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Licensed NLP Business Practitioner

Do you want to see your business results soar? Do you want to excel in everything you do?  Do you want to develop the strategies to always perform at Peak Performance? Do you want to learn strategies to build on your existing business network and expand? Do you want to improve your coaching abilities? Do you want to start your own Life Coaching or any other business?  Do you want to improve your public speaking skills?

Our NLP training for business practitioners (Licensed NLP Business Practitioner) is a leader in applying NLP approaches to businesses. The course has modules in:

  • Effective Communication;
  • Coaching;
  • Hypnotic influence;
  • Persuasion Techniques;
  • Peak Performance;
  • Leadership;
  • Public Speaking; and
  • Sales Psychology.

In addition we also focus on three competences that are necessary for success in business:

  • Strategy;
  • Building Resilience; and
  • Building Your Network.

The training will be designed to suit what you want to achieve and will include below mentioned topics:

  • Frames;
  • States;
  • Outcomes;
  • Representational systems;
  • Rapport;
  • Reframing;
  • Success Formula;
  • Meta Model;
  • Calibration;
  • Beliefs:
  • Sensory acuity;
  • Values;
  • Effective communication;
  • Coaching models;
  • Senses and Sub-modalities;
  • Hypnotic language;
  • Timeline;
  • Story telling;
  • Our business  framework;
  • Coaching framework
  • Profiles; and
  • Modelling.

While the majority of NLP learning is experiential, we have a framework that will support your learning and development. You will be provided with a number of opportunities to practice business modelling projects in order to enhance your learning.

Value Proposition

For Licensed NLP Business Practitioner we provide Certification by the Society of NLP (SNLP), the original certification body formed by NLP Co-Founder Dr Richard Bandler.  This certification means that you can be assured that your certificate and your skills will always be up to date and recognized throughout the world.

Next Event

Date TBA
Venue Bangalore
Course Fee + License from Dr Richard Bandler INR 65,000/- + 12.36% Service Tax
Early bird offer INR 58,000/- + 12.36% Service Tax for registrations before Nov 30, 2014

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Licensed NLP Business Practitioner is accredited by NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler and The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (SNLP)











Training Facilitator

Michael Beale

Michael BealeMichael Beale is one of the UK’s foremost NLP practitioners and trainers. He has over 20 years’ business experience, working with companies such as BT, 3M and B&Q. For the past 10 years, he has specialized in helping individuals, businesses and organizations to grow and develop through the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Michael is a ‘First Institute’ SNLP-licensed NLP expert, receiving his training directly from Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Michael does not see himself as a trainer as such, but rather a facilitator and coach, assisting others to get results for themselves, proving the value of their training by the success they achieve.

He is the founder of PPI Business NLP, a company dedicated to unlocking people’s potential and the Executive Coaching Network (EBCN). The goal of PPI Business NLP is to serve as a pragmatic NLP resource for achieving business excellence. For Michael, NLP has two core applications: as a personal development tool and as a modelling tool, helping businesses to replicate excellence.

His philosophy is simple: if we can develop an empowering view of where we want to go and if we can fully understand and appreciate where we are now, the steps from one to the other are likely to be successful and highly enjoyable. An honest appraisal of our current situation allows us to generate a powerful point of departure and propel us towards our goals.

He has worked with many high-profile clients including: Abbey, ACCA, Accenture, Argos, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BAe, British Sugar, BP, BT, Burlington, Centrica, HBOS, Oracle, Zurich Insurance, the PM’s Strategy Unit, the managements of local government, Central Government, Health, Police and The Ambulance Service as well as leading consultancy and training companies across the UK and Europe.


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