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How to Improve Sales Using NLP

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How to Improve Sales Using NLP? Use of specific NLP language patterns has been used by many who have been looking for an answer to the question, how to improve sales using NLP.  It is widely used in sales and marketing to influence people by using Persuasive language.  Needless to say, it may sound manipulative to a number of people, but this is where NLP may have been misunderstood. Many sales agencies and marketers, swear by NLP techniques, which they learn during an Certified NLP Practitioner Program. This is because sales can have a substantial impact with the use of the right techniques and strategies. Not only does NLP help you understand such techniques, it also gives you the chance to figure how to improve your communication skills to market or sell a product.  Here are some ways to improve Sales, if you want to know how to improve sales using NLP:   Creating Value Through Scarcity The reason why we love diamonds is because they are scarce and it is difficult to procure them. That and the fact that they are beautiful and flashy, makes diamonds one of the most valuable things on Earth. When people sense scarcity, the chances of buying that product increases than when it is available in abundance.   This is an easy way of influencing customers to buying a product. The urgency created in their mind because of the fact that a product or service is limited, can coerce them into making the purchase.  Nobody wants to be left out or miss on a great deal or a price.   I have just three of these left today, and you may not get it at the same price tomorrow. Imagine how you may feel about buying it at a higher price another day?   By telling the customer what they may be missing out on, you are making them lean towards making that purchase now instead of waiting for later. This creates value for the product and increase the chances of the customer purchasing the product.  The language will be crafted in such a manner to elicit a response so that the customer will make the purchase.     Talk About The Value...

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NLP Practitioner Training Online

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NLP Practitioner Training Online Digitization never had a smooth entry into the world. There was a time when people found it difficult to rely on an online store to send clothes of the right measurement. Even difficult was the fact that payments had to be made online and if the product didn’t come as expected then the whole process of returns was another hassle. Eventually, things smoothed out and now businesses are thriving online. For many who think that this is as good as digitization gets, more so if you are considering to do an NLP Practitioner Training Online, it is time for you to know that this is just the beginning of an easier and smoother way of conducting many businesses online. This has been the case in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Training Programs as well.  There are many NLP organizations which are offering Certified NLP Practitioner Training Online, along with other variations of NLP programs (Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer – though we have reservations about the concept of higher level programs being delivered online and more so if in an off-line format) as well. There are many benefits of an online NLP practitioner training program which makes it more preferable than the traditional classroom trainings in some cases.  There are always Pros and Cons, and we will discuss those as well, while you may be considering to do an online NLP Program. Advantages of NLP Practitioner Training Online: Traveling Constraint: When you are trained online, you have the comfort of being at your home or office and completing the training instead of having to travel to a training class.  If you want to do a specific course, and the in class program option does not work for you due to location constraints, then online NLP Training program option is an easier option to get started in NLP and Coaching.  Though it may be slightly expensive if it a Trainer lead one to one course.  Off line courses are way cheaper, but then the quality, depth of the program, program being non interactive makes a program questionable.   Personal Attention: Having a one to one conversation with the trainer makes a big difference when...

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Benefits of becoming an NLP Trainer

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Benefits of Becoming an NLP Trainer What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP as most of us know it, is a powerful technology which is in growth phase now. In its history spanning four + decades, it has already proved to be a cutting edge technology that can help a person succeed in work and personal life. NLP has many techniques that can help in improving the quality of conversations that a person can have with others and the lifestyle they can lead by improving and getting better to handle different situations in various areas of life. It works as a framework which enables a person to tap into their own resources and get control over difficult situations that a person might be facing.  NLP can be used by people to give up bad habits, do well as a leader, become a better partner, or come out of an un-resourceful state (low point in life) and get into a resourceful state by considering a new perspective which helps them do better at work and home. All of this proves that there are many benefits of becoming an NLP Trainer Certification in India, if you have been considering to become one. It Is An Extremely Gratifying Profession There is nothing that can be more fulfilling than a profession where you have the knowledge to help people transform their lives for good. As a trainer you may end up training corporate leaders, employees, business owners, students and homemakers. All of them will have their own reasons and requirements from the training and every one will be looking forward to make a change in their lives through the NLP training.  Knowing this profession brings a lot of satisfaction, many soft skills trainers, process trainers, and various others trainers are upgrading their skills to become an NLP Trainer and work with people as Change agents of behavior change or as trainers training people on NLP, and more the people are becoming aware of the benefits of becoming an NLP Trainer, the more the pull towards becoming one.  And as we all know, a gratifying profession is something that enables a person to operate at their best, have passion doing it, have amazing motivation...

