be the worst case scenario. Success Mastery by power of clarity is very powerful. If a person is sure what they want, by when they want, in what form they want, why they want, the chances are that they will have a very strong plan towards achieving that goal.  The person will be totally motivated to achieve it, and that will show in the progress towards the results that they will produce day after day. If you wish to buy a Luxury car (Audi), some of the questions that can move you towards your dream car / dream goal are: When do you want to buy the car? Why do you want to buy the car? What will happen if you buy the car? What is the color of the car? If you have the car, what will that get you? How will you feel when you own the car? What will you see, hear and feel when you will have that car? These are some of the clarity questions, which will help you to get connected with your goal at a deeper level, and once that happens your subconscious and conscious mind will work in tandem to make this happen.  You mind is busy churning out ideas, looking for opportunities, and looking for ways and means to make this happen.  Suddenly, a person who asks specific questions towards what they want finds that they are attracting lot of opportunities towards their goals / outcomes.  You can also refer to this as Law of Attraction the NLP way.  You provide enough food for thought for your mind to get clarity and your mind will be lazer focused towards making it happen. A scattered light covers a small distance whereas when it is laser focused it can travel miles.  Simple steps to reach your goal faster, and using Law of Attraction the NLP way to achieve them: Decide exactly what you want? (Connect with your deeper self, and ask yourself, what is that you really want) Write it down (Writing brings...

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How can I control mood swings

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How can I control mood swings If you are searching for a simple solution with respect to mood swings, and end up asking this question, “How can I control mood swings” with experts online or with happiness coaches or friends those who can control mood swings in a better manner. Here are few ways you can consider to control mood swings or have a better control over mood swings: 1. Body: “Mind and body are part of the same system”.  Having said that, what it means is that if there is a shift in one, mind (thoughts) or the body (posture), the other experiences a shift.  Most of the time mood swings occur due to the underlying though patterns that a person is running in his / her mind, which will lead to a sensation of being in an un-resourceful state (if negative thought pattern is being run), also known as mood in general English language.  Depending on how often the person runs these patterns (negative thoughts and positive thoughts) the state will shift from being good to bad and vice-versa, leading to something called mood swings – where a person experience sometimes good moods and bad moods. Once you feel you are in a bad mood or are experiencing shift in your mood, then change your body posture. It can be as simple as: Taking a deep breath, simply get up and walk around without thinking much, smile more, laugh out loud, or rotating your shoulders and neck.  By making a simple shift in your body posture you are sending a signal to your brain to change something. Changing the body posture goes a long way in changing your state and if one is experiencing un-resourceful state, then a person can easily change it into a neutral state by changing the body posture. A confident, positive body posture sends a signal to the brain that a person is in great mood, and that gets reflected in the though process, and in overall state the person will experience.  If you want a quick fix for your question of, How can I control mood swings, then being consciously aware of your body will go a long way for you to manage your mood swings.   2. Focus on your long term goals: If you are experiencing mood swings, then take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think how good you will feel when you will achieve your goal(s). Focus on what you will see, hear and feel when you will achieve your goals. Experience that image in 3D, in full colours, keep the image sharp and focused, and as close as possible to you.  If possible see the scene of achieving your goal with your own eyes, and experience the feeling that you will feel when you will achieve your goal(s).  This way you will totally change your un-resourceful state to a motivating resourceful state where you will be experiencing joy of achievement.   3. Focus on things that are working in your life: Focus on things which are working in your life. Your mood is directly proportion to what you are thinking about.  If you think about negative thoughts, you will get into negative un-resourceful state.  If you think about positive thoughts, you will get into resourceful state....

