Coaching Excellence

We believe everybody deserves to have total control over every aspect of their life. Here are few things about us ~ mission, profile, and our commitment.

This master-class NLP Coaching Excellence is for people, who are committed to heightening human excellence and are looking forward to becoming Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Sales Coach.

Advanced Diploma in Coaching

Program Overview:

Coaching Excellence

This NLP Coaching Excellence Course provides an opportunity to learn and to use your skills to help others establish and reach their goals. You may also see your business results soar by Self Coaching. You may want to set up a coaching practice, or you may want to develop your skills as a coach in a corporate or managerial context, this course will provide you the necessary coaching framework and tools to achieve that.

This NLP Coaching Excellence course will provide a very strong base for coaching
success. It is designed for people who want to be an effective coach in a professional environment, or want to set up an independent coaching practice and become entrepreneurs. The Sales Psychology module is provided Free as a part of this course.


3 Days Classroom Sessions


8:30 AM – 6:00 PM


Certificates from Business NLP, UK

Coaching | Business Benefits

During this Coaching Excellence course you will develop an extraordinary ability to coach your staff, if you are working in a corporate environment or your clients, if you are an independent coach and working as an Entrepreneur. This will lead to ‘bottom line’ benefits and greater satisfaction for you all. Some participants find that this course provides an opportunity to consider exploring new career paths, and experience the joy of pursuing something that is part of who they are, and is in line with their core Values to serve others by making them move towards their goals.

Coaching | Personal Benefits

This NLP Coaching Excellence course provides exciting opportunities for personal development and self-discovery. Successfully coaching others can lead to tremendous satisfaction and personal development. This course will provide you the necessary tools to get started in the coaching industry, and can lead to highly profitable career opportunities.

During the course you will:
  • Clarify your own coaching outcomes.
  • Learn how coaching helps clients move towards their goals and achieve
  • Help your client to understand their values and what’s important to them in any given scenario.
  • Enable your client to set motivating goals in the context of coaching and achieve them.
  • How to raise self-awareness of your clients using NLP Meta Model in order for them to make more confident and positive choices
  • Work with your client to identify any ‘roadblocks’ in achieving goals and come up with a variety of ways to remove them.
  • Develop your NLP skills so they can be used effectively in a coaching context.
  • How to generate a new behavior for your clients, which will be more in sync with the outcomes they are working towards
  • Learn how to demonstrate and add real value to your client.
  • Overcoming barriers, including self-limiting thinking and habits
  • Develop your own plan to develop an executive coaching business.
  • Improve your ability to build and maintain a profitable and beneficial relationship with your clients and potential clients.
Certificate Options:

Advanced Diploma in Coaching from Business NLP, UK will be provided at the end of the

These three days could be a step towards Advanced Diploma in Coaching signed by Richard Bandler. Online skype module with Michael Beale post these three days leading to that Extra Rs 18000/-

What you will learn:

Our Coaching Excellence NLP Course will give you the tools, skills and practice you need to develop your coaching skills. It has something for anyone who wants to succeed as an effective Executive Coach or Life Coach in a professional environment or improve their life by Self Coaching process.

NLP course syllabus

  • Course elements:
  • How NLP executive coaching works.
  • Our core coaching model.
  • Agreeing what’s important to the client.
  • Setting and agreeing outcomes, current state, and success criteria.
  • Establishing client values.
  • Coaching Language.
  • Establishing feedback criteria.
  • Selling an executive coaching service.
  • Maintaining coaching relationships.
  • Sales Psychology to improve your coaching practice
  • Do’s and Don’t during coaching session
  • Facilitate action items and process to achieve them

Program Facilitator:

Michael Beale

Michael Beale – International Licensed NLP Trainer and Coach(Richard Bandler Certified Trainer)

Michael Beale is one of the UK’s foremost NLP practitioners and trainers. He has over 20 years’ business experience, working with companies such as BT, 3M, and B&Q. For the past 10 years, he has

specialized in helping individuals, businesses and organizations to grow and develop through the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Michael is a ‘First Institute’ SNLP-licensed NLP expert, receiving his training directly from Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Michael is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Michael does not see himself as a trainer as such, but rather a facilitator and coach, assisting others to get results for themselves, proving the value of their training by the success they achieve.

He is the founder of PPI Business NLP, a company dedicated to unlocking people’s potential and the Executive Coaching Network (EBCN). The goal of PPI Business NLP is to serve as a pragmatic NLP resource for achieving business excellence. For Michael, NLP has two core applications: as a personal development tool and as a modelling tool, helping businesses to replicate excellence.

His philosophy is simple: if we can develop an empowering view of where we want to go and if we can fully understand and appreciate where we are now, the steps from one to the other are likely to be successful and highly enjoyable. An honest appraisal of our current situation allows us to generate a powerful point of departure and propel us towards our goals.

He has worked with many high-profile clients including: Abbey, ACCA, Accenture, Argos, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BAe, British Sugar, BP, BT, Burlington, Centrica, HBOS, Oracle, Zurich Insurance, the PM’s Strategy Unit, the managements of local government, Central Government, Health, Police and The Ambulance Service as well as leading consultancy and training companies across the UK and Europe.

Program Price:

After Early Bird: Rs.32,000
Early Bird Price: Rs.28,000

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