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NLP Practitioner program in India

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What are some of the aspects that one must consider while selecting a Certified NLP Practitioner Program in India? While there are many considerations, here are some of the most important one’s that one must consider, when they have to finalize, which NLP Program to attend in India: 1. First and foremost accreditation of the training organizations and the team of trainers and coaches facilitating the program.  Do check the quality of NLP accreditation approvals (ABNLP, ANLP, UK, Richard Bandler NLP, John Grinder, etc.) the training company has.  The word quality is important here, as there are many NLP accreditation bodies in India and outside India as well, which are churning out sub-standard Practitioners.  An accreditation body started by sub-standard trainers in Europe or Asia or any other part of the world does not automatically become good.  Generally there is a myth in India, anything foreign is good.  The oldest accreditation bodies in the world are Richard Bandler NLP, John Grinder’s body, American Board of NLP, ANLP, UK.  Among others there are few good one’s, but make sure you check all the other considerations listed below.   2. Check whether the program is an application based program, where the focus is on NLP framework and how it is used for Self Coaching, application in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Sports Mind Peak Performance Coaching, how to improve counseling skills, Sales Coaching etc. Most of the NLP training programs are run as pure NLP (classic NLP) programs – there is nothing wrong in those programs, but those programs won’t focus much on the applications, and does not allow participants to practice applications of NLP framework during the program itself, hence limiting the usage and application of learning.   3. Check the content that the organization is sharing on its blog to: educate future participants, provide honest answers to the questions that participants ask (The answer which you are reading is because of the questions that we generally receive, and it helps to create an FAQ and share with others looking forward to do an NLP Practitioner Program in India).  If somebody is doing a benchmark of NLP Practitioner Program in India, then good content on the site will help participants...

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Online NLP Training

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Online NLP Training What is NLP Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) the cutting edge technology (also referred to as key to open full potential of Human Brain) was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970’s in California.  Classic definition of NLP is that, ‘NLP is about modelling excellence’.  It’s the study of exemplary human behavior, and breaking that down into learnable patterns which anybody can learn. Example. A person who is good in public speaking is good because of some excellent patterns which are unique to that person.  Using NLP this behavior can be broken into sizable chunks which can be used to create a model to make effective public speaking easy for those who want to learn this behavior. It is a study of people’s mind, feeling, language, and behavior to understand how they do certain things in life and help them manifest new and better behavioral patterns to achieve greater good in life. This approach allows any person to model the skills of geniuses and manifest them in their lives, by modelling excellence. NLP aims at improving the relationship between ones’ conscious and subconscious mind by improving the communication between the two. It helps subconscious mind to understand what conscious mind wants and helps in achieving that. It can be referred to as a life changing philosophy that helps to achieve our goals in both personal and professional spheres of life. How were the NLP classes being conducted? Initially during 1980-1999, when the training used to be conducted by Richard Bandler, John Grinder and other Tier 1 NLP trainers (Steve Andreas, Tad James, Robert Dilts etc.), it used to be a 14-20 days’ program at the entry level.  It used to be a more generic and was less modern day application (Coaching, Sales, and Leadership Development) focused.  It was a total personal transformation program, and used to go deeper into classic patterns and concepts. Now 2000 onwards, we see a trend where all major accreditation bodies have reduced entry level Practitioner programs to 6-7 day’s program. The program objectives have become more precise and what used to be covered in a span of 12-14 days is now getting covered in lesser time though it still covers...

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NLP Coach Program in Bangalore

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Understanding NLP – NLP Coach Program in Bangalore   Human experiences are a result of the way we think, the way we communicate (both verbal and non-verbal) and the corresponding behavior patterns and emotions felt. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on the tenet that that all human behavior and emotions felt in various situations are a result of various learned patterns acquired over a period of time, which this can be changed by reprogramming or changing the neurological wiring of human brain, by providing new choices, and practicing them consciously so that they become part of muscle memory.  Hence, becoming a new way of operating in old scenarios, in a much resourceful way.   Richard Bandler and John Grinder together developed this technology by combining the study of neurological configurations (understanding the behavior of the brain), linguistic structures (language that the brain understands), and how people learn (programming part).  This lead to an exploration which became one of the most important discovery of tapping into human potential.   Standard NLP learning has been applied to coach people, and NLP based coaching has been used widely as a coaching methodology across different areas (Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching,  Business Coaching,  Team Coaching,  Transformation Coaching, Sports Mental Coaching) for the past three decades for purposes of personal and business transformation.   All human behavior and actions are a result of underlying filters, beliefs and value systems being the prominent ones which are the driving force behind any behavior that a person exhibits.  In simple words, beliefs and values, result in certain thought patterns, which in turn defines the behavior/ action.  Standard NLP techniques are part of NLP based course curriculum where a person learns how to break un-resourceful beliefs (which hampers persons growth), and to create empowering beliefs.  NLP also helps in Value Realignment which is a very powerful behavior change techniques, which allows person control over a situation where they want to have more choices, and get better results.   Attending an NLP coach program in Bangalore will help you get clarity in your life.  It helps you to understand your purpose, and get deeply connected with it, so that it is easy to set...

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