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NLP Certification Programs in India

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If you have reached here, you are probably searching for NLP Certification programs in India. Is NLP Certification really necessary after attending an NLP program? Well, the simple answer is ‘No’.  You may be curious to know why the answer is ‘No’. There are many NLP Academies in India or outside India who claim to provide the Best NLP Certification programs in India or outside India.  They may back it up with many reasons, which nobody understands! However they are packaged so well that the reader will be lured to attend the NLP Program, in spite of not getting the real answer they are looking for. First things first.  If you are looking forward to attend an NLP Certification program, you need to have a valid reason for the certificate.  If you  want to attend the program just to experience NLP and get a breakthrough in your personal or professional life, or with an outcome to get better in some area of your life, then NLP Certification is probably not what you need. You may need it for other professional reasons;   – as proof that you  have attended an NLP Certificate course, to submit  it during job interviews or to put  it on your resume, your LinkedIn profile or elsewhere .   And if you are looking forward to becoming  a practising coach then probably it will come in handy to have that piece of paper called the ‘Certificate’. Also, if you simply want to  get a certificate due to the above mentioned reasons without actually putting in any effort to really earn it, then you may probably be self-sabotaging your NLP learning, more so if you select an NLP program based on where you can get certificates easily.  They may be providing you certificates easily due to business reasons, but any good NLP Academy will not issue a certificate easily, they will ensure that the participant puts in the required effort to really earn it. If you are enthusiastic about NLP and are looking forward to learning NLP and it applications: Leadership Development, Sales Mastery, Entrepreneur Mastery, Coaching etc, then you need to be  excited about the fact that you are going to get value by experiencing NLP, by doing it, by practising it, by working with people and by applying it on self.  The  certificate should probably be the last criteria to attend an NLP course. So what is your reason to look for an NLP course? Take a moment to answer these questions, and probably you may feel like attending an NLP course: Do you want to experience a breakthrough in your personal life or business? Do you want to create financial stability in your life, but are not sure how to do it? Are you  unhappy about some areas of your life where you have limited choices when it comes to behaviour: like being impatient, getting angry etc Do you want to set goals towards fitness and achieve them? Do you want to create an alternate income? Do you want to improve relationships with your loved ones? Do you want a better understanding with your better half ? Do you want to remove phobias, which bother you? Do you want to break limiting beliefs? Do you want to resolve unresolved issues with friends/family members? Do...

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NLP Training

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NLP Training – The New Age Leadership Methodology The world has never spent so much on creating leaders as it does today.  Effective leadership has become so elusive in many industries that companies are splurging millions to ensure that their leaders are motivating, inspirational, impactful, and help take organization to reach greater heights. From inspirational entrepreneurs like Henry Ford to popular talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, leadership came easily to some as they encouraged and inspired people to make life-transforming changes. In this new age, where companies are many and leaders too few, we are faced with the challenge of creating leaders instead of waiting for one to come our way. This is where the new age leadership methodology of NLP training comes in. Neuro linguistic programming, or NLP, gives us the opportunity to apply the science of excellence into our daily lives helping us obtain extraordinary results at work and in our personal lives. It doesn’t just deal with leadership in the corporate arena, NLP is about leading the way in almost any field or business and even in your family. From hospitals to educational institutions, to big corporations across all industries and sectors, leadership and the right amount of motivation is required everywhere to motivate people to be their best. With the help of NLP program, any organization can outperform competition and reach its objectives more effectively by utilizing the powerful framework and methodology to create new age business leaders. What Makes NLP Training Useful For Leaders? NLP training helps to unleash the power of your own mind. There is nothing stronger and more robust than the beliefs you carry and the way you think. Taking control of your thoughts, reactions and communication to improve your relationships with the people around you and to augment success, is what NLP is all about. NLP programs are all about helping you think and communicate more effectively with yourself and with others. As a leader, you must be able to bring positivity in the working environment and motivate your team and inspire them to achieve more. This comes when you believe in yourself and when you believe in the capabilities of your team. NLP teaches you how to harness positivity to create a more successful working environment for your people. Whether you are a business owner or a manager in a company, using NLP to communicate with others and persuade them to work more effectively will help you see impactful results quickly. NLP helps to gain control over how a person reacts to situations, and hence as a result our interactions with our team will be carefully thought so that they find their workplace to be a strong community with positive work culture. What Makes It Useful For Businesses? Organizations and enterprises rely on a robust team of leaders who can effectively lead the way to success for their employees. Huge investments in leadership training has already established that companies are well aware that leadership is no longer an innate quality. Leaders can be created with the right training and education, and NLP based training is getting lot of attention in this domain because of its powerful framework to bring in behaviour changes Where other training programs may offer a conjunction of teachings, methodologies and processes which aim at helping a...

