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Law of Attraction Training in Bangalore

By on Sep 22, 2018 in Blog |

Law of Attraction training in Bangalore

Well, everybody under the sun is talking about the Law of Attraction.  What really is the Law of Attraction and does it really work?

Well, there are many many versions of this so-called Law of Attraction.  Some are digestible for a sane common person to believe (eg. You think about something on a daily basis, act on set actions, and you can make it happen) and some are as ridiculous as: Sign a cheque for future with Amount X and you will make amount X happen during that time frame.  If that was the case, everybody in the world would be applying Law of Attraction to write a million-dollar cheque for themselves for the very next day, buy a million-dollar lotto ticket for the next day and become a millionaire in one day.

In this article, we are not going to talk about all the ridiculous theories that exist and which one to believe in or not, because we will have to write a book about the dumb versions of the theory which have evolved over the years.

So what is the Law of Attraction, and whether it works? This question has perplexed many, and this question is the very reason many people have been happily duped by so-called Law of Attraction Gurus in some form or the other to buy some bogus Law of Attraction training online or even a Law of Attraction training programs (classroom-based) to that extent.

Law of Attraction training concept is attractive because it provides a lazy alternate for a person to believe that success is easy to get.  Some of the concepts like ->send energy into the universe and receive bountiful money etc all sound good to hear and easily implementable because it does not require much work.  Reality is, it does not work that way.  Even the top Coaches in the world (Names not mentioned here) have ridiculed the Law of Attraction which has been promoted by very famous authors in some strange ways. For the sake of the blog, we will not hit somebody hard, and mention their name.  Let it remain a ‘Secret’.

Modern day law of attraction has to be called as ‘Updated Law of Attraction’, something that works, a proven method, a strategy to get results.

Well, what if we tell you it is very easy implementable, and no cheques have to be wasted to make money, or you can keep your energy for yourself and not send it out to manifest money by some magnetic attraction of money J

The Updated Law of Attraction (Law of attraction training in Bangalore):

Here is the overview of the concept of Law of attraction, or Updated Law of Attraction to avoid any confusion.

Know your outcome:  Sit down and decide what you really want.  You can say that I want a million dollars in the next 10 years.

Decide the actions and take them as planned (This is the heart and soul of the Law of Attraction):  This part is very important, and is the most important part. How exactly are you going to do this part? The various tasks that you will think now are going to support the main outcome that is to make a million dollars.  You may start a business, or an alternate money-making plan, or if you are already in business, you will start to think on how to expand your business.  Since you are very clear about your outcome of million dollars, suddenly you will find that all the discussions/conversations sound like an opportunity to make money.  You will suddenly find yourself engaging in conversations with people to collaborate, to expand your reach, to find ways of making money.  You are open to ideas, and these ideas will take you to places, and everything going forward will be an exploration to make money.  Suddenly, you will feel that you are attracting opportunities, because your focus is on making money, and the ways can be many.  Investing, online digital marketing, training, coaching others how to do it, franchise models, etc.  These are all examples where your mind can go, and you can make money.  Similarly, if you set your mind to become an athlete or have a fitness goal, you will create actions of how to make it happen:  Eating good food, creating an exercise regime, connecting with people for mentoring etc.

Belief System: One of the most important and most neglected topics in bogus Law of Attraction training programs is how to fine tune your Belief System.  There might be beliefs which are hindering a person in some way (You eliminate them first by belief change process), and then you install powerful beliefs towards your outcomes.  All this is possible by powerful NLP Belief Change process.

Flexibility:  While you are clear about the actions that you are going to execute towards your main outcome, a person has to demonstrate behavior flexibility in tweaking actions whenever required to reach to the outcome faster, or if the actions are not working for some reason.

Laser focus: A person has to develop a laser focus to make the Law of Attraction become possible.  All the actions are going to be executed in an environment, and the environment is always dynamic in nature.  A person has to develop a strong sensory based laser focus to make sure that all the changes in an environment are noticed by the subconscious mind, and the actions required to tweak the actions items towards the main outcome to happen automatically.  This is key for Law of Attraction to work, and this requires advanced subconscious level training of the mind. There are some powerful subconscious priming techniques based on advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro Science which allow this to happen.

Visualization:  What you want as an outcome has to be visualized in sensory-based terms.  Example, if you want million dollars, ‘how will you know that you got it?’

I see million dollars in my bank account, I see myself living a luxurious life, I feel happy, I feel amazed what it will get me, I hear people talking about my success, so on and so forth.  Notice, they are all mentioned in ‘See’, ‘Hear’, ‘Feel’ language, which is sensory based, and is also an evidence of what you are working towards.  By visualization, you unleash a powerful force which allows a buy-in from the sub-conscious mind to focus and attract the outcome much more powerfully, and you will get to notice that you are effortlessly moving towards your outcomes.

If you are looking for a Law of Attraction training in Bangalore, then consider attending one of our NLP Practitioner programs which unleash a powerful force within you to get what you intend to do, and also providing you necessary tools to ensure that you are aware of the how part as well!!

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Last but not the least, stay away from bonus Law of attraction programs in Bangalore or other places, even though how attractive they look, sound or feel!  Stay safe, and enjoy!

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