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NLP Training

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NLP Training – The New Age Leadership Methodology The world has never spent so much on creating leaders as it does today.  Effective leadership has become so elusive in many industries that companies are splurging millions to ensure that their leaders are motivating, inspirational, impactful, and help take organization to reach greater heights. From inspirational entrepreneurs like Henry Ford to popular talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, leadership came easily to some as they encouraged and inspired people to make life-transforming changes. In...

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery If you have not attended Tony Robbins Business Mastery, then you can read through Business Mastery using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles for now, and then later on whenever you get a chance go and attend Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program.  Tony focuses on related topics in his own style, and we have provided a version for you to get a perspective how NLP is integrated into Business Mastery Principles which Tony Robbins teaches.  These NLP principles are same what Tony Robbins writes in his book...

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How to increase my business

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Business Mastery 101 – How to increase my Business Growth From the quaint coffee shop down the cobbled streets of Santorini, to the heavenly beaches in Bali and Mauritius, to the lavishly designed exotic boutiques in Dubai, Mumbai, London and other business places around the world, every successful business has someone behind the curtains working on ideas (providing inputs to how to increase my business growth) and plans that turn their dreams of success into reality. Ideating, unfortunately, is not as common as we thought it is and a...

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NLP Trainers in India

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With the boom of corporate world in India, and with multinationals pouring in from last two decades the training industry in India has seen a tremendous growth, more so for some of the niche training sectors like: leadership development training programs in India, how to improve leadership skills, how to develop sales skills, behavior change training, and generic NLP trainings in India.   Many requirements are there because:  there is a need for general soft skills in organizations, there is a need to train call center employee for voice and...

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Hypnosis Training in Bangalore

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Hypnosis Training in Bangalore A whole lot of behavioral problems are there that can be dealt with hypnosis. It is a form of traditional healing that has been a prevalent way of relaxing the mind to bring in a change.  There may be many things that may come into your mind when you hear words like ‘Hypnosis’, ‘Hypnotized’, and most of them will fall under myths.  Some of the prominent ones might be: that a person will lose control when they are Hypnotized, or that after hypnosis a person will be in control of the hypnotherapist, or that...

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NLP Books

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The best way to learn NLP is by attending a class room based NLP Program.  The second best is to do online with a Coach / Trainer.  The third best option is to do it off line (reading, videos, mp3) with email based support for queries.  Fourth best is to watch NLP Videos or recording of a live program, and last best option is to read NLP books. Note: If you have not attended an NLP Program and are attempting to understand NLP by surfing the internet for NLP resources and by NLP books, then you may not get the essence of NLP and how it works. ...

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NLP and Leadership

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NLP and Leadership When the Indian Emperor Ashoka rose to glory, his leadership skills were the primary reason why he was chosen over the others to succeed his father. His father, Bindusara, had wanted his son Susima to succeed him, but after Bindusara’s death, the ministers felt that Ashoka was a better leader and helped him rise to the throne. Ashoka is known to be a born leader. He had qualities which helped him in different situations where he was able to demonstrate his leadership skill, and in time become popular and more successful...

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Upcoming NLP Training in Delhi

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Upcoming NLP Training in Delhi The city of Delhi is known for its fast-paced life which often makes it difficult for most people to maintain the right balance between work and personal life. Delhi being the hub for people from almost all walks of life, there is a lot of pressure on achieving goals, managing relationships and handling competition. Many of us may get bogged down because of our inability to meet the high expectations people have from us. This is the time when you need to think of a way in which you can enhance your skills and...

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NLP and Entrepreneurship

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NLP and Entrepreneurship “You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something. Which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.” This is what Steve Case, co-founder of AOL emphasis when talking about doing business, succeeding in life, setting goals and achieving goals. To think of it, these words have some real insight for an entrepreneur, more so when the buzz word in business world is NLP and Entrepreneurship. After all, so often business owners end up focusing so much on the things that...

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NLP Diploma NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner Part 2

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NLP Diploma NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner Part 2 This is in continuation to the previous article, NLP Diploma NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner Part 1. In NLP Diploma NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner Part 2, we will cover the below mentioned questions: What is the starting point in learning NLP? What are the various levels of NLP? What is the difference between NLP and Coaching? What to expect after an NLP Practitioner level? Why do I need to do an NLP Master Practitioner level? How to become a Certified NLP Trainer?...

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