The International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT) exists to promote members who specialize in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, Counselling, Therapy, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience for making a positive difference in the society by encouraging and promoting authentic, genuine, ethical, fellow members and training organizations, who want to deliver the said services in a responsible, professional, and congruent manner.


All IAPCCT approved members are responsible for ensuring compliance with the criteria, ethics, standards, and principles of the association.  There is an IAPCCT compliance team which ensures that each member and training organization is held accountable for the information they provide on their website, and promotional activities.   All IAPCCT members are required to commit to their continued growth in their respective areas.

As a member association of IAPCCT, we at NLP Coaching Academy ensures compliance with the principles and standards, and work as a team with other IAPCCT member organizations in different countries supporting one another in the joint mission.  With members from 40+ countries, IAPCCT provides a common platform to member organizations to collaborate, learn, grow, and credibility in the services the member organizations are promoting.

NLP Coaching Academy ensures that we abide by the vision and mission of IAPCCT to support and promote the field of NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Train the Trainer Coaching, Self Development, and Mental Well-being through programs, products, services, while abiding by the standards, principles, mission supported by other members and member associations and to be an authoritative, and authentic source on coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Train the Trainer programs and information with respect to the same for the viewers of NLP Coaching Academy. IAPCCT keeps a check on the quality of the programs delivered by the IAPCCT approved professionals, and approved training organization. This helps to maintain consistency and authenticity of the programs delivered across the globe by various IAPCCT professionals. As part of IAPCCT NLP Coaching Academy ensures standardized approach for our programs ensuring compliance as per the standards and ethics laid out for the IAPCCT trainers.

As NLP Coaching Academy we take pride in being a member training organization of International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists, IAPCCT which leads the global community of professionals in supporting, promoting, and advancing the field of NLP, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Therapy and Coaching, and various other Personal Change Work methods.

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