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Are you letting your dream drive you?

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Are you letting your dream drive you? Have you been wanting to do something different ~ like becoming a Singer, Movie Star, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, or a Wellness Coach, and don’t know where to start? If you really want to do something different like to become a professional traveler, a singer, or to become a professional coach (Certified ICF Coach) ~ then read further? Is there anyone who does not want to succeed? As a child there must have been something that you loved doing; you would have dreamt of doing this differently, something which you felt would give you recognition in society and bring you happiness, something that would bring satisfaction to you etc. You might have been clear on ‘what’ that was, or you might not have had a clear picture ~ but that child was never worried. That child never worried about ‘how’ big his/her dream was or how possible the dream was. The child just dreamed ~ of vacations, of playing with friends, becoming a Life Coach, growing up to be an astronaut… At what point did these dreams become adulterated with the reality of adulthood? Pause, and notice how you are feeling now with respect to some of those dreams? Reflect, when you gave up on them? Did you ever want to start working towards them? What is your dream now? What is it that you want? How big is your dream? Is your dream giving you sleepless nights? Do you even have a dream? At this point, your internal dialogue might tell you – “I have many commitments. I cannot waste time in wishful thinking. Of course, I can’t become an astronaut now (or a doctor or an entrepreneur or a singer!) I have responsibilities!” The question here is – did you ever try?  If the desire would have been so strong you would have been on a path to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. Nobody was born to spend their entire life in a cabin; sitting and typing on laptops, preparing presentations, and wondering when a good vacation would come by. While some are waiting for vacations… some create vacations, and for some – their life itself is a vacation. Which one are you at the moment? You might not become a world-famous singer, but you can become the Rockstar of your apartment complex, city, state or country. You might not become an astronaut, but you might run camps for children that teach them the mysteries an astronaut tries to unveil. You might even earn some money doing this, and enjoy the process of doing it! But the effect this will have on your life is much beyond money or satisfaction ~ you will find yourself smiling more, enjoying your life more and being more at peace with yourself. No-one succeeded only by dreaming – but anyone who succeeded had a dream. Just hold that thought and let it sink into you. Anyone who succeeded had a dream. Without a dream, you cannot go forward – for what will motivate you?! Motivation is of 2 types – some people are motivated by a future prospect and others are motivated by the thought of escaping the unpleasant situation they are in. Neither is good or bad – both are just mental patterns that your...

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Managing Bosses The NLP Way

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Managing bosses the NLP way If life were a movie, chances are that around one-fourth of the entire movie would involve office scenes in the case of a working professional. The quality of life in those scenes would largely depend upon the discretion of the director, the boss. Remarkably, the art of boss management is indispensable, and if you are looking for an answer How to manage your boss read further To your aid, internet is full of articles categorising bosses on the basis of work style and culture they weave around themselves. These articles seem to be the magic wand, almost ready to spread the pixie dust, hanging mid air, uncertain where to focus! Unless you figure out the blind spots, even pixie dust is useless. Unless you make an effort to know what you don’t know, you will never know what you don’t know and then you will not be able to work the situation out because you just don’t know what you don’t know. Sounds easy? May be not! Assuming you have a troubled relationship with your boss, you could think that your boss is a bad mix who does not appreciate or recognise you. Instead of validating this to be true, ask yourself in all honesty- Has there ever been a time when your boss heard you, trusted you, supported you, depended on you? What specifically makes you think that something is amiss? What will set things right? • Is there anyone who does not find your boss that difficult to deal with? You can model their strategy to manage the boss, and they can be of great help in getting some answers going for – How to manage your boss • What could you possibly change in yourself to help the relationship? • What is the first step? Be realistic with yourself. In case you conclude to work on your relationship further, replay the office scenes in slow motion inside your head and go over them like a curious child trying to make sense without judgments. Explore what is important to these characters, and how and why do they care deeply for something. Pay attention to what is being said, and how much of it is being grasped by these characters in different scenarios like planning meetings, feedback sessions, motivating discussions, etc. Notice when and why the intended message is not received or interpreted correctly. NLP has established that you tend to develop dependence on some senses over the others for representing your version of an experience to yourself. These preferred senses keep on filtering everything you notice whilst focusing only on the information which your brain thinks is important in shaping your understanding of what’s happening around you. Thence, the way your brain filtered the information as well as your version of the experiences altogether shape your thoughts, attitude, opinions, feelings, beliefs, values and understanding about the whole situation. When you interact with people, your brain consults the council of your relatable experiences, values, and opinions for making sense of other people’s actions and reactions. Further, your brain borrows missing details from your previous experiences to facilitate this comparison. Thus, you draw conclusions about other people, issues and circumstances on the basis of your version of reality which may not be necessarily correct....