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery If you have not attended Tony Robbins Business Mastery, then you can read through Business Mastery using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles for now, and then later on whenever you get a chance go and attend Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program.  Tony focuses on related topics in his own style, and we have provided a version for you to get a perspective how NLP is integrated into Business Mastery Principles which Tony Robbins teaches.  These NLP principles are same what Tony Robbins writes in his book ‘Unlimited Power’.  Unlimited Power book is a good book to learn NLP principles in a very simple form, even though the book does not mention that it is an NLP book. Business owners are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to improve their business strategies and increase the influence of their brand with their customers. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is known to be a very effective technique of influencing your audience and increasing the visibility and presence of your brand in newer markets. If you thought that NLP is solely to influence customers then you are yet to completely explore its potentials. From empowering leaders to increasing the efficiency of your employees and ensuring satisfaction among your customers, there is a lot to NLP than what you may have found out till now. Let us discuss how NLP Coaching and NLP Training helps businesses, and for Business Mastery how NLP can be used to reach new heights, which are there in Tony Robbins Business Mastery. 1.       Improve Communication Communication may not be the aspect of business that we give a lot of thought to. A lot of us believe that judicious accounting, sales, marketing, creative ideas set the foundations for a profitable business. But to think of it, you rely on enhanced communication most of all for all those aspects. From the way you communicate your business objectives with yourself by putting it down on paper, to the level of engagement you exhibit with your customers and the way you communicate with your team or employees, and most importantly how you communicate with yourself, isn’t communication the lubricant that makes all the pieces of your business work in synchronous manner? NLP helps business owners improve their communication skills and makes them sound clearer and more persuasive. It empowers them to talk skilfully with their team, to convince their customers regarding the credibility of their products and services. If you are looking for a way to run a profitable business, then you must begin with the way you communicate with the people related to your business – customers, vendors, employees, leaders and affiliates. 2.       Improves Risk Management Skills The most testing times for a business is when the brand is unable to meet its goals and it is falling short of its profits. This is a time when a lot of people jump ship to stay afloat. As a business owner or a leader, you must have understanding of the risks of business and you, along with your leadership team should be able to quieten the chaos and build the trust of your employees and your customers in your brand. NLP techniques related to confidence, motivation, forward planning, conflict resolution, rapport building are very effective in harboring...

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NLP Training in Delhi

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Why is it Important to Pick the Right NLP Training in Delhi? Delhi is synonymous to urbanistic, fast-paced life. Everyone in Delhi is in a hurry and unfortunately, amidst the need to excel at work and ensure stability in personal and professional life, people fail to lead a life that is fulfilling enough, full of enjoyment, full of happiness, and satisfaction. This makes most of the people lose sight of their true purpose of their lives. People in the capital city end up in the circle of work, sleep and back to work again which gives them very less time to focus on self-improvement, enhancing confidence, improving relationships and improving the quality of work they do.  People end up living a life which is governed by factors which seem to be not in the control of a person, hence leading to unfulfilled life, and dissatisfaction. This is one of the reasons why NLP training in Delhi is getting noticed by a lot of people. Keeping in mind that NLP is capable of bringing a lot of changes (personal and professional) in a person’s life, NLP training programs in Delhi are getting popular by the day. It helps people understand how to utilize their time to improve the quality of lives they lead. A number of organizations are investing in NLP training in Delhi, where they can have their employees trained to increase the overall productivity of the employee which in turn helps the company achieve their business goals quickly. But companies are not the only ones who are interested in NLP trainings.  Entrepreneurs, sports personnel, housewives, students, teachers, business leaders, sales professionals, just about everyone can benefit from a good NLP program. There is so much to take away from a program that you can only make your life better once you have gone through it.  The power of an NLP program is in the way it is being delivered, and also the coaches and facilitators conducting the program, hence it is imperative that a person who is looking forward to attend an NLP program must be able to pick the right program. If you just chose a program to attend without proper due diligence, you might just land up in a program which is run by bad facilitator, and the end result is a bad experience with NLP, leading to wasting time and money.  NLP programs involve a reasonable amount of money, and if you have decided to invest in a powerful technology like NLP then make sure that you are going to make an investment in an NLP training program, which is your money’s worth. It is important to pick the right NLP Training in Delhi so that you can learn to apply the training effectively in real life. After all, a training that does not help you with application of the techniques is close to useless. Look for reviews and ask people who may have attended the training before about its worthiness; check the Google reviews of the training company, check the Facebook page to see the gallery sections of the programs that have been conducted, video testimonials of the participants etc. This is the best way to find out about a training, that you are going to attend. In addition to this, check for the...

