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ICF Approved Certified Accelerated Learning Coach

Program Overview

ICF Approved Certified Accelerated Learning Coach Program Workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of NLP and Accelerated Learning Coaching in their professional careers, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement. This is an Accelerated Learning Coach program and all discussions, references and exercises will be tailored to achieve Accelerated Learning results.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Coaching ethics, guidelines and standards
  • Well-formed Outcomes
  • Meta Model and Coaching Questions
  • Belief Change for Accelerated Results
  • Anchoring and States
  • TFAR Coaching tool
  • Coaching using Sub-Modalities
  • Coaching using Metaphors

Who will benefit?

You may be an aspiring Accelerated Learning Coach, Trainer, or an individual looking forward to make positive changes in your life faster, you will benefit by attending this program.

You will learn how to communicate effectively with your coaching clients and also to set positive goals for yourself and achieve them faster.

Specific Accelerated Learning Techniques

Cognitive Psychology (VAK – whole brain learning style, games, speed of talking, breaks, visualization, mind mapping, stories, chunking up etc.)

Music – Mozart Effect/Beta Waves – Teachers have reported that students respond well to music that is 60 beats per minute, which has a regular form, such as music authored by Mozart or Baroque Music (Beta Music). The neuro-physiological basis for this is believed to be that higher pitched notes resonate in the brain, in such a way as to promote intellectual thinking.

Though Mapping (Mind Mapping) – Though mapping has been thoroughly used as an aid to enhance communication and speed learning. Even though mind mapping is more of a visual sensory technique it can be extend to whole brain learning integration by exploring, how to convert pictures into verbal format; and those who being with a general feeling and how they can convert them into words and pictures to communicate those feelings.

Extending Edward de Bono – DATT and Creative Thinking: Creative thinking strategies will enable you to direct your thinking energy in a powerful, managed approach to get pertinent information and take appropriate action.

Brain Gym – BrainGym consists of a set of physical exercises developed by Educational Kinesiologists. The exercises have been found to balance interaction between brain hemispheres and in doing so enhance learning in the majority of students, while at the same time, mitigating and alleviating learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia and ADD.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP techniques) – Along with this there are other NLP based techniques that helps to get into a learning states, increase curiosity, holding attention etc.

  • Spelling Strategy Patterns
  • Motivation Pattern
  • The Excuse Blow-out Pattern
  • Mapping Anyone’s Brain
  • Curiosity Enhancement Pattern
  • Problem Solving Strategy
  • Rhythmic Learning
  • Holding Attention Pattern
  • Self Esteem Fix Pattern

Course Fee

Course fee for this program is Rs 24,000/-.  Prerequisite to attend this course is NLP Practitioner Certificate.

Franchise Option

Once you are done with our Coach program you have an option to take up a Franchise of School of Accelerated learning, and facilitate Accelerated Learning Programs for children, based on the course material provided by us.  Please refer to Franchise tab for more details.

Certification Detail

Upon completion of this ICF approved Certified Accelerated Learning Coach  will be provided:

As accredited ABNLP organization, our trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by ABNLP, US.

ABNLP, US is as one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP membership organizations in the world.

American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

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