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Words have Power – Choose your words carefully

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How self-awareness with respect to your choice of words can create a shift in your Mental State Words have Power, and how you speak makes a difference, so choose your words carefully. It makes a difference in your mental state, your attitude towards living life, and how you experience things on a daily basis. As a die-hard fan of NLP, and Linguistics being the core of NLP I have been making progress with my coaching clients, in my training, how I speak with myself and others, by applying the Linguistics patterns, and understanding of these patterns on a regular basis.  The real test is when you have to apply it on yourself when you are not aware. At times when you are not aware you might fail to apply it on yourself. A few years back, I was talking to a friend and was talking about my schedule, which generally was very busy.  I was stressed out with too many back to back training and coaching assignments.  I told my friend that I have to go to Dubai next week, and then I have to go to Malaysia next month.   I also have to meet my prospective clients in New Delhi, this week. My friend looked at me with sympathy.  At that point, I got distracted by the sound of an ambulance siren, and when I looked back at my friend, he said, ‘Damn this noise,  it is so irritating, takes away my mental peace’. Suddenly, I became aware of my mental peace, and my choice of words.  I did not have to go to Dubai, nobody was forcing me to go.   I became aware of the pressure  I was putting on myself while speaking that way.   I became aware of how fortunate I was that I could go to Dubai, and if I was more aware of my choice of words (more so when I am stressed), it would make a huge difference. These are NLP Meta Model patterns (Model Operators): I have to go to the training I have to meet my prospective clients I should be studying I ought to go to the music class daily I need to go to college tomorrow These sentences (With Model operators – With words like – Should, have to, need to, ought to etc) exhibit a force, when you say that to yourself.  If you raise your self-awareness and become more aware of your language pattern, and tell yourself,  ‘I will go to the training’, ‘I will be studying’, ‘I will go to the music class’, ‘I will go to college’, or you can add a bit of extra to your language pattern by saying, ‘I am fortunate, I get to go to college’, ‘I am privileged, I get to study, as there are many others who want to, but can’t’, ‘I am blessed, I get to go to music class daily’, ‘I am fortunate, that I get to meet my prospective clients. I have prospective clients in abundance’ it would be definitely better. If you are leveraging your self-awareness, and choose your words carefully, especially when you speak you can change how you feel. How do you become more aware of your language pattern? Slow down your pace of verbalizing things, at times mouth operates using its own mind...

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Another Certified NLP Practitioner in India