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How to increase my business

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Business Mastery 101 – How to increase my Business Growth From the quaint coffee shop down the cobbled streets of Santorini, to the heavenly beaches in Bali and Mauritius, to the lavishly designed exotic boutiques in Dubai, Mumbai, London and other business places around the world, every successful business has someone behind the curtains working on ideas (providing inputs to how to increase my business growth) and plans that turn their dreams of success into reality. Ideating, unfortunately, is not as common as we thought it is and a lot of businesses fail to succeed because of their lack of ideas to grow and compete in a world which is evolving daily due to technology, and shifting market dynamics. Let us talk about mastering the world of business with some tips that can help you skyrocket your business in ever changing new age, and if you are thinking about how to increase my business growth then this will be useful. 1.      Know Your Target Market You have a brilliant business idea in your mind and you have the funds to make it happen. So you go on and start your business only to realize that your target market is looking for something else. Are you willing to make such a costly mistake? First and foremost, it is important to find out whether your idea(s) will have a willing customer base or not.  You must vet the market where you are going to launch your business and find out if it will have the impact that you are hoping for.  Start in a way where you can get a quick feedback on that, and then develop further or improvise your product or services according to the needs of your target audience.   2.      Plan Your Path Begin with an analysis of where you stand at the moment. Are you starting a new business or do you already own a successful business and you are looking for ways how to increase my business growth? Depending on your clear understanding of where you are now, chart a map that helps you plan your path towards your business objectives. Steer clear of ambiguity when it comes to the future of your business. You should know where you want to go in the future. Your path will fuel your business objectives and it will provide motivation to you and your team when you are in the middle of rough times. Spend enough time during planning to make sure that you iron out various scenarios so that you and your team are very clear when it is time to deliver. Work with Business Strategists to get outside perspective other than yours and your team.   3.      Prepare For The Risks We are well aware that there is good sailing ahead of the stormy skies, but the challenge lies in taking your team through the touch times. A lot of businesses fall apart when they face hardships. As an entrepreneur or a leader, the true essence of a business lies in the risks that you successfully overcome. Preparing for the risks doesn’t only mean sound financial planning. It involves the ability to lead your team strongly through the risks. Create a fall-back plan that will help you work on unforeseen events.  Stay alert about what is...

