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How NLP helps (Coaches) in enhancing listening skills

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How NLP helps in enhancing listening skills This is the age of pocket computers and smartphones. You rarely have the luxury of time. You try to get maximum work done with and through people, and manage relationships within a small span of time on hand. And listening skills definitely have a gigantic role to play, isn’t it? Not sure? Consider this- What allows you to get a grip on the meaning behind people’s words and body language? What allows you to make sense of and understand what people are saying? What allows you to pop the relevant questions? What allows you to voice the right thing at the right time? What allows you to keep the conversation rolling, without beating around the bush? Bang on, the listening skills! Listening skills are the stone pillars which people seldom leverage because these skills come bundled with the weight of patience, focus, and concentration. However, when positioned correctly, these same stone pillars of listening skills pave pathway of strong relationships, better understandings, error-free tasks, improved results, and success. Imagine a world where people understand exactly what is expected of them; a world of less mistakes, less follow-ups, less problems, less stress, and more productive hours! Though it may feel smooth, it’s not as easy as a five-finger exercise. When practiced properly, it’s not an impossible task either. For years, the guidebook of NLP has been offering awareness on internal workings of the human brain and associated possible lapses to help people become better in different life skills, including enhancing listening skills. You might be wondering how NLP helps in enhancing listening skills? So, here are some of the practical tips for your ready reference to develop and improve the much-required listening skills- To start with, don’t just maintain eye contact, rather keep eyes wide open. Detect traces of emotions like enthusiasm, boredom, irritation etc in facial expressions and body gestures of people, and sense the overall state of their being and doing. Speed up or slow down your mental pace to catch hold of their train of thoughts. Match your physiology, expressions, and gestures with those of theirs. Board onto their train of thoughts to understand what makes them tick. Experience how...

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ICF accredited coach training in India

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ICF accredited coach training in India What ICF approved vendors won’t tell you about ICF Accredited coach training in India. When it comes to being a provider for ICF accredited coach training in India, there are many vendors who will focus on what they provide, which is understandable. They will also keep the program prices high, which is evident because ICF has become the defacto credibility provider when it comes to being the provider of Corporate Coach training, or training to become a Leadership Coach, Life Coach, or Executive Coach. ICF approved coaching courses play a vital part in improving the credibility of Coach training available, as ICF ensures that the standard of coach training is up to some standard. Here are some of the things that some of the ICF approved vendors won’t tell you: 1) The truth and guidance about the courses which are available, and which course will suit you as a candidate, as there are entry-level courses, and intermediate level courses as well. You can attend an ICF approved course and start with the ICF ACC level. ICF ACC level is sufficient for you to receive ICF credibility, however, many ICF approved vendors will force you to attend ACTP directly because they want to make sure that they can have you locked for a higher level course, and ensure that they make 2-3 times more money to get you certified. Considering ACTP takes a longer time to complete, and has many requirements – a person attending ACTP is stuck with the ICF approved vendor for a long time. You require a minimum of 120 student contact hours, mentor coaching followed by a performance evaluation process to get the ACTP approval. ACTP programs are also expected to provide 10 hours of mentor coaching. It is good to become a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) at some point in life, but it is not advisable as a starting point. If a person is looking to get ICF credibility as a Coach, it is better to complete ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach) quickly, practice as an ACC for a while and get your credibility going in the market, with your clients, and then pursue higher levels of coaching in...

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Are you letting your dream drive you?

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Are you letting your dream drive you? Have you been wanting to do something different ~ like becoming a Singer, Movie Star, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, or a Wellness Coach, and don’t know where to start? If you really want to do something different like to become a professional traveler, a singer, or to become a professional coach (Certified ICF Coach) ~ then read further? Is there anyone who does not want to succeed? As a child there must have been something that you loved doing; you would have dreamt of doing this differently, something which you felt would give you recognition in society and bring you happiness, something that would bring satisfaction to you etc. You might have been clear on ‘what’ that was, or you might not have had a clear picture ~ but that child was never worried. That child never worried about ‘how’ big his/her dream was or how possible the dream was. The child just dreamed ~ of vacations, of playing with friends, becoming a Life Coach, growing up to be an astronaut… At what point did these dreams become adulterated with the reality of adulthood? Pause, and notice how you are feeling now with respect to some of those dreams? Reflect, when you gave up on them? Did you ever want to start working towards them? What is your dream now? What is it that you want? How big is your dream? Is your dream giving you sleepless nights? Do you even have a dream? At this point, your internal dialogue might tell you – “I have many commitments. I cannot waste time in wishful thinking. Of course, I can’t become an astronaut now (or a doctor or an entrepreneur or a singer!) I have responsibilities!” The question here is – did you ever try?  If the desire would have been so strong you would have been on a path to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. Nobody was born to spend their entire life in a cabin; sitting and typing on laptops, preparing presentations, and wondering when a good vacation would come by. While some are waiting for vacations… some create vacations, and for some – their life itself is a vacation. Which one are...