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Another Certified NLP Practitioner in India You might be contemplating attending a certified NLP practitioner course in India, and you might have a reason to do it.   If you don’t have a reason and is just exploring it because it is the latest buzzword in the market, then that is not a right way to start on a certified NLP practitioner course in India, because you might just become another certified NLP practitioner in India. Becoming yet another certified NLP Practitioner in India is not a bad thing, as you will have a certification (depends where you are getting it from, some are offering it for Rs 800/- as well – video-based course), and if that is the only motto you have got, then it is perfectly all right. Having said that, attending a good certified NLP practitioner course in India, for the sake of having a certificate with no benefits or intention behind to learn NLP is like having a Ferrari car sitting in a garage with no key to drive it, and no intention of driving it. If you intend to learn NLP from a perspective of doing something with it, starting from self where you want to learn it as a Self-development course to get better at what you are currently doing, with different aspects in your life, and to take it to the next level, then learning NLP can be a life-changing experience. If your NLP trainer is spoon feeding you NLP, in the form of NLP techniques/patterns then stay away from those NLP courses, as they are meant to create NLP Techniques Practitioners, not NLP Practitioners. NLP Trainer uses NLP to train, they create an environment of learning using humour, making it adaptive (application based), rather than theory based.  NLP is a highly experiential program where everything you need to know about NLP or becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner happens during the program itself. Some questions to help you get clarity : So what’s your intention of becoming a certified NLP Practitioner in India? Have you done your research in terms of what you want to achieve out of an NLP Practitioner course? What is the intention behind the intention of becoming a certified NLP Practitioner? Are you doing it purely for the certificate, or do you have the desire to learn it from a space where you can be the next brand ambassador of NLP? Assuming you have already become a Certified NLP Practitioner, what do you see yourself doing? How have you integrated NLP in your life, assuming again that you are an NLP Practitioner already? Anything else? Do you see yourself using NLP for self, or with others?   Different Levels of NLP Program: Diploma in NLP is a two to three days variation of an NLP program and mostly happens in India as a taster program.  The actual program is the NLP Practitioner level, where some decent NLP can be covered.  If someone wants to go deeper into NLP, they take up NLP Master Practitioner level (after NLP Practitioner level), where they go deeper into the patterns, and modeling techniques of NLP, and applications of NLP in various areas.  NLP Trainer level is for someone who wants to learn NLP, Master it, and then teach it.  NLP Master Trainer level is...

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NLP Considerations and misconceptions

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Things to be aware when selecting NLP training in Goa or in general NLP training in Goa has thrived not because of the demand in the local Goa market, but because of the fact that many participants from other parts of India or outside of India want to attend this program in a serene place like Goa. If you think about NLP training in Goa it brings up images like Blue Ocean, cool breeze, great food, great music, and balmy weather. If you are a newbie at NLP, make sure that this is not the only criteria for you to consider while attending an NLP training in Goa, or for attending an NLP program in general.  Best NLP programs focus on the needs of the participants, rather than trick participants in attending them. You are bound to make mistakes because of the nature of the manipulative NLP marketplace, and promoting NLP training in Goa by untrained Trainers seems to be the new entrant in the market, as this helps in some way to hide the other details with respect to their fraudulent credentials.  There are people ready to sell you anything and everything in the name of NLP:  NLP & Yoga, NLP and Psychotherapy, NLP and Psychology, NLP and Positive Psychology, NLP loaded with X, and NLP loaded with Y – Classic NLP and Pure form of NLP has nothing to do with Psychology, Psychotherapy, or Yoga or any other field. NLP was a revolutionary development in Personal Change area, which started 45 years back, and it is not Psychology.  Most of the beginners contemplating to do an NLP program do not understand the difference clearly and can fall prey to NLP Trainers who get marketing consultants to put up a rosy picture around the subject, and around them on their websites, or in advertisements.  NLP is not meant to solve all your life problems or make them disappear.  A person has to work towards them, and only if a person is willing to change, and make an effort to change then only it can happen.  Here are some top mistakes that participants generally make while selecting an NLP program, or things a person needs to be aware of while selecting an NLP program: The Name: For someone who is looking to understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which itself can be quite tongue-twisting for many individuals, can get frustrated if they are looking to understand it logically or cognitively, or by paying too much attention to the name. NLP is a subjective experience and has to experienced personally. There are many who try to learn NLP from books directly, which can lead to frustration as reading an NLP book is different from experiencing an NLP program with an NLP Trainer in a classroom-based setting.  So be patient and attend a classroom-based NLP training program, rather than paying too much attention to the name, and what is means. NLP is only for people with high IQ: Another misconception with NLP that is very common is that it is difficult to understand, and is only for those who have high IQ.  Well, NLP is easier to understand ifsomeone who does not use too much of prior knowledge or logical thinking while learning.  On the contrary NLP is easier to learn if you...

