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Marketing for NLP Coaches

By on Mar 3, 2018 in Blog |

Marketing for NLP Coaches

Marketing forms the heart of any business, as it is through effective marketing that a service or product is positioned in the market, and in the mind of its consumer. A well-formulated marketing plan enables effective and efficient utilization of time and resources in any business.  If you are an NLP Coach and wondering about marketing for NLP coaches, then you must read this thoroughly.  Even though we are focusing on Marketing for NLP Coaches, but these marketing trends are applicable to all businesses.

The fabric of a well-woven marketing plan comprises of in-depth marketing research, Market segmentation, positioning strategies, competitive analysis, budgeting and metrics that help in cost minimization and increasing the profit margins. Hence marketing strategies are crucial in determining the success of a product or service. If we talk about today’s need of the hour, we are now into a digital era with technology being ubiquitous; hence marketing blueprint needs to be in sync with technology and trends for profit maximization and gaining a competitive edge. Let’s have a look at what will be the marketing trends in 2019 for any business.

Virtual World and Implications

With the revolution in internet reachability to a common man, the virtual world has become one of the most effective platforms for marketing & branding and at the same time it is emerging tremendously with new technology making place every day – may it be e-commerce business, social networking sites, emails or other.  You are just a touch away on that tiny screen from your customer, but the point is the message about the product or service must be clear and convincing to the customer and it must be showcased on the right virtual platform.

Given below are some of the examples that are working wonderfully in the digital landscape and will be the most favorite in the marketing fraternity.  Some of the trends in marketing for NLP Coaches:

Chatbots: Also known as talk bot, interactive agent or chatterbox, they are the new buzz word in the marketing world. They are software programmes that provide textual or auditory conversational assistance to customers and resembles as if you are talking to an individual. This is a personalized approach that makes the buying decision easier for today’s more informed, selective and tech-savvy customers. They differ from conventional IVR where you can get suggestions in addition to the information you seek. Big brands like Starbucks, Wall Street Journal are using it in a captivating manner.  They come in all variations.  Some of the chat bots are powered by AI and can actually be a very powerful marketing tool.  High-end chat bots can be expensive, and depending on your marketing budget you can decide whether this is something that you may want to explore.

Genuine Education:  With easy availability to a plethora of information customers make their own path to make buying decisions and hence marketers should strive to become good educators (online – leveraging the internet, as well as off-line – recorded videos etc) to provide knowledge to customers about their products and services.  Genuine education is one of the key and easy ways of marketing for NLP Coaches, as the market segmentation is already taken care.  The education is targeted for those who are interested in NLP Coaching and are exploring basic education to help them decide whether they would like to go for higher courses or explore this further.  The advantage of this is that time spent is less compared to speaking with one potential client, as the message is the same.  Plus the business owner has an advantage of face time with a number of potential clients, answer questions on the go, and chance to close the registration on the spot.

Info-emotional Creative Advertisement:  Advertisements are the most important tools of marketing may it be an ad film, Banners, Launching Events, Ad campaigns and they are nowhere detached from digitalization. Consequently, short videos or films, tailors, teasers are the most viewed. But now the content should not only be informative but at the same time, it should have an emotional touch and also some message. Select your geographic market segment, and customize your info-emotional creative advertisement accordingly.

Live Videos: With videos gaining popularity, streaming sites can be a good platform for marketing. Hot star, YouTube and many other similar platforms are doing this job wonderfully. The new platform is the live video which establishes a real-time connection between individual and brand which is even more powerful than well-recorded content. The second benefit of live video is that the production quality isn’t expected to be high, which eases the production process. Facebook live is one platform which can be explored in this category.  Those who are looking for affordable tools at marketing for NLP Coaches, then this is going to be the go-to tool in this category.

Slideshows: You see these on various social networking or content distribution sites – They make use of images and videos, and are less time taking which makes them a sensible option.

Communicating not Broadcasting: This strategy is going to work big time. With massive use of chatting apps like whats app, Facebook messenger, hike and much more the marketers should now focus on establishing a real-time connection with their customers through these apps as the customers are easily available here. Instead of mass marketing, it is the individual connection that will work in the longer run, considering the information overload world that we live in.  Every individual wants personal attention and customized solutions hence the marketers must focus on utilizing chatting apps for communicating with customers directly. The recent addition to the gamut is adding of Whatsapp business app that has been launched recently. With easy online payment options available the entire sales process may be made more efficient and fast by using individual marketing.  From the perspective of marketing for NLP Coaches, this is going to be a game changer, as this is free, and potential clients are everywhere.

Block-chain: It allows information to be stored and distributed, but not copied. It is the ultimate peer-to-peer network. It is a decentralized live ledger system. At present, it is playing the biggest role in cryptocurrency exchange like that in Bitcoin. How it will affect Digital marketing is interesting to see.  Like any other business, marketing is not untouched by intermediaries who take away a major chunk of the investment in advertising.

Block chain can help in communicating with site owners directly at time of publishing advertisement thus diminishing the role of middlemen and increasing the profit margins.  Keep your eyes and ears open with respect to this, as in near future this is going to be a game changer.

Artificial Intelligence: AI can be used for a precise study of consumer behavior from the leads obtained and maximizing the conversions. It can also be helpful in making customized marketing plans through emails, SMS and push notifications.  AI is in-built into many marketing tools these days, make sure that you check what the marketing tool has to offer, and how they are leveraging AI.  This is also one of those game-changer trends, which is going to become very big in near future.

If you are a small business owner and run a shoestring marketing plan then make sure that you understanding the latest trends, as it will enable you to run effective marketing plans using less budget, and provide a better return on your investment.

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