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Words have Power – Choose your words carefully

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How self-awareness with respect to your choice of words can create a shift in your Mental State Words have Power, and how you speak makes a difference, so choose your words carefully. It makes a difference in your mental state, your attitude towards living life, and how you experience things on a daily basis. As a die-hard fan of NLP, and Linguistics being the core of NLP I have been making progress with my coaching clients, in my training, how I speak with myself and others, by applying the Linguistics patterns, and understanding of these patterns on a regular basis.  The real test is when you have to apply it on yourself when you are not aware. At times when you are not aware you might fail to apply it on yourself. A few years back, I was talking to a friend and was talking about my schedule, which generally was very busy.  I was stressed out with too many back to back training and coaching assignments.  I told my friend that I have to go to Dubai next week, and then I have to go to Malaysia next month.   I also have to meet my prospective clients in New Delhi, this week. My friend looked at me with sympathy.  At that point, I got distracted by the sound of an ambulance siren, and when I looked back at my friend, he said, ‘Damn this noise,  it is so irritating, takes away my mental peace’. Suddenly, I became aware of my mental peace, and my choice of words.  I did not have to go to Dubai, nobody was forcing me to go.   I became aware of the pressure  I was putting on myself while speaking that way.   I became aware of how fortunate I was that I could go to Dubai, and if I was more aware of my choice of words (more so when I am stressed), it would make a huge difference. These are NLP Meta Model patterns (Model Operators): I have to go to the training I have to meet my prospective clients I should be studying I ought to go to the music class daily I need to go to college tomorrow These sentences (With Model...

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Another Certified NLP Practitioner in India

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Another Certified NLP Practitioner in India You might be contemplating attending a certified NLP practitioner course in India, and you might have a reason to do it.   If you don’t have a reason and is just exploring it because it is the latest buzzword in the market, then that is not a right way to start on a certified NLP practitioner course in India, because you might just become another certified NLP practitioner in India. Becoming yet another certified NLP Practitioner in India is not a bad thing, as you will have a certification (depends where you are getting it from, some are offering it for Rs 800/- as well – video-based course), and if that is the only motto you have got, then it is perfectly all right. Having said that, attending a good certified NLP practitioner course in India, for the sake of having a certificate with no benefits or intention behind to learn NLP is like having a Ferrari car sitting in a garage with no key to drive it, and no intention of driving it. If you intend to learn NLP from a perspective of doing something with it, starting from self where you want to learn it as a Self-development course to get better at what you are currently doing, with different aspects in your life, and to take it to the next level, then learning NLP can be a life-changing experience. If your NLP trainer is spoon feeding you NLP, in the form of NLP techniques/patterns then stay away from those NLP courses, as they are meant to create NLP Techniques Practitioners, not NLP Practitioners. NLP Trainer uses NLP to train, they create an environment of learning using humour, making it adaptive (application based), rather than theory based.  NLP is a highly experiential program where everything you need to know about NLP or becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner happens during the program itself. Some questions to help you get clarity : So what’s your intention of becoming a certified NLP Practitioner in India? Have you done your research in terms of what you want to achieve out of an NLP Practitioner course? What is the intention behind the intention of becoming a certified...

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NLP Considerations and misconceptions

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Things to be aware when selecting NLP training in Goa or in general NLP training in Goa has thrived not because of the demand in the local Goa market, but because of the fact that many participants from other parts of India or outside of India want to attend this program in a serene place like Goa. If you think about NLP training in Goa it brings up images like Blue Ocean, cool breeze, great food, great music, and balmy weather. If you are a newbie at NLP, make sure that this is not the only criteria for you to consider while attending an NLP training in Goa, or for attending an NLP program in general.  Best NLP programs focus on the needs of the participants, rather than trick participants in attending them. You are bound to make mistakes because of the nature of the manipulative NLP marketplace, and promoting NLP training in Goa by untrained Trainers seems to be the new entrant in the market, as this helps in some way to hide the other details with respect to their fraudulent credentials.  There are people ready to sell you anything and everything in the name of NLP:  NLP & Yoga, NLP and Psychotherapy, NLP and Psychology, NLP and Positive Psychology, NLP loaded with X, and NLP loaded with Y – Classic NLP and Pure form of NLP has nothing to do with Psychology, Psychotherapy, or Yoga or any other field. NLP was a revolutionary development in Personal Change area, which started 45 years back, and it is not Psychology.  Most of the beginners contemplating to do an NLP program do not understand the difference clearly and can fall prey to NLP Trainers who get marketing consultants to put up a rosy picture around the subject, and around them on their websites, or in advertisements.  NLP is not meant to solve all your life problems or make them disappear.  A person has to work towards them, and only if a person is willing to change, and make an effort to change then only it can happen.  Here are some top mistakes that participants generally make while selecting an NLP program, or things a person needs to be aware of...

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