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How can I control mood swings

By on Apr 28, 2017 in Blog |

How can I control mood swings

If you are searching for a simple solution with respect to mood swings, and end up asking this question, “How can I control mood swings” with experts online or with happiness coaches or friends those who can control mood swings in a better manner.

Here are few ways you can consider to control mood swings or have a better control over mood swings:

1. Body:

“Mind and body are part of the same system”.  Having said that, what it means is that if there is a shift in one, mind (thoughts) or the body (posture), the other experiences a shift.  Most of the time mood swings occur due to the underlying though patterns that a person is running in his / her mind, which will lead to a sensation of being in an un-resourceful state (if negative thought pattern is being run), also known as mood in general English language.  Depending on how often the person runs these patterns (negative thoughts and positive thoughts) the state will shift from being good to bad and vice-versa, leading to something called mood swings – where a person experience sometimes good moods and bad moods.

Once you feel you are in a bad mood or are experiencing shift in your mood, then change your body posture. It can be as simple as: Taking a deep breath, simply get up and walk around without thinking much, smile more, laugh out loud, or rotating your shoulders and neck.  By making a simple shift in your body posture you are sending a signal to your brain to change something. Changing the body posture goes a long way in changing your state and if one is experiencing un-resourceful state, then a person can easily change it into a neutral state by changing the body posture. A confident, positive body posture sends a signal to the brain that a person is in great mood, and that gets reflected in the though process, and in overall state the person will experience.  If you want a quick fix for your question of, How can I control mood swings, then being consciously aware of your body will go a long way for you to manage your mood swings.


2. Focus on your long term goals:

If you are experiencing mood swings, then take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think how good you will feel when you will achieve your goal(s). Focus on what you will see, hear and feel when you will achieve your goals. Experience that image in 3D, in full colours, keep the image sharp and focused, and as close as possible to you.  If possible see the scene of achieving your goal with your own eyes, and experience the feeling that you will feel when you will achieve your goal(s).  This way you will totally change your un-resourceful state to a motivating resourceful state where you will be experiencing joy of achievement.


3. Focus on things that are working in your life:

Focus on things which are working in your life. Your mood is directly proportion to what you are thinking about.  If you think about negative thoughts, you will get into negative un-resourceful state.  If you think about positive thoughts, you will get into resourceful state. Make a list of things that are working in your life, and always be aware of them, as thinking about them will ensure that you are in resourceful states.    


4. Watch what you are telling yourself

Most of the people have a tendency to speak with themselves, many times a day.  In fact, people talk to themselves more that they speak with anybody else.  So what a person tells him/her is more important than what they tell others.

The quality of self-talk that a person does will determine what moods (states), they get into. If a person is constantly telling himself/herself that he or she is not good, and is worthless, and can’t do anything in life, the chances are that they will make that happen based on the self-programming that they are doing and also will be constantly generating bad mood for themselves.

So make sure that you tell yourself things that motivate you, watch your internal dialogue, as that will determine which states you are going to be in.

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