How to manage stress with mindfulness

How to manage stress with mindfulness

How to manage stress with mindfulness

You might agree that every one of us gets angry sometimes or the other, and most of the time the culprit is the stressful environment and situations that a person has to cope with on a daily basis. There might be several other reasons for getting angry as well. Anger is a sudden natural response to situations that we label with our assumptions around a situation. It is a natural emotion and part of the human experience.  A lot of people are looking for how to manage stress with mindfulness, and that can reduce anger as well.

Some of us can control the anger, and some not. Anger is harmful to mental and physical health if it leads to outbursts, aggression, or physical arguments. Uncontrollable anger can harm you and those around you. Stress build-up is a major cause that leads to quick anger.

Mindfulness does not suggest suppressing, avoiding, or denying anger. Instead, it tells you to connect with your direct experience with anger and then decide an action over it. It suggests better ways to manage anger.

So, dive into the article to learn practical mindfulness ways to control stress and anger.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness of thoughts, surrounding environment, actions, and sensations. It is an ancient form of meditation that is practiced as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps to gain insight and awareness through observing the mind. Mindfulness unleashes your mind’s natural curiosity.

On practicing mindfulness, your thoughts tune into what you are sensing in the present rather than remembering the past or thinking of the future. Mindfulness is a quality that each one of us possesses. You only have to learn how to access it. Mindfulness is more than practicing. It includes awareness in everything you do and cuts down the stress. Hence, how to manage stress with mindfulness is gaining popularity, and is the buzzword across the globe.

Mindfulness does not demand to avoid your feelings. You do not have to resist an emotion forcefully. There are times when you have to accept unpleasant emotions as in the moment. Try to take sadness, happiness, disappointment, anger, and jealousy. Being mindful is allowing yourself to feel the emotions. But it would be best if you were aware of how to react to the feelings and actions.

How to manage stress with Mindfulness

Deep breath

Take deep breaths and start counting. Feel the physical sensations in your body and breath entering your nose. Close your eyes and pay attention only to air flowing in and out of the body. Notice your body sensations, specifically your stomach and face, while you are angry. Be aware of your rapid heart and breathing rate.

Consider anger as a chance to understand your feelings. Try to feel how the anger affects your sensations and how deep breathing brings a cooling effect.  This will allow the mind to settle the emotions and let go of the stress, and anger around a context, enabling a person more control over the emotions.

Think before speaking

It is easy to say anything while you are angry that you might regret later. One of the ways to control anger is to take a few moments to collect your thoughts before speaking. Once you are calm and you can think clearly, you can express your frustration.

But try to speak positively without hurting anyone. Speak your concerns clearly without trying to control others.

Stop holding grudges

Forgiveness is a convenient way to reduce anger. Allowing anger and other related negative feelings to overcome your positive attitude will inculcate a sense of bitterness within you always. But forgiving someone who made you angry is a way to manage your anger and emotions. Take a moment to realize what is right when you are angry. For how to manage stress with mindfulness, this probably is one of the key ones.

Realizing good things in your life can help you neutralize your anger. You can always talk to a close friend who listens to your perspective and help you forget the incident and calm your anger.

Apply creativity

Having a creative hobby and practicing it is an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness and manage anger. Whether you like to draw, take photographs, or paint, your creative side is in your nature. Spend some time doing only what you want to do and enjoy the moment.

Practicing mindfulness by doing creative things can help you manage your stress and anger. When you can control your anger, you will realize that new and innovative ideas will readily come to your mind.

Involve in physical activities

Mindfulness suggests engaging in something that you enjoy and which requires mind and body’s attention. It is good to involve yourself in physical activities that you are passionate about. It can be anything like soccer, surfing, cycling, and basketball. Engaging yourself in activities that you enjoy will teach you how to carry mindfulness to other aspects of your life.  This is also a core activity that is being prescribed for Emotional Intelligence Coaching, or Coaching using Neuroscience.

Being mindful and in the present will help you gain control over your life and emotions, and is a great input if you are looking for how to manage stress with mindfulness. You will realize that your anger will come to an end automatically, and you will hold no grudge against anyone.

Take only one task

Is it efficient to take multiple tasks at a time? Well, it is not most of the time. Dividing your attention for numerous tasks implies you are not giving attention to any of the tasks they need. Multitasking increases the probability of making mistakes that boosts irritation, anger, and disappointment.

Take only one task at a time and focus on it. When you are finished, relax and take a short break. Then, take the next one. It is mindful of doing things that will control your anger and improve performance.

Recite a mantra

Find a phrase or mantra that helps you to calm down and focus. Reciting the mantra repeatedly on being angry will help you relax and calm your anger. Find a quiet or peaceful place, close your eyes, practice the mantra. Try to visualize yourself in a relaxing scene. Focus on the details that you are imagining. It will help take you to a peaceful state of mind amidst anger.

You can also play music to relax your mind. Go to a quiet room and play the music that you love and sing along with it. Music will carry away your feelings and control anger.

Take timeout

Try to give yourself short breaks in between whenever you feel that your anger is overcoming other emotions. Sit away from others for some time where you can return your feelings to normal. You can also utilize the time away from others in exploring your creative side and new ideas.

Conclusion – How to manage stress with mindfulness

Mindful living practices will help you find more joy, happiness, and meaning in your lives. But you have to develop a habit to exercise mindfulness to control your emotions and anger. It is one of the ways to stop and take time out of our busy schedules. The above mindful tips will help you manage your stress and anger easily, especially if you are looking for how to manage stress with mindfulness.

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