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ICF Coach Programs in India

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Here are some answers to FAQs around ICF Coach programs in India, based on what prospective participants have been asking:

How to decide which program to attend when a person is searching for ICF Coach programs in India?

Any coaching program which is a classroom-based one is better than online courses.  Classroom-based courses allow you to spend more time with Mentor Coaches and directly learn from their experience.  You can ask questions, and get personalized attention with respect to your queries during the course. The learning goes beyond coaching skills, once you build rapport with the Mentor Coach, you can ask other questions also: How to build a Coaching Brand? How to get coaching clients? How to build a coaching business from the ground up?

Second, go with a coach who has been doing both: coaching + delivering training programs.  Both require different skills. Someone who has been delivering training programs and is not coaching, won’t have the same amount of grip on the subject as the one who is doing both.  So make sure that your coach trainer is also a coach. One to one coaching is more like sharpening your coaching saw. Each client is unique and provides a different learning experience for the coach as well.

Third, make sure that the program is based on Behaviour based framework.  Well, honestly there are many coaching models, and NLP based one is the most impactful as it provides a person with skills with respect to the application of Behavior Change tools/frameworks. No other coaching model comes close to NLP when it comes to Coaching tools and frameworks.

What is the procedure to become a certified ICF Coach in India?

Well, the procedure is the same globally.  You complete your ICF ACSTH hours (60 hours) training first (Basically complete the classroom-based course), book reading assignments if any, then you complete your 100 hours of the log, get mentor coaching of 10 hours with an ICF Mentor Coach.  Post this you will be able to file an application with ICF.

Is it worth doing an ICF Coach program in India?

Coaching is an unregulated industry, and ICF along with few others accreditation bodies provides some amount of assurance to prospective clients: that coach who is claiming to have some skills actually knows to coach, or has gone through proper coach training, and has coached people, and has been mentored by a mentor coach.  This builds trust for the coach, who is going to approach corporates and individuals who are looking for coaches with skills.  ICF provides a brand boost to the coach, and for corporates way to screen and filter coaches, considering these days everyone and anyone can call themselves a coach, as coach certificates are available online for USD 10 as well.

What is the difference between ICF Coach, NLP Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach as that is important to decide while searching for ICF Coach programs in India?

The above terms are coaching niche areas in which a coach has decided to operate. Leadership Coach works with leaders in an organization, and so does Executive Coach.  Life Coaches generally work with one to one client, and not large organizations.  NLP Coach is someone who has NLP skills to coach.  ICF Coach, any coach who has been certified by ICF is an ICF Coach.  To decide which ICF Coach program in India to attend, a person does not need to have their niche areas already decided or selected.  A person during a course can decide which areas they like, and which type of clients he/she wants to work with, and accordingly can choose the coaching niche, and then focus on building a brand around that coaching niche.  A Certified ICF Coach, can operate in all niches if the coach wants to build a very generic brand around all coaching niches.

Are Indian ICF Coaches good?

ICF Coaches in India would have gone through the same amount of rigor as anybody else would have in any other part of the world.  So, the competence of Indian ICF Coaches will be at par with global standards, and in some cases, probably better as many Indian ICF coaches travel to other countries for assignments, based on their skills, and competence.

How is NLP Coaching Academy different than others offering the same ICF Certified Course in India?

First, we don’t keep track of what others are doing.  We focus on what we do best.

We have the best coaching style and methodology, considering our lead facilitator (Vikram Dhar) is an International NLP Master Trainer and Licensed NLP Coach, along with an ICF Mentor Coach.  He has been trained and mentored by top Executive and Leadership Coaches: Marshall Goldsmith and John Mattone and has trained more than 1400 people worldwide in NLP concepts and ICF based Coaching.  He ensures that the participants get maximum out of the program.  He is a mentor to 200+ global coaches worldwide and ensures that a participant gets great attention during the course, and post the course as well, as we have systems in place to keep regular connect with participants.

Is ACC better or PCC?

The answer is, it does not matter.  What matters is whether the coach knows to coach better.  ACC and PCC designations, a person will become in due course.  While selecting a course, select a course where you with have access to a top ICF Coach who will be able to guide you to build skills, along with that mentor you to build a coaching clientele, as that is the most important element of becoming a coach.  A coach with no clients is equivalent of not being a coach.

Check our events page and register for any of our ICF approved coach program in India:  Combo 3 option of the six days program will take you towards becoming a Certified ICF Coach.

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