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Top NLP Trainers in India

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If you are looking for a Free NLP Practitioner program in India, with top nlp trainers in India, then here is an option where you can explore NLP program knowledge for Free (without certificates).  Yes, you are reading it correctly, the six days program is free – that is the training fee is waived off, and the trainers are the top nlp trainers in India with certifications from John Grinder, and Richard Bandler.  Our six days course is approved by International Coach Federation (ICF, USA) and hence the price of the same course for a fully paid participant is Rs 160000/-+. For the same six days, a participant under free (without certificates) option will be paying for the operational expenses towards hotel expenses, NLP toolkit, Stationary, refreshments at the venue, etc, which is roughly around 10% of the fully paid program.  We also have different certification combos in the same program to keep the pricing of certification based programs affordable.

Now a logical question that follows is the difference in terms of full paid program and free (without certification option)?

The difference in terms of training content and coverage is -> None.  A participant whether fully paid with certification and free (without certification) option sit in the same program.  The Master trainers and coaches are same, which are the top nlp trainers in India.

Now, why do we have this non-certification based option?

The answer is simple, ‘To Save Time’.  The non-certification option was conducted by the same Trainers and Coaches as part of Social Responsibility as a standalone program earlier, but to save time we have merged both the courses together, and encourage people who don’t want certificates to attend as well in the same program.

If you are looking to learn and attend NLP Practitioner Program for self-development, self-growth, to take benefit of NLP techniques and NLP framework for yourself, then you don’t need to take certificates.  Attend the course without certification option, and get the same skills that fully paid participants are getting, from the top nlp trainers in India.

Why should you attend an NLP Practitioner program with NLP Coaching Academy, Bangalore?

Well, we can say that we are the best in business, but you can choose to go through our testimonials on our Google Page, on our website, and also there is a good amount of buzz word in the market when it comes to attending an NLP and Coaching program with NLP Coaching Academy.  Being an Indian organization, we have the largest training network in India and outside India as well.  We have Trainers and Coaches associated with us from different parts of India, and outside India from different countries (Canada, UK, USA, UAE, Kuwait, Myanmar) and expanding in many other countries as well.

We bring in the latest tools and technology related to NLP and Coaching together.  Our trainers have trained with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and have been certified by International Coach Federation, and work with various International NLP bodies like SNLP, ABNLP, ANLP International, UK, IAPCCT etc.

NLP is not rocket science, but there are many training organizations with different varied experiences, which are not related to NLP and by incorporating those into NLP they make NLP into rocket science, in short corrupting it.

We teach Pure NLP in India as taught by Richard Bandler (Classic Code) and John Grinder (New Code NLP), and application based NLP (Use in Leadership Development, Sales Trainings, Coaching etc) from the co-founders and other co-developers (Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner, Steve Andreas, Tad James, Michael Hall etc.)  If you are looking for NLP experience and applications of NLP then consider joining for this great opportunity with NLP Coaching Academy, Bangalore, as you will experience breakthroughs in personal and professional aspects of your life.

If you are looking forward to get a breakthrough in any area of your life (personal or professional), do read about the NLP Practitioner courses in India that we run, more so the option of attending a Free NLP program, without the certificate option.

“Our flagship six days integrated NLP and Coach Program is the most expensive program (ICF Combo) in the country, and the cheapest (Free program without certificates option) in the country at the same time”

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