How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP

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How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP

How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP

The distinct science called Neuro-Semantics. Altering higher-level frames allows us to live up to our highest potential. Many people who are exploring NLP these days are curious to know how is Neuro Semantics different from NLP? 

In 2017, MIT announced a new major that combines the knowledge of two streams: Computer Science and Economics because “elements of the two fields have become inseparable.”

The marriage of sciences is nothing new. Knowledge is, in reality, a continuum. We create different branches of knowledge in order to manage information and create vertical expertise. But once enough progress is made, different branches merge to create a new super-specialized field that can deliver more and better results. Biotechnology and genetic engineering are two examples of sciences that have extended the frontier of possibilities.

In our own field of behavioural sciences, a magical marriage happened in the mid-90s when NLP and General Semantics were brought together in Neuro-Semantics. Needless to say, the child science got the best “genes” of its parents and was therefore able to create many new and exciting tools, techniques and ideas. In a sense, it enriched both NLP and General Semantics.  The purpose of this article is to understand How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP.  History of NLP, and what is NLP is useful to know, before we go further into Meta NLP.

A full article on the advent of Neuro-Semantics can be found here. By reading it, you will learn about the long evolutionary journey of ideas, starting with Korzybski in the early part of the 20th century. Gregory Bates, Richard Bandler, John Grinder added to the ideas before L Michael Hall and Bodenhamer extended their ideas to create Neuro-Semantics.

Just as the International Society of Neuro-Semantics champions this idea, Canadian Dennis Chong M.D and Royle Fraser of Blue Dell Systems, both NLP trainers, have written about a parallel concept called Neuro-Semantic Programming (NSP). In spite of some marked differences between Neuro-Semantics and NSP, the two resonate with each other to a great extent.

Neuro-Semantics also receives a strong boost from Performance Coaching, newer developments in Cognitive Psychology, Self-Organization Theory, Chaos Theory, Brief Psychotherapy, REBT, Glasser’s Reality Therapy/Control Theory etc.

But the layperson might still want to know: what can Neuro-Semantics do that no other behavioural science can?

The distinctive edge of Neuro Semantics

To understand the uniqueness of Neuro-Semantics, and to understand How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP, we need to first understand self-reflexive consciousness. As it turns out, the human mind perceives reality through levels (or layers) of thoughts and emotions. By asking the right questions, higher levels of consciousness can be manifested. Let’s demonstrate this by asking a question:

If I said I could teach you to live a happier and more purposeful life, would that interest you?

A level of consciousness is created by this question. You will become aware if you are interested in this invitation. Let’s say you are. And then I say:

Wonderful. Since you are interested, I will teach you simple techniques to alter the way you think and behave. You will find more power within you. You can access this power any time you want. How does that make you feel?

Now, your consciousness will shift to a new level where you will access a new emotion. The first question invited you into a State of mind. The second question elicited a new State about the first State. This becomes a Meta-State. Infinite levels (and therefore infinite States) are possible. As you go higher up meta-levels, you will reach unconscious states that are actually in charge of your destiny. At these levels, there exist meanings that determine attitude, and therefore lower-level thoughts and, ultimately, behaviour. The same word might have different meanings at different levels, and the meaning we attach to the word (positive or negative) at our highest levels regulates our real-world responses to the word.

In other words, the higher meta-level becomes the frame of reference for the activity (thinking, feeling, behaving) occurring at lower levels. Something or someone will always set the frame of reference. Whoever or whatever does so is actually in charge of how you process language and how you behave. This entity controls our meanings through beliefs, values, understandings, concepts, emotions, thoughts etc. And we know that our lives are just as fulfilling as the meanings we bring to it.

Using the Meta-States model developed by Neuro-Semantics, we can navigate through our nervous system and access higher meta-levels and create more powerful meanings. We can deliberately ascend or descend through meta-levels. We can set up feedback or feed-forward processes. And all this is possible because Neuro-Semantics has an in-depth understanding of the self-reflexive consciousness of the human mind.  Due to the difference that clearly provides an edge to Neuro Semantics, Neuro Semantics courses are in great demand, and considering the benchmarks to become a Licensed Neuro Semantics trainer is high, the quality of Neuro Semantics programs is high compared to most of the classic NLP based courses.

Saying no to adversarial self-relationships

When conflicting meanings are attached to a word at different meta-levels, the individual experiences Meta-level disorientation. This can lead to intense internal conflicts and force the individual to have an adversarial relationship with self. Negative thoughts and feelings of self are created. This could easily create vicious downward spirals that get reinforced at each meta-level. The individual might experience contempt, condemnation and repression of self. This could lead to neuroses, and in worst-case scenarios, psychoses, personality disorders, character disorders etc.

Of course, one cannot wish away negative thoughts and emotions. It is both ironic and obvious that the only way out of them is through them. We need to welcome, accept and process these thoughts and emotions. As we let them wash through our consciousness, we can learn from them, conduct a reality check and arrive at a healthier understanding of ourselves and the world.

Setting higher frames

Generally speaking, neuro-linguistic processes have a gestalt nature. The whole determines the parts and is greater than the parts. The parts come together to make the whole. This explains the mind-body system – driven by VAK inputs and self-reflexive consciousness.

Now that we know that higher levels have to be reprogrammed, we use outframing to do so. As we identify a frame, we also acquire the power to sidestep it and set a whole new frame that is filled with a more positive meaning. This is akin to installing a new self-organizing attractor at the top of the semantic system.

Of course, simply thinking or feeling will not alter anything. Even as we establish higher level frames of reference, we need to use drama, energy, repetition and other such tools.

Our Identity and Destiny are determined at the highest meta-levels that we can access. Altering them changes who we are.  By now you will have some idea about How is Neuro Semantics different from NLP.

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