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ICF Approved Certified Wellness Coach Program

Program Overview

ICF Approved Certified Wellness Coach Program Workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of NLP and Wellness Coaching in their professional careers, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.  This is a Wellness Coach program and all discussions, references and exercises will be tailored to achieve Wellness Goals, and learn about Wellness Coaching.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Wellness Coaching and Coaching Models
  • Well-formed Outcomes
  • Coaching using Values
  • Meta Model – Coaching Questioning skills
  • Big C Coaching Model
  • SCORE Coaching Model
  • Wellness Vision
  • Wellness Models
    • Don Ardell’s Model
    • John Travis Models of wellness
    • John Travis energy system
    • Bill Hettler’s Model of Wellness
    • Micheal Arloski’s Tenets of Wellness
    • Prochaska’s Model
  • Belief change for Wellness results
  • NLP Health Awareness Conversation Coaching Model
  • How to set up Coaching Practice
  • Tips on Coaching website and social media marketing         

Who will benefit?

You may be an aspiring Wellness Coach, or an individual looking forward to make positive changes in your life, you will benefit by attending this ICF Approved Certified Wellness Coach Program.

You will learn how to communicate effectively with your coaching clients and also to set positive Wellness goals for yourself and achieve them.

We invite you to attend our Wellness Coach workshop to break free of whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving your Wellness Goals.

Course Fee

This certificate is available as an integrated certification program.  Please visit page for details.

Certification Detail

Upon completion of this Certified Wellness Coach Certificate (approved by ICF) will be provided:

Certification Program is approved by ICF, International Coach Federation (10 hours Core Competency hours, CCE and 1 Resource Development units)

As accredited ABNLP organization, our trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by ABNLP, US.

ABNLP, US is as one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP membership organizations in the world.

CCE_WEBAmerican Board of NLP (ABNLP)

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