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ICF Coach Certification in India

By on Feb 9, 2018 in Blog |

ICF Coach Certification in India

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest coach accreditation body in the world that provides coaching ethics, standards and core competencies around which coaches over the globe choose to operate if they are aligned with ICF.

ICF provides approval for the coaching framework and methodologies that various vendors world over operate, and provides approval for the program if it is aligned with ICF’s principles.

If you are looking to attend an ICF approved Coach Certification in India, here are some of the considerations that you should look for:

1. Coaching Methodology: Choosing the Coaching framework and Methodology that you are going to learn during the ICF accredited coach program is the key element that you must consider when you are looking for an ICF approved Coach Certification in India.

There are many ICF approved courses available, but the one you should consider must be based on a strong Behaviour change background, where the coaching methodology is so well-built that it enables you to start your coaching journey on a powerful note.

Some of the strong behaviour based coaching methodologies are: Results based Coaching – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching using Neuro Science, and Meta-Coaching (Neuro Semantics based). Behaviour based methodology enables you to work on deep routed changes which can be driven by sub-conscious level changes. There are question based coaching tools as well, but they don’t necessarily come with a strong methodology behind them. They are linear in nature, and do not allow the coach flexibility to be totally present with the client, and/or apply a dynamic approach ~ where the next question or pattern interrupt is based on what is happening with the client in real time.

2.Sales and Marketing Support: You have completed your course ~ what next? The most logical question will be: Where are the clients going to come from?

Most coaching courses won’t teach you the intricacies of building a coaching practice or finding coaching clients, or branding and content marketing, or influencer marketing and agile marketing, or growth hack in your coaching business. Although these are concepts that every coach must know if they are looking to establish a flourishing coaching business; this is entirely a different course in itself.

But if the coaching vendor is intent on sharing some tips and a road map around this, then that is what you must consider.

3.Presence and further support: Check the mentoring support that is available from senior coaches when it comes to your queries post the program. Check if you can attend the course again, and how much it will cost you? Check the locations where the vendor has a presence, and has associations with. Should you need further support in any other city or country, this is the means to easily get that.

4.Price of the program: An expensive program does not translate to the best program. Generally, the pricing of a program is based on the value of the organization offering the program. Some organizations may price the program competitively even though the program quality would be considered the best in terms of methodology. You may have noticed already, competitive in terms of ICF approved programs is definitely going to be more expensive than a random sub-standard Life Coach Certifications, which are many these days. You may request for an installment based package to manage your investments across different months as easy installments.

5.Last but the most important, ‘The Master Coach Trainer’: If you are considering attending an ICF approved Coach Certification in India, you must check the profile of the coach who is going to facilitate the program; their background, their qualifications, and their mentors. Take a look at their testimonials and see if they train internationally. Check if they can they provide you with coverage across different flavors of Coaching: Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Sports Coaching, and Entrepreneur Coaching, and/or have expertise in all of these.

Attending a Certified Coaching program is a Life changing decision, as a person may be exploring an alternate career so make sure that you do your research well, and invest right amount of time and money, and avoid short cuts if you are exploring one.

Combo III in our regular Five Certification NLP Practitioner and ICF Coach Program provides a participant 60 hours approved by ICF under ICF ACSTH (60 hours). Visit to check the schedule.

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