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NLP Training program considerations in Pune

By on Aug 30, 2018 in Blog |

NLP training program in Pune

If you are looking for NLP training program in Pune, you may notice that there are many NLP trainers in Pune who offer a two-day diploma in NLP or a Foundation program in NLP, so that you can check it out and know what it is all about. You need NLP Practitioner Training Program to make a decent basic entry into the NLP World. The variations, like one day or two days which have come up, will continue to come up, but they serve more as a preparatory course or a marketing strategy to pull people towards the actual NLP Practitioner training program.

You need more than two days to understand the content and practical applications of NLP. So even if you are exploring what NLP is all about it is a better idea to attend an NLP Practitioner program directly, because half day, one day, or two days won’t be even NLP. They will be a marketing version, which means there will be activities (some not even NLP) which are catered towards making participants more curious about an extended course.

Many NLP Trainers in Pune (some project to be NLP Master Trainers & NLP Trainers on their site, beware of them, that itself is another topic) offer NLP Practitioner program, but the quality of the program depends on the factors listed below:
• The trainer who is conducting the training program
• Who has trained the trainer who is conducting the NLP Practitioner Program
• Whether the program is theoretical or experiential
• The trainers’ practical experience with NLP
• The way they use NLP and the areas they have developed using NLP

It is important to find out what the program is all about if you want the best out of an NLP program. Does the program cover: using NLP in improving communication, how to manage mental and emotional state, how it can be applied and used successfully in different situations, how to apply NLP for Self Coaching and coaching others, and how it can be used in personal and business areas with multiple explanations of NLP topics based on activity, reflections, and discussions.

You also need to find out if the program will cover all the applications of NLP in learning Persuasive Language and the Milton Model. They should at least give a start to the Milton Model if not the entire Milton Model. All this has to be found out because if the NLP Trainer is not competent and has not used NLP on himself/herself, he/she may not be a good facilitator to give you an NLP training.

It is always better to do NLP with someone who is known in the market and is respected because of what is happening with NLP, where NLP training in India is being facilitated by not properly trained trainers. It is safer to go with established brands like International Coach Federation (ICF USA) when it comes to Coaching, or American Board of NLP (ABNLP), or ANLP, UK (The international body), or NLP University (Robert Dilts).

Be careful of the acronyms as well, as many crooks in the market have replicated various acronyms and have created duplicate websites of original ABNLP and ANLP, UK. You can also check on these trainers on social media and see through the claims there on their sites as well; like trained 10 K or 12 K Practitioners in NLP, or having transformed around 500000/- people in 55 countries etc., which is a no-brainer for a fraud.

Considering where we are heading in India with respect to NLP training in India or locally NLP training in Pune, it is best to do a due diligence, as people show things on their website which are not true, you can’t trust content on the site either. Best is to check the domain age of the website URL to get an idea who is in business for a long time, Trainers credentials, their photographs with their trainers/mentors, word of mouth check (best check), and LinkedIn profile, and recommendations, google reviews, facebook reviews etc.

What about certifications? They are important as long as you intend to become a coach and you need to have them on your resume to get better job opportunities and move ahead in your career. Otherwise, it makes no sense because if your intention of learning NLP is to bring in changes in your own life by observing the way you behave, the quality of your speech, and your moods, then you just need to learn it and practice it properly.
The next doubt might be to whether you want to learn it as a residential program or a non-residential program? Residential NLP training programs in Pune will be way more expensive (2X or 3 X) than regular programs because it means the participant will be not going back to their home, family, or job till the program is over. That makes the participant become actively involved in NLP, reflect better, and spend meaningful time with NLP Trainers and Coaches in the mornings and evenings. If the intention is to gain knowledge, and if you have a fixed budget, then the day programs work absolutely well.

Usually, there are questions asked for NLP training in Pune with respect to location. Plan well and choose a good program since it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, it is important to learn it from a good source than worrying about the distance. Considering, Pune is not a big city when compared to Mumbai, traveling and distances are not that important when it comes to selecting a good NLP training program in Pune. So plan wisely.

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