American Board of NLP certification

American Board of NLP certification

American Board of NLP Certification

Often people are confused about which NLP accreditation body to go with, and the answer to that is very simple. Go with a global brand as that provides International Validation to your certificates.  Even though Trainer delivering the certificate matters the most, but not too many people know that fact, hence the credibility of the Trainer + credibility of the Accreditation body goes hand in hand.  American Board of NLP (ABNLP), is one of the few global NLP accreditation bodies, and ensures consistent standards for the membership levels, and the NLP Trainers ensuring that an NLP program at different levels: American Board of NLP certification for NLP Practitioner level, NLP Master Practitioner level is the same, whether the certification program is in US, Europe, Asia, Africa. The content requirement and the ethics followed by each trainer is the same.  The style of presentation differs from one trainer to another, and that is the beauty of NLP ~ Even though the training is different they are bound by the standards, ethics, and values of the accreditation body.

Why American Board of NLP:

It ensures consistency across different locations and also ensures that high-quality NLP programs are available to people in different parts of the world.  Considering NLP programs can be expensive, and if quality programs accredited by American Board of NLP are available in various countries in Asia and Africa, where at a time due to time pressure Top Tier NLP Developers don’t travel.  Working and training with the Top NLP Trainer in Asia, accredited by a board like American Board of NLP is going to be very handy for the participant, who gets the benefit to attend the quality program, and is sure that the certificates are legit.

About American Board of NLP

American Board of NLP was founded by Dr. AM Krasner in mid-80s, and within a short time frame it became one of the top NLP Boards in the United States, and then started to attract members from all over the world.  Today American Board of NLP certification ensures high-quality NLP Trainers across the globe, and their credentials are ensuring that the participants feel safe, and have a peace of mind while thinking which program to attend.

NLP Program Success for Participant = NLP Trainer credentials + Accreditation body of the certificate

If your search for American Board of NLP certification brought you here, check our Integrated NLP Practitioner and ICF approved Coach Program delivered by Vikram Dhar ~ the only blended program in Asia, facilitated by one of the top coaches in Asia (Vikram Dhar NLP Trainer), certified by ABNLP, International Board of Behavioural Coaches and Trainers and is an ICF Mentor Coach.

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