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NLP Trainers in India

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With the boom of corporate world in India, and with multinationals pouring in from last two decades the training industry in India has seen a tremendous growth, more so for some of the niche training sectors like: leadership development training programs in India, how to improve leadership skills, how to develop sales skills, behavior change training, and generic NLP trainings in India.   Many requirements are there because:  there is a need for general soft skills in organizations, there is a need to train call center employee for voice and accent, there is a need for training resources of a particular industry for process training, technical trainings in manufacturing, finance, IT, Insurance and in other sectors, leadership development training in all major companies in India, communication development skills etc.  Training requirements are growing, and so the demand of good trainers as well. How is NLP Trainer different than other trainer? An NLP Trainer is a trainer who is a subject matter expert and the subject here is NLP.  Somebody who aspires to become an NLP Trainer in India or anywhere else has to understand the subject, and go through the classic route of becoming an NLP Trainer (NLP Diploma-> NLP Practitioner -> NLP Master Practitioner -> NLP Trainer).  The NLP Trainer can in-fact be a process trainer in a call center, or a voice and accent trainer, or a technical trainer, or any other trainer with an ability and approval (under some accreditation body) to facilitate NLP training programs. Why is there so much buzz around NLP? NLP has been around for more than 40 years, with a history of its own.  Richard Bandler, and John Grinder the two Co-founders and all other veteran NLP Trainers have been around for more than 40 years, and have contributed so much to the Self Help Industry.  The King of Self Help Industry Tony Robbins was once an NLP Trainer and used to work with Richard Bandler (for many years).  Over the years NLP gained momentum and has been spreading across in various countries through international and local trainers.  Last two decades have been very fruitful for NLP, because now it is used as a framework in Coaching, Leadership development, Sales trainings, Effective Communication development trainings etc.  The buzz is there because it is very effective when it comes to these trainings, and the results that people are getting by using NLP in their Personal and Professional lives. What is the history of NLP Trainers and future of NLP Trainers in India? NLP in India started around 14-15 years back.  Few international trainers came to India and trained few people here in India to start NLP Trainings in India. Some of these NLP Trainers disappeared from the scene in few months/years, and some who were good both in their knowledge of NLP and Selling abilities to market themselves and adapt survived.  Few international trainers continued to come to India for their expansion plans, and got good response from Indians, as there was dearth of good NLP Trainers in India.  This was a blessing in disguise as Indians got good exposure to NLP.  Then there are other international trainers more or less permanently settled in India, because they could not find audience in their own country, and India was a perfect set up for...

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Hypnosis Training in Bangalore

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Hypnosis Training in Bangalore A whole lot of behavioral problems are there that can be dealt with hypnosis. It is a form of traditional healing that has been a prevalent way of relaxing the mind to bring in a change.  There may be many things that may come into your mind when you hear words like ‘Hypnosis’, ‘Hypnotized’, and most of them will fall under myths.  Some of the prominent ones might be: that a person will lose control when they are Hypnotized, or that after hypnosis a person will be in control of the hypnotherapist, or that hypnosis is black magic.  It is sometime sad to know that hypnosis evokes these thoughts in many, and that is mainly due to misrepresented facts available on Internet. First things first, hypnosis is an altered (peaceful/calm) state of mind where the person who is being put into trance by the hypnotist is in more control of his/her mental state.  In this hypnotic trance a person is going to generate some ideas/solutions/actions towards something that they are working towards. Hypnosis will help an individual to bring about positive changes within. The therapist works with the person at a subconscious level to bring in these changes by allowing the subconscious mind to be involved in bringing a lasting change. A conscious mind does not always provide an immediate solution to a problem that a person is facing, due to the associated state that the problem might generate for the person.  A gentle trance induced by the Hypnotherapist will be useful, as that allows the person to calm down, relax, and get into a state where conscious mind can work in sync with sub-conscious mind to generate a solution. Undergoing hypnosis training in Bangalore with NLP Coaching Academy can help you to develop skills, to self-hypnotize, to cure yourself or use it to become a hypnotherapist, and also allows you to upgrade your skills to become a person who can influence others by using hypnotic language in business communications, leadership, in Sales etc. What to Expect When You are Hypnotized? Researchers say that there is no distinct feeling in a hypnotic state. Different people could have different experiences, depending on how it is being set, and for what purpose it is being used.  If a person is asked to close their eyes, and follow hypnotic instructions just to prove a point that hypnosis works, then probably the person will resist more and not listen and not follow the instructions.  The art of effective hypnosis is how a Hypnotist sets it up, which is basically the upfront framing, which allows the hypnotist to get a buy-in from the person and then allowing them to get into a trance, and work with them effectively. How Does Hypnosis Help You? Skilled therapists with their hypnotic techniques have the capability to speed the process of achieving behavioural changes, and solutions for problems that a person is working towards.  Hypnosis helps a person to get rid of bad habits, bring about an adaptive point of view and calm fears and anxiety. In health and medicine psychology, hypnosis has been used meritoriously to reduce pain connected with procedures of childbirth, weight loss, stress, smoking and drinking problems, cure irritable bowel problems and even treat chronic pains.  Business applications of hypnotic...

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