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ICF Coach Programs in India

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Here are some answers to FAQs around ICF Coach programs in India, based on what prospective participants have been asking: How to decide which program to attend when a person is searching for ICF Coach programs in India? Any coaching program which is a classroom-based one is better than online courses.  Classroom-based courses allow you to spend more time with Mentor Coaches and directly learn from their experience.  You can ask questions, and get personalized attention with respect to your queries during the course. The learning goes beyond coaching skills, once you build rapport with the Mentor Coach, you can ask other questions also: How to build a Coaching Brand? How to get coaching clients? How to build a coaching business from the ground up? Second, go with a coach who has been doing both: coaching + delivering training programs.  Both require different skills. Someone who has been delivering training programs and is not coaching, won’t have the same amount of grip on the subject as the one who is doing both.  So make sure that your coach trainer is also a coach. One to one coaching is more like sharpening your coaching saw. Each client is unique and provides a different learning experience for the coach as well. Third, make sure that the program is based on Behaviour based framework.  Well, honestly there are many coaching models, and NLP based one is the most impactful as it provides a person with skills with respect to the application of Behavior Change tools/frameworks. No other coaching model comes close to NLP when it comes to Coaching tools and frameworks. What is the procedure to become a certified ICF Coach in India? Well, the procedure is the same globally.  You complete your ICF ACSTH hours (60 hours) training first (Basically complete the classroom-based course), book reading assignments if any, then you complete your 100 hours of the log, get mentor coaching of 10 hours with an ICF Mentor Coach.  Post this you will be able to file an application with ICF. Is it worth doing an ICF Coach program in India? Coaching is an unregulated industry, and ICF along with few others accreditation bodies provides some amount of assurance to prospective clients: that coach who is claiming to have some skills actually knows to coach, or has gone through proper coach training, and has coached people, and has been mentored by a mentor coach.  This builds trust for the coach, who is going to approach corporates and individuals who are looking for coaches with skills.  ICF provides a brand boost to the coach, and for corporates way to screen and filter coaches, considering these days everyone and anyone can call themselves a coach, as coach certificates are available online for USD 10 as well. What is the difference between ICF Coach, NLP Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach as that is important to decide while searching for ICF Coach programs in India? The above terms are coaching niche areas in which a coach has decided to operate. Leadership Coach works with leaders in an organization, and so does Executive Coach.  Life Coaches generally work with one to one client, and not large organizations.  NLP Coach is someone who has NLP skills to coach.  ICF Coach, any coach who has been...

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Law of Attraction Training in Bangalore

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Law of Attraction training in Bangalore Well, everybody under the sun is talking about the Law of Attraction.  What really is the Law of Attraction and does it really work? Well, there are many many versions of this so-called Law of Attraction.  Some are digestible for a sane common person to believe (eg. You think about something on a daily basis, act on set actions, and you can make it happen) and some are as ridiculous as: Sign a cheque for future with Amount X and you will make amount X happen during that time frame.  If that was the case, everybody in the world would be applying Law of Attraction to write a million-dollar cheque for themselves for the very next day, buy a million-dollar lotto ticket for the next day and become a millionaire in one day. In this article, we are not going to talk about all the ridiculous theories that exist and which one to believe in or not, because we will have to write a book about the dumb versions of the theory which have evolved over the years. So what is the Law of Attraction, and whether it works? This question has perplexed many, and this question is the very reason many people have been happily duped by so-called Law of Attraction Gurus in some form or the other to buy some bogus Law of Attraction training online or even a Law of Attraction training programs (classroom-based) to that extent. Law of Attraction training concept is attractive because it provides a lazy alternate for a person to believe that success is easy to get.  Some of the concepts like ->send energy into the universe and receive bountiful money etc all sound good to hear and easily implementable because it does not require much work.  Reality is, it does not work that way.  Even the top Coaches in the world (Names not mentioned here) have ridiculed the Law of Attraction which has been promoted by very famous authors in some strange ways. For the sake of the blog, we will not hit somebody hard, and mention their name.  Let it remain a ‘Secret’. Modern day law of attraction has to be called as ‘Updated Law of Attraction’, something that works, a proven method, a strategy to get results. Well, what if we tell you it is very easy implementable, and no cheques have to be wasted to make money, or you can keep your energy for yourself and not send it out to manifest money by some magnetic attraction of money J The Updated Law of Attraction (Law of attraction training in Bangalore): Here is the overview of the concept of Law of attraction, or Updated Law of Attraction to avoid any confusion. Know your outcome:  Sit down and decide what you really want.  You can say that I want a million dollars in the next 10 years. Decide the actions and take them as planned (This is the heart and soul of the Law of Attraction):  This part is very important, and is the most important part. How exactly are you going to do this part? The various tasks that you will think now are going to support the main outcome that is to make a million dollars.  You may start a business,...

