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NLP Practitioner program in India

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What are some of the aspects that one must consider while selecting a Certified NLP Practitioner Program in India?

While there are many considerations, here are some of the most important factors that one must consider, when they have to finalize, which NLP Program to attend in India:

1. First and foremost accreditation of the training organizations and the team of trainers and coaches facilitating the program.  Do check the quality of NLP accreditation approvals (ABNLP, ANLP, UK, Richard Bandler NLP, John Grinder, etc.) the training company has.  The word quality is important here, as there are many NLP accreditation bodies in India and outside India as well, which are churning out sub-standard Practitioners.  An accreditation body started by sub-standard trainers in Europe or Asia or any other part of the world does not automatically become good.  Generally, there is a myth in India, anything foreign is good.  The oldest accreditation bodies in the world are Richard Bandler NLP, John Grinder’s body, American Board of NLP, ANLP, UK.  Among others, there are few good ones, but make sure you check all the other considerations listed below.

2. Check whether the program is an application based program, where the focus is on NLP framework and how it is used for Self Coaching, application in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Sports Mind Peak Performance Coaching, how to improve counseling skills, Sales Coaching etc. Most of the NLP training programs are run as pure NLP (classic NLP) programs – there is nothing wrong in those programs, but those programs won’t focus much on the applications, and does not allow participants to practice applications of NLP framework during the program itself, hence limiting the usage and application of learning.

3. Check the content that the organization is sharing on its blog to: educate future participants, provide honest answers to the questions that participants ask (The answer which you are reading is because of the questions that we generally receive, and it helps to create an FAQ and share with others looking forward to doing an NLP Practitioner Program in India).  If somebody is doing a benchmark of NLP Practitioner Program in India, then good content on the site will help participants to become aware of NLP and which program to attend.

4. What are the approvals that the program has? Some of the top accreditation bodies for NLP is Bandler’s accreditation body, John Grinders body, American Board of NLP (ABNLP), ANLP, UK, International Coach Federation (ICF-USA) for Coaching, International Association of Coaching (IAC) etc.

5. Is the training institute going to help you in developing your business?  This is one of the most important aspects while selecting an NLP Program, if you are considering to join an NLP Practitioner program to start off with, and then later on considering to become an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer.  A good NLP institute will be able to show you the path or at least will be happy to discuss that with you.  If they are authentic, know about NLP and application of NLP in developing businesses, they will clearly answer all your queries.

6. The depth of the program:  Duration of any NLP Practitioner level program will range from 6 days to 10 days.  Some of the training vendors will operate from 10 am – 4 am with 1.5 hours of lunch, during the program, which means less training hours during the day.  One has to check how many training hours are in a day to calculate the real training hours in an entire program.

Plus, another aspect to consider is the post-program activities, and support, as that will determine the effectiveness of the program, and improving the learning further.  If you finish a course in a rush in 3-4 days (There are NLP associations doing NLP Practitioner programs and NLP Master Practitioner programs in 4 days – our recommendation “Stay away from those programs, because most of the NLP associations won’t recognize those norms; and in case you want to attend a program with another association later, they won’t recognize that) then the learning of the course is questionable.  The application of the NLP concepts needs time to sync in, constant practice, and constant feedback by a coach or a trainer.

7. Testimonials of the trainer/coaches:  This can’t be difficult to find in an era of Social Media.  A good trainer/coach will have a certain buzz around them for the kind of work they do.  So just check their social pages, and you will get an idea what their endorsements are.  Google pages, LinkedIn recommendations, Facebook etc.

8. Last but not least, the program provides flexibility in terms of pricing options, based on what an individual wants to achieve from the program.  The best NLP Practitioner program in India can be the best based on the approvals, quality, charismatic trainers, and so on and so forth, but if it is restricted to very few at a very high price, then it is defeating the purpose of spreading this fantastic technology with people to improve their life.

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