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Law of Attraction the NLP way

By on May 5, 2017 in Blog |

Law of Attraction the NLP way

Successful men and women have a common trait, ‘Clarity’. They have absolute clarity about what they want, why they want that, and how they want to go about it. They are clear about their own Success Mastery using  power of clarity, and they seem to have mastered the Law of Attraction the NLP way.  They are 200% sure about what they want and they will find ways to move towards that destiny. This focused approach towards any goal leads to reduction in attainment of any goal.

People create goals towards what they want.  The challenge most people face is that they have some idea about what they want and they take some actions towards it, but without utmost focus.  They move towards what they want, but since they are not 100% sure about what they want, and whether they will be able to get it, which results in results which are not as per their expectation.  Having this element of doubt about goals is like having a virus in a computer, it slows the progress down, and results take more time than expected; in turn makes people frustrated, disinterested towards their goals, and eventually people may give up on their goals, which can be the worst case scenario.

Success Mastery by power of clarity is very powerful. If a person is sure what they want, by when they want, in what form they want, why they want, the chances are that they will have a very strong plan towards achieving that goal.  The person will be totally motivated to achieve it, and that will show in the progress towards the results that they will produce day after day.

If you wish to buy a Luxury car (Audi), some of the questions that can move you towards your dream car / dream goal are:

  • When do you want to buy the car?
  • Why do you want to buy the car?
  • What will happen if you buy the car?
  • What is the color of the car?
  • If you have the car, what will that get you?
  • How will you feel when you own the car?
  • What will you see, hear and feel when you will have that car?

These are some of the clarity questions, which will help you to get connected with your goal at a deeper level, and once that happens your subconscious and conscious mind will work in tandem to make this happen.  You mind is busy churning out ideas, looking for opportunities, and looking for ways and means to make this happen.  Suddenly, a person who asks specific questions towards what they want finds that they are attracting lot of opportunities towards their goals / outcomes.  You can also refer to this as Law of Attraction the NLP way.  You provide enough food for thought for your mind to get clarity and your mind will be lazer focused towards making it happen.

A scattered light covers a small distance whereas when it is laser focused it can travel miles. 

Simple steps to reach your goal faster, and using Law of Attraction the NLP way to achieve them:

Decide exactly what you want? (Connect with your deeper self, and ask yourself, what is that you really want)

  • Write it down (Writing brings clarity, so write it down)
  • Create check list    (Checklists help in keeping your organized in terms of what has to be done to achieve that)
  • Organize the list (Prioritize and organize the list so that you have only relevant things on the list. Some say, “Time Management is a myth, priority management is the key”)
  • Set a Time    (Power of habit, set a time to organize yourself towards this goal. Work towards your goals diligently)
  • Take actions  (Once you are sure what you want, take massive actions towards your goals)

These simple steps will ensure that you will create goals, master the Law of Attraction the NLP way, and will start moving towards your Success Mastery.

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