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NLP Training program considerations in Pune

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NLP training program in Pune If you are looking for NLP training program in Pune, you may notice that there are many NLP trainers in Pune who offer a two-day diploma in NLP or a Foundation program in NLP, so that you can check it out and know what it is all about. You need NLP Practitioner Training Program to make a decent basic entry into the NLP World. The variations, like one day or two days which have come up, will continue to come up, but they serve more as a preparatory course or a marketing strategy to pull people towards the actual NLP Practitioner training program. You need more than two days to understand the content and practical applications of NLP. So even if you are exploring what NLP is all about it is a better idea to attend an NLP Practitioner program directly, because half day, one day, or two days won’t be even NLP. They will be a marketing version, which means there will be activities (some not even NLP) which are catered towards making participants more curious about an extended course. Many NLP Trainers in Pune (some project to be NLP Master Trainers & NLP Trainers on their site, beware of them, that itself is another topic) offer NLP Practitioner program, but the quality of the program depends on the factors listed below: • The trainer who is conducting the training program • Who has trained the trainer who is conducting the NLP Practitioner Program • Whether the program is theoretical or experiential • The trainers’ practical experience with NLP • The way they use NLP and the areas they have developed using NLP It is important to find out what the program is all about if you want the best out of an NLP program. Does the program cover: using NLP in improving communication, how to manage mental and emotional state, how it can be applied and used successfully in different situations, how to apply NLP for Self Coaching and coaching others, and how it can be used in personal and business areas with multiple explanations of NLP topics based on activity, reflections, and discussions. You also need to find out if the program will cover all the applications of NLP in learning Persuasive Language and the Milton Model. They should at least give a start to the Milton Model if not the entire Milton Model. All this has to be found out because if the NLP Trainer is not competent and has not used NLP on himself/herself, he/she may not be a good facilitator to give you an NLP training. It is always better to do NLP with someone who is known in the market and is respected because of what is happening with NLP, where NLP training in India is being facilitated by not properly trained trainers. It is safer to go with established brands like International Coach Federation (ICF USA) when it comes to Coaching, or American Board of NLP (ABNLP), or ANLP, UK (The international body), or NLP University (Robert Dilts). Be careful of the acronyms as well, as many crooks in the market have replicated various acronyms and have created duplicate websites of original ABNLP and ANLP, UK. You can also check on these trainers on social media...

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How can I grow my business

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Looking for an answer to how can I grow my business? There are many ways to grow your business but we will not be discussing here how it can be done.  We will be looking at ways where a person can rely on their own strengths to grow their business without depending on external input. Most of the time a business person will be alone and during that time they have to rely on their own strengths, positive thoughts, and mental state to be able to function in a way so that they can make business decisions quickly, stay calm while doing tasks related to business, generate ideas to expand their business, and most importantly enjoy the journey of being an entrepreneur or a business person.  The answer to how can i grow my business is something that bugs an entrepreneur often. The Art of Self-Coaching is a very powerful way to get a breakthrough especially if a person is experiencing a negative block with respect to a particular scenario.  Powerful questions can provide a breakthrough in your business, and you might be surprised to know that most of the top business coaches in India or globally rely on their self coaching skills along with getting coached from other coaches when it comes to expanding their own businesses. Self-Coaching needs a different skill set, and it starts from answering some powerful questions. If you know your situation, the kind of question that you can ask yourself will be very relevant and can help to save a lot of time.  Keep your power questions ready, and create them when you are in a state of calmness, so that you can create some best self-coaching power questions for yourself. We will explore some of the powerful questions later in this post that you can ask yourself if you are thinking on:  how to increase sales  how can i grow my business  brand positioning  how to find ways to do Agile Marketing or Neuro Marketing  ways to connect more with potential clients and improve sales  feeling stuck and cannot think clearly where to focus when it comes  to your  business  not being sure what is the first step among many steps that you are thinking  an idea regarding a product, and not sure whether it will work or not  looking for a co-founder for your start up and do not know where to find one  how to out run your competitor If you are thinking along these lines, then take some time out and answer the questions below. It might help in finding an answer to some of your questions, or open up a window of opportunity by providing clarity in what you are looking forward to achieve.   What are your services? What do you represent? Who is your target audience? What needs of your audience are you solving? How will your audience come to know about you and how do you reach your audience? How have you planned for market segmentation? How do you reach out to only a select set of audience? How much do you spend on your marketing, and for what reason are you doing it? What is your offer? Is it something unique that you are offering? Can someone else create it? If you have to...

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NLP Training FAQs – Read this first

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NLP Training FAQs These NLP Training FAQs are based on the questions that people generally ask us, and these are important from the perspective of somebody who is looking to attend an NLP Training program.   How is NLP Coaching Academy different than others? We don’t compare ourselves to others.  We focus on what we do, we can tell what we have been doing, and what makes us unique. We are accredited by American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and our Master NLP Trainer Vikram Dhar is recognized by ANLP, UK, Certified by ABNLP, is an ICF Mentor Coach, and an ICAgile Authorized Trainer to facilitate Agile Certified Coach training (the only trainer in the world to have this qualification combination). He is certified by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and has trained extensively in classic code and New Code NLP, NeuroScience, and NeuroSemantics. He has been trained and has attended mentoring sessions with John Grinder, Frank Pucelik, Robert Dilts, Ian McDermott, Michael Hall, Michael Beale, Shelle Rose, and Sue Knight some of the big names (Co-founders and Co-developers, and Tier 1 NLP Trainers and Coaches) in NLP. Our trainings are also approved by International Coach Federation (ICF, USA) for ACSTH hours, which allow a participant to become an ICF ACC Coach. This probably is the only program in the world which offers this combination of NLP & NeuroScience in course curriculum along with a path towards ICF certification. Our Master Practitioner level course is a modular based course which allows a participant to learn Team and Group Coaching, Accelerated Learning, New Code NLP (John Grinder’s approach), Coaching using Neuro Science, and the latest developments in Neuro Science, which are changing the NLP world drastically by bringing in elements of science and research into NLP. We have a large NLP Trainer and Coaches network spanning across many countries: USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Australia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia and various cities in India. We allow best post program support by having all participants in a closed whatsapp group for further clarification and mentoring by senior coaches and trainers. We allow all past participants to repeat the courses for free. We have a Franchise model for Accelerated Learning (as part of Master Practitioner) and provide free access to coaching portal to find clients. How to select an NLP Training program and how to decide which NLP Combination to select from the Integrated Five Certification Course? Selecting an NLP Training program is easy.  If you are looking to bring in changes within yourself at a personal level, then a person must only attend a course without a certification (We allow that as part of our social responsibility during our Integrated Five Certification Combo). If you are looking to become an NLP Practitioner and use NLP in counselling or for change work or therapeutic intervention, then only NLP Practitioner combo (Diploma in NLP, Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching, and NLP Practitioner – we provide them as a set) is required – Combo I. If a person is looking forward to become a professional coach, then along with NLP Practitioner, coaching credentials is something that will come handy.  Our five-certification combo (Combo II) is sufficient to get started, if this is the outcome of a candidate. If somebody is looking forward in becoming a professional...

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