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NLP Training in India

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Fraudulent NLP Training in India and other practices

There are many incompetent NLP Trainers in India. Trainers who may have received their NLP Trainer certificate via an incompetent NLP certification body, or “trainers” who may even have never attended an NLP Trainers training! These “trainers” can be referred as fraudulent NLP Trainers in India. Whatever the might case be, both are dangerous, especially if you are considering attending an NLP training in India.

From a buyer’s perspective, those who are looking forward to an NLP program, either want to experience personal transformation, as they may be undergoing personal issues in their life; or they may be looking to attend an NLP course to learn NLP from a professional career advancement perspective in order to leverage NLP skills to either increase their marketability for a new job or learn new skills to add to their portfolio of services that they offer.

These NLP skills could include: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching etc. When said buyer finds different flavours of NLP available in the market, and depending on the mode of research based on digital (website) or social media platforms (facebook, google pages, Instagram etc.), it is very easy to get influenced by what is projected online. You might think that the structure of those who are authentic can be easily figured out – well in most cases ‘No’, as it would be camouflaged in such a manner, and presented in such a manner that the reader will not have no reason to doubt.

An example: Indian Board of NLP (If that is how anybody sounds like) or International Board of Indian NLP Trainers Associations – which focuses on one person – is clearly a give-away that the association is a mom & pop business enterprise. The owner may not have even attended an NLP program! Then there are those projecting 15-20+ years of experience, who look like 30 years olds – again a clear give away; and then there are many more.

Any Indian trainer (there are very few exceptions) who claims to have 15-20 years of NLP experience is a clear indication of some form of deceit. They may be trainers and would have probably added NLP Training as a skill a few years back, but for the purpose of marketing, will just say whatever they feel like. Most of the NLP Trainers in India, the good ones, will have 6-8-10 years of experience, as the concept of NLP training in India is relatively new.

If an NLP Trainer would have attended NLP training from authentic sources, they would have no qualms in showing off their trainers/mentors on their social media channels, or in their photo galleries. As that adds to the authenticity part.

About their delivery skills; well the good ones would be known in circuits where NLP is popular, and being a very niche market the word goes around quickly, both for quality and both for fraudulent practices.

Considering how NLP is shaping up in India, it is a matter of great concern, as most of the people feel this is some quick get-rich scheme, and they join the bandwagon only to realize after some months that it is not what they thought, as they may not have the skills to deliver, patience to handle the audience and deliver value, and the mental ability to look and sound authentic.

Most of the good NLP trainers in India with good skills, find it easier to move into greener pastures and that will include corporate training programs. These trainers will be good at imparting their learnings, they will have a good reputation, and for ease of doing business they will focus their energies on corporate training programs.  This leave the B2C (Business to Consumer) market available for fraudulent trainers to usurp, as end consumers won’t have relevant backgrounds to understand the criteria to separate good quality programs from the rest.

Corporates will have learning and development teams who would have a clear idea about what to look for, how to figure out who is the market leader, and whether the ones who are portraying themselves as leaders are really who they say they are.

Examples of when to stay away from NLP Trainers and other motivational talks:

  • Trainers claims to have transformed 500000+ people in 50 countries. Please ask for passport (for fun) to check, and where and how these people were transformed. Well if transformation is about calling people to free seminars and delivering an upsell, then you might be better off staying away from those marketing seminars, where eventually instead of 500000+ transformation cases, it will be frustration cases where people who sat there would realize that they have been robbed of their valuable time.
  • Associations and boards promoting only one person, and selling courses. People join boards, boards don’t join people.
  • Trainings where the title of the training program is too good to be true. Decoding the human DNA. Attend our course and earn in lakhs (Duration won’t be specified). Develop a Millionaire mind set (and the person training won’t be a millionaire at all). Attract goals in your life by just thinking about them – equivalent of saying, having six pack abs without going to the gym.
  • Build a Coaching business in India worth USD 50000 monthly income (Use common sense here)
  • NLP Practitioner program, top quality (2 days) or a 4 days NLP Master Practitioner.


People fall for these courses or fancy names, because humans have a tendency to fall for whatever sounds easy to get!

If you are really looking for a Personal and Business Transformation, be ready to put in the hard work it requires, set goals, and ready to take massive actions. Behind every success story is hard-work, dedication, perseverance, motivation to get it, and resilience; and you will realise this from one source or the other.

Make the right choices when it comes to learning a course like NLP and Coaching, as a bad experience is not just a waste of time and money, but can corrupt your mental patterns, and leave you with a bad taste of NLP and Coaching, which if done properly can change a